Decorate a Small Apartment Living Room | Interior Design

When you live in a small apartment it’s really
hard to decorate. The real estate is really important. So you never want huge pieces, but you also
don’t want to go super small. Some people think that when you have a small
room you go with really small pieces. A really nice sofa will make a space feel
and appear larger and you want to be comfortable. You never want your larger guests or if you’re
a taller person, sitting in a really small little chair. So your sofa you can go regular size. Make sure that it’s nice and comfortable for
you. But the rest of your furniture you want it
to work double duty for you. So if it’s a table, maybe it pulls up into
a dining table. If it’s a side table, make sure that it has
storage, so you can put all your books and things away. If it’s a TV unit, make sure it has drawers
and lots of storage. Storage is really important in small spaces
so you just want to pay attention to that. Also the rule that dark colors make a space
appear smaller is not really true. So go with the darker colors, just make sure
to balance them. So if you love a navy blue or you love a deep
red, go for it. Just make sure then, that you also don’t have
a dark sofa and a dark carpet. It’s all about balance here and it’s all about
making sure that your furniture works double duty for you.

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