Decorating for Easter – Easter decor

Decorating for Easter – Easter decor

Hi guys! For this week’s video I wanted
to do something a little bit different. I havet wanted to decorate my house for
Easter for weeks now. And I know it’s still a little bit early, but I just
really wanted to decorate for Easter! I just love decorating my house, so
every season my interior kind of changes and then for every holiday and then, you
know, in between. So I’m always changing up, like, little decorations and
everything. So instead of just showing the finished Easter decorations, I
thought I would show you guys while I’m decorating. I don’t know if you guys are
gonna like it, but I thought it was something different for a change and
hopefully you’ll like it. I’m gonna start by decorating the dining room table with
this yellow table runner and a few bits and pieces. Not too much, because I still
want to be able to sit at the dining room table without having to clear
everything from the table. So this is a ceramic egg with flowers. And I have this
little wooden basket that I filled with raffia, so I’m gonna fill this up with
some chocolate eggs with delicious fillings, I thought that would be fun. And
then I’m also going to add a few really cute ceramic bunnies. They’re super tiny, but they’re so cute! So I’m gonna put some in
front of the basket and then also a few on top so it looks like they’re playing
in the eggs. I think that’s [laughs] really really cute! [music] Yes! I also [laughs] decorate my light fixtures! I
do that for Easter and for Christmas. So here I’m just adding some plastic
ornaments. And they’re eggs and there’s a goose, there’s a chicken and there’s an Easter bunny. And this is what that looks like. [music] I loooove these ginormous bunnies! This is the girl and she’s holding a
carrot and she has a cutest dress. And this is the boy. [laughs] I think they’re so, so fun.
They’re really big, they’re ceramic. They’re actually pretty heavy and I
bought them last year and absolutely love them! And then I have this homemade
wreath that I made with raffia and with salt dough. I actually have a video tutorial
on that, which I will link in the description box and I’ll also try to put
a clickable card on top of the video. I’m adding a few tiny little wooden Easter
eggs to the handles of this cupboard, because it’s just cute. [laughs] [music] And here I have two baby plants and I
put them in planters that are shaped like bunnies. Because that’s just so fun
for Easter. And not just for Easter, obviously I’m gonna keep them in there,
because they’re just really cute. This is a felt book that I got from my sister. And I absolutely love this Easter bunny. It was quite expensive, but I really
like it. And I have this etched glass that I got from my sister as well. And
I’m putting some moss in it and an egg candle, because I think that’s cute. And I’m
just gonna put that on the cupboard as well I got this little basket and I’m gonna
fill it up with these fake carrots, because I think that looks really fun.
That is something I do every year, because I just love how it looks! [music] In front of the TV I’m also putting a
few decorations. So I have these cute little bunnies made out of reed and
they’re holding carrots. And I’m adding some more of those fake carrots and an
egg I made myself with sequins. I actually have a video tutorial on this
as well, which i will link on top of the video and in the description box. You’ll
see me add this tea light candle holder, which I actually remove and put
somewhere else later in the video, because I felt like the cupboard was
getting a bit full. But you’ll see that. And this is not specifically for Easter. It’s
just an essential oil diffuser, but it has yellow on it and so I do think it fits. And I’m putting some litsea essential oil on it, because that’s my
favorite essential oil, it smells so good. I’m adding some sequins and beaded eggs
that I made myself as well. So I also show how to make those in that same
video. And then of course the handles of the cupboard need some decorating as
well. So these are some metal bunnies that I thought were really cute. And I’m
adding those and then on the bigger handles I’m putting some more of those
wooden Easter eggs. Here you can actually see that I removed those sequined eggs –
well two of them – and also the tea light candle holder. Because, as I said, I put them elsewhere later in the video. [music] And I put those other two sequins and
beads eggs here on the cupboard and I also added a decoration to the plant. And
this light fixture needs some decorating too. So I’m adding these bigger wooden
eggs and they’re pastel colors, they’re really, really cute. [music] And my couches need more bunny pillows. I
do use these pillows regularly, not just for Easter but for Easter. I did put more.
So the big cushion is a watercolor – or it looks like it – and then those mini ones
are just adorable. They’re actually bunny photos. And then on the other couch I
have this really long cushion that has all of these beautiful bunnies on it. And
then a bunny shaped pillow, which I just got recently. And it’s super cute as well!
I always decorate my staircase as well. Usually I use garlands and other things. But this year I have these two light strands: one are Easter bunnies and the
other are Easter eggs. I just really love how cozy those look
when it gets dark. And you guys know, I’ve said it many times before: I love
anything that has to do with lights! And since I didn’t put a garland on the
staircase, I put one on the wall here, because there was a nail there from
something else and I thought I would put this garland there. [music] The coffee table needs a little
something too. I actually made this coffee table myself. I airbrushed, you know, that
painting you see on there. And I’m just putting these two Easter felt placemats
on there. And there we have that bunny tea light candle holder that I put on
the cupboard before, but I didn’t like it there. Looking onto the kitchen, I have
these really fun grass mats with flowers. I’ve had these for so many years, but I
absolutely love them. So as long as they’re still alive and they’re not
falling apart, I am using them! And I’m decorating them with some of these
wooden copper eggs that I also made myself and I have a video tutorial on,
which I’ll link again. I like making my [laughs] own decorations, which is
why I have so many videos on that! So we here we have some ceramic bunnies that
are very cute. They are pastel colors and I’m just adding them to this
cupboard. And the big bunnies get these half shelled eggs that I filled with
candle wax. Which I also have a tutorial on: I have a tutorial on how to make
Easter candles and those are just a part of them. So again I will link that. And I
have these three adorable little bunnies with their long legs. I just think
they’re so fun. They have this grin on their face that just makes me laugh
every time I look [laughs] at them! So yeah… So this is what it looks like. [music] I’m putting some Easter flowers on my [laughs]
washing machine. Yeah, you know, I decorate everything. And these are some Easter
eggs that I made out of air drying clay and those are some birds nests that I
made out of… I was gonna say play-dough, but not play-dough, salt dough! Yes. Which I,
which is also in my video of how I made the wreath. And then I have these cute
little bunny decorations that you can hang, but they can also stand, which is
adorable. So i’m putting those there and I also
added a little plant stick with an air drying clay egg. The clock needs some decoration too. [laughs] I’m
just adding a plastic egg, why not? And then this cupboard. Excuse the pain
chipping, but I was sanding that already to see how difficult it would be to sand
it, because I’m gonna be repainting that cupboard soon. And yeah that’s why that
was chipped. And this is my home office. I’m gonna add a little bit of Easter
stuff there as well. So I have these bunny egg holders and
I’m actually putting egg candles in them, which I made myself. I also have a video
on that: different ways how to make egg candles. [music] And here is my little nook with my
printer and stuff. I’m just placing a few things like this big egg, a little
ceramic bunny and another basket with some of those eggs that I made with air
drying clay. Oops! There goes [laughs] my egg! Okay let’s put that in
a little more firmly. And this is the next day, because I
needed to be able to see what I was doing. I’m just adding a few window
decorations on the street side and they’re just, you know, bunnies, geese,
little chicks,… And, I don’t know, I just [laughs] think it’s fun to do something on your
windows too. So yeah. [laughs] I actually kept it pretty subtle this year. I mean, his
is my subtle. [laughs] For some people this is probably already a lot, but this is my
subtle. I think I still have like 25 percent of my decorations left over. I
might actually still use the rest of my decorations upstairs and maybe a little
more in my home office as well. Because I only did a few things. But I’m kind of
tired now, so yeah. I just wanted to wrap this up for this evening. And I
actually have to go to bed now. [laughs] So yes. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this
video. If you did, don’t forget to click the LIKE button and please subscribe if
you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon! Byeee!

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  1. My beautiful sweet Renate…bunny love to you! (how does ALL THAT HAIR go into such a small tight style?) ♥ 😉

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