Decorate With Me! Spring Home Decor – HilalOrhan

Decorate With Me! Spring Home Decor – HilalOrhan

[Music] hey everyone welcome back today I have a new video for you where I show you how I transform our winter styling at home into a spring/summer styling with some easy tips you can get your home spring proof as well first I started off in the smallest room in the house the toilet this restroom is really the smallest you will ever seen but it doesn’t mean we can’t decide it I use these eseni oh just not friends and the most beautiful feather poster in the matching tones I really love the quality of these posters they are firm and the colors or as you can see very bright on the other side above the toilet itself I have a little niche that I can decorate I just use a wooden tray in the same color as the Zegna frame and place some towels on it I used a candle and a vase with some grass I picked up on the streets adding neutral terms and things really gets me into the spring ride moving on to the living room I placed a simple shelf from Ikea behind the sofa so I could add some nice article on to the wall behind the sofa was sort of boring so I spiced up with some nice art I picked from the segno I do have a 25% discount code for you so see the infobox below for more [Music] on the other side of the sofa it’s like the chill corner where I just drink my cup of coffee so first I added a basket in the same color as the art I used behind the sofa then I added a light crepe pillow to tie all the colors together and this nice throw I got for my friend from Marcus I picked this bum Postgres on the street as well and I used some hairspray so it won’t fall out shelf styling I really love to do this once in a while I went from full glam styling in the winter to neutral and brown tones now for spring I did use the same decor pieces I had I just added some new things like this tray and grass again to use the pampas grass everywhere styling is what it is called [Music] in the last room we are going to decorate the bedroom I chose these frames and art from the senio again and this wooden shelf to match with it I used this marble vase for this room because it ties it all together in my opinion and of course I switched the bench we had here before and placed this wooden bench instead oh my god I love this bench so much and I added some silver decor pieces because I love this in a white and clean styling and well that’s basically it let me know guys what you think about this current styling don’t forget to use the discount code from the segno if you did like the art and more and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to see more videos hope to see you next time bye

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  1. Hilal hanim bi sorum olacakti size pampass otunun üzerine ne tür bi spray ekliyorsunuz ? ( tüyler dokulmesin diye )

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