Decorate W/ Me ✨ (Chattin’ bout Life)

Decorate W/ Me ✨ (Chattin’ bout Life)

Hey That’s bitter. Hello and welcome to my room Apartment! It’s my apartment, it’s not even my room anymore, it’s my apartment. Hello and welcome to my apartment. Today I am wearing a very interesting choice of attire. It’s the robe I slept in, but I just couldn’t be bothered to like put on clothes and then take those clothes right off After I was done filming, and I’m sure y’all don’t mind that I’m wearing this robe it’s velvety it’s blue ahhh? It’s one of those really good Cold mornings where you just want to take everything really slow and normally I’m like out and about doing stuff by like 8 o’clock in the morning but it’s 10 o’clock now and I’m still in bed Which is a little weird for me. Today i thought that I would just give y’all a little update on what’s going on while I decorate my waaAllLLllLL That reminds me I have to get my stuff that I wanna put on the wall These are all the things that I want put on my wall Obviously not all of those things because that’s just too many things. My wall is not that large. It’s the stuff that was on my wall in Texas and other paper memorabilia that maybe would be good on a wall. I really wanted to just like check in on you guys and make sure that you guys are doing good, make sure that y’all know that I’m good everything’s fine I’m havin a grand ol’ time and might as well do it while I’m decorating my wall and going through all my memories and things like that. Lez doodis First thing I wanna talk about is: moving takes a long time Why is it that in like moving vlogs on Youtube people are always like “Oh, yeah I moved house”, and like they like spend one day packing and then they’re just like done and their apartment’s perfectly decorated and everything is amazing. That’s a lie. Whoever did that, that’s a lie. It’s been like three weeks and my apartment still isn’t perfect. I think that it’s quite silly to expect someone to be done and moved into an apartment within like a couple days. That’s silly and I don’t agree with it. First action I must do is take this one and move it because I want to put something else up. I love watching moving vlogs like I just love it. I’ve always loved room decor and things like that. So whenever I was like getting ready to move I was like, “Oh I’ll film a moving vlog and like it’ll be super fun and amazing” But I think moving into your first apartment is super different than just like moving because you have to like [ooph i almost fell over] You have to do certain things, like you have to buy a bed. It’s so much more of a process than just like Moving apartments. So I couldn’t make like a cumulative moving vlog, even though I really wanted to. Also everyone’s asking for an apartment tour. I will give you one soon, it’s a small apartment so hopefully I’ll be like done decorating it pretty soon but It takes a while. I like to take my time. Yeah, my friend Motoki moved to LA a couple years ago and he said it took him like two months to really like get moved in because that first move takes a long time so everyone who’s like getting ready to move into their place or like is getting ready to move for the first time: Don’t believe those moving box, it takes a long time. Especially if you don’t have any furniture because you’d like, you know, been living with your parents your whole life because you’re 18 years old. How do I feel? About This What if i put this here? I do not know. Do I want it lower? Moving has been very fun though, without a doubt. It’s a big adventure and it’s a Grand Old Time It does look better lower I think. I think so. And maybe this one a bit higher Yeah yeah for sure okay we have decided this is what I want I originally thought I wanted it to be higher but I think I want it to be a bit lower. My whole entire apartment decorating has just been this weird like hmm I feel like this should be right here But every single time I buy decorations for my apartment or something, I feel so adult. I’m really decorating. My apartment because I am adult. An Adult. But I’m not an adult. look at me i’m Filming a YouTube video wearing a blue Velvet rope and I’m sticky tacking A tapestry from Disney World onto my wall thanks Mia by the way for this tapestry from Disney World i really like it Everyone Always Asks me what i use to put Things on my, Wall Sticky tack college Students Best Friend Less Holes on your wall for most Things Sticky Tack Is gonna hold It Up if it’s something Like That Where it’s like Metal and Heavy you can use Nails if it’s like a picture frame use Nails but sticky tack Does its Job It’s a Good kiddo Good guy i’ve met Him He’s a Good guy Next on my list of Things i Really want to talk about is Homesickness I have Been Feeling Homesickness a Lot Lately i think Because i Just went to My? Orientation for college and all i could think of The Whole time Was wow i really Miss My friends and a Lot of The Kids at ucla you know like are from California Have Their Friends and They’ve Been seeing Their Friends but i don’t my friends Cuddle With and and Just la Is so different from Texas i have no idea How long it’s going to take me to Just like Get used to being in the city and i don’t Know it’s crazy i Feel at home in the city but also i Feel tiny Like a Little Tiny ant Which can Be Good sometimes Because i Kind of Feel like i can Really Disappear but That at The same time you Feel like you’re always being Watched as well City life is strange it’s strange It’S a strange Thing but i recently got back My disposable camera from the past like couple Months Like This the most of My summer in Texas and i got so sad Like Seeing My friends and seeing This phase of my life that i Don’t want to never ever have again i’ll never have that Again Really Bittersweet it’s Very Sad This Is a Postcard From ellie it’s Very Sweet mmm i Need to stop Torturing Myself By Looking At These Things Like Photos from When i was living in texas not That long Ago It Just Makes It Seem Like eons ago That i was living there Really want to put this house somewhere i don’t know why it Just Feels Right Really wanna put it somewhere There’s so many Photos of Like me and my Friends Just Being Weird and Goofy and Crazy and it’s Been a long time since i’ve Been Weird It’s Been a long time since i’ve Been Weird in front of People and Just like completely free Like i didn’t have any in Additions is that The right Word i Don’t really Know there are so many Instances When i use words and i think That They’re right But They’re usually not Inhibitions Inhibitions Inhibition Inhibitions Because with My friends back at home i could Like Lick One of them on the elbow and They Wouldn’t Judge me in the slightest it Would Just Be completely normal but There’s no one here in california at least in la That i could Lick on the elbow and Just like Not Expect them to be like What are you doing it’s something you don’t think You’d Miss Until all of a Sudden You’re sitting in your own apartment you’re like God i Just want to lick someone on the elbow and like Have them Hug me and so don’t be like Why did you Just Lick My Elbow My college Orientation went super super Well It Was super fun and i met a Lot of Great People and i Signed Up for my Classes Which is super exciting I’m crazy Excited for i’m so Excited the Classes that i signed up for it Makes me feel like i’m like Not even gonna go to college i signed Up for Intro to communication Studies Which is like a Normal college That’s like Yeah okay college then i’m taking Ethnomusicology Global Pop so it’s literally a Class about Global pop music and then last I’m taking a comparative literature Social media and Storytelling so it’s a Class about social media Which Not to brag but i feel like i have a pretty good grasp on social media and storytelling let’s hope that those classes are fun and i’m so excited im just gonna jump around I’m jumpin I’m jumpin! Things i Need to do.. i wanna hang up my Scissors and i like to have my scissors on the wall i have this plant here and although i love him He is a weird shape so it’s kind of hard to like to choose what i want to put in this small area. He’s growing very fast though I’m very proud of him. i think i’ll put this right here. Ellie made me Tons of Little Collages and she just dropped em off on my doorstep one day it was the sweetest thing ever i love them so much And they make me so happy and i’m so glad that she made them for me and i can put them on my Wall Ashlee and i have so many Photos Together, oh? how was that sticking on the wall this whole time without any sticky tac I’m so Excited to put up all my photos of me and ashlee being Weird The last day before i moved we went to Ikea and We Asked a Bunch Of Strangers to take Photos of us acting like we’re Just normal, Living Citizens and Like All The Show Rooms were actually our Houses They probably Thought We Were Weird and Maybe a Little Bit Drunk but no That’s Actually Ashlee and I. We’re just always drunk, we’re drunk on each other. I miss my friends so much i call them a lot It sucks not being able to just touch them and smoosh their faces and give them big ol hugs Scissors yeah yeah oh i also have this? AHhhH That could have been very dangerous! Okay don’t do that again Conan Let’s get a hammer! so loud, so loud, so loud I’msorryneighborsI’msorryneighborsI’msorryneigh- ta-da! This is a true Conan Chat. It’s everywhere, there’s no real topic, the trash can car is outside It seems like he comes every day, is everyday trash day? No, but he’s always around imsorryneighborsimsorryimsorryimsorry yay imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry Yay Scissors! My scissor wall is back. I’m so happy. Every single little improvement that i do, it feels a little bit more like home. That’s very important to me i have officially been recording for 31 minutes so maybe I should stop recording Thank you very much for watching i hope you enjoyed my very very random non insightful wall decorating session I’m happy that i’m back in the normal roll of things just chatting with my pals. I miss just chatting with you guys. In the comments below I’d love to hear what you guys did during your week cause I love just checking up on y’all, making sure you guys are good, staying healthy, Drinking water, having fun with your friends, living your best life Thank you so much for letting me be able to have my own apartment where i can hang up my Scissors Thank you, i’ll see you guys in a few days with a brand new video. God Bless and Goodbye [conans godly voice plays in the background ]

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