Everyone it’s morgan yates. And today I’m bringing guys my first holiday video, which I’m so excited about for Halloween even ended I was ordering Christmas decorations. So today in this video. I’m gonna be showing you how I am decorating my house This video is brought to you guys by Victoria’s Secret pink their holiday line for 2018 is out and I’m so excited to show you guys I picked up six things from their new collection and my favorite by far is this little pj set that we have going on? It’s just the most like festive plaid print. This is a very lightweight breathable material So we just have it this long sleeve top and then there are the accompanying leggings Or like pants I guess but they’re I don’t know little eggie eggie These are so soft fuzzies the wrong word but there’s just like a Extra soft texture going on with these sitting my roommates and I are gonna do a Christmas card and one route We’re thinking about going is like some cute little matching pj sets So definitely will be wearing this if we go that direction Next you’ll see me wearing this a lot throughout this video as I’m decorating because it’s so comfy up and wearing this all the time And that is this little pullover like quarter zip sweat sweater sweatshirt It says cream color and as you can see up close this is so so so so soft I got everything here in a medium, but I did get this in a large that way it could be like super big So, yeah, you’ll see me wearing that a lot because it’s very comfortable, and I wanted to be cozy while I was decorating. Thanks I just got a pair of leggings. They’re just these black leggings that downside have a white and grey stripe Yeah, I think these are super flattering just because of all of the like cut outside details these are really good quality thick legging cute for just lounging or working out and then Lastly I picked up April I and a pair of their Christmas underwear because I love Christmas undies if you guys have been watching my vlog my switch side note blog which is coming very soon every Day of vlog is going up over on my blog channel I’ll have a link to below so you guys can subscribe But if you might remember when my college roommates and I had a party just like our house senior year and we all got each other like gifts under like $10, I think it was I got everyone a pair of Victoria Secret christmas underwear so you can go back and check that out It’s quite funny that you can tell I am feeling at the plaid print and lastly I just picked up this bra that I thought was just a fun Unique print and I love the band on the back of this. I just thought that was fun comment below if you guys are decorating your house this year and if you have already done it or when you do it when you Guys see this this is been up for a couple of weeks so We are a little early or a lot of great gift ideas in that there new lion is so make sure that you guys check That out. I will have it linked below and without further ado. Let’s go ahead and get into decorating my house alright so first up and most importantly is of course the Christmas tree we decided we were gonna put it in our little nook area of Our living room so I very shakily moved over these bookshelves and then went in trying to Assemble a Christmas tree like it’s a one-person job and let me tell you it is not so speeding this up You can’t see how many times I got hit in the face with those branches But I really recommend buying a pre lit tree if you are investing in line, and you already have one it’s just a lot easier to know your lights already on they’re evenly spaced and There’s me Rejoicing because the lights worked then it is time to fluff the tree and let me tell you I have become a tree fluffing expert Throughout the course of this video Be prepared for your arms, so you can get a little bit scraped up because mine did but after probably 30 minutes This is the final result I’m short so idea on a little stool to fluff up the top part, but I think it looks pretty good Next I just got this burgundy tree skirt because I thought I was being so clever And such a responsible adult remembering that I would need a tree skirt. So I did get this one. I like it super soft I think it’s good size for the tree But you’ll see in a second for our second tree that I did not remember to order a tree skirt for that tree it’s my marketing one and then I just bought a jumbo set of ornaments online and Paying all those just sticking with like a little red gold color scheme lots of cute ornament options in there So that is our main tree But then I thought we should have a little skinny Slightly shorter one in our dining room because we have this huge empty corner And we’ve been meaning to get a plant to go there you guys know if you’ve been keeping up with moving vlogs how much we slack on absolutely everything so There was still no plant there and I decided that for the holidays we might as well fill it with a Christmas tree and then deal with it in the new year and procrastinate a Little hoarse. So this tree was not pre lit So I’m winging that as you can see this is me trying to tell you to make sure that you test if the lights work Before you get all of it on there, so make sure that you plug them in initially And I got to the top of the tree and had this much lighting left. So Not really knowing what to do. I just kind of wrapped it around randomly. I don’t know looks a little Bottom-heavy lit, but it’s fine So then I got slightly smaller ornaments for this tree since the tree was a little smaller for context This is a six-foot tree and the one in the living room is seven and a half feet Which I feel like it’s a really good size for like a main living room area Yeah, this QT is going in the corner. And so I’m putting all those ornaments on there Also a life hack you see this container that all those ornaments came in keep that do not throw that away after you put them up because you need a place to store all of your ornaments and all of your decorations and everything after and Your life would be a lot easier if you saved the exact container that it fits perfectly in Next up We still had a bunch of pumpkins out and a bunch of flowers that decorate our house and that’s just not super super Christmas so I’m taking those down and then I bought a Velvet red table runner which as you can see needs some serious like ironing or steaming or something but actually the creases have gone away and then I followed that up with a Centerpiece that Janine got because I just thought the table runner would add a little something and next something that I showed in last year’s Decorating DIY video there were a lot more DIYs in that video It’s just filling faces that you have around the house with small little ornaments or pinecones that I bought or bows or even candy canes Just pretty much anything festive if you put it in a clear jar, it’s gonna look good So first up in this one, I bought some little mini green and red ornaments some of them are matte and shiny and glittery and whatever so I just put a bunch of those and then this little Decorative vase that we already have out in our living room and I realized that was way too full. So then I retracted Several but yeah, no vase left empty in the holidays. You’ve got to fill all of those up with something decorative so then I took the square one and these little frosted pinecones I guess is the look that’s supposed to go for they’re a little glittery with some painted edges and I just tried my best to squeeze some of those in there without breaking them and I think it looks pretty nice So we actually ended up putting that in our little tray Centerpiece that we have on our coffee table in the living room next up same deal I bought a bunch of bows online that I actually intended to be present wrapping bows But they are far smaller than I expected. Some of them are literally like three quarters of an inch big I thought that the rose in a vase would be great. And then lastly a while ago. I have bought this little clear cookie jar And for Halloween, I put all this candy corn in it So I just thought it would be fun to switch that up for the holidays and it replaced the candy corn with candy canes So that’s what we’re doing. I also love candy canes So I imagine these are gonna actually get eaten unlike the candy corn not so much a fan Also throughout all this I’m wearing that Victoria Secret pink pullover Because it is so so cozy to take your holiday decorating to the next level It’s also all about paying attention to the really small tails and just finding ways to incorporate red or green or one thing That’s really small that I thought would be fine would be to just switch up our dish towels So on our oven and then on the dishwasher We have some white towels there and I decided to switch those up with some red ones a little more We’re gonna be the red but it’s okay And then I also took our soap dispenser above the sink and I found a really really cute santé one So I switched that out next again thinking about the small things I decided it would be a good idea to in the living room Switch out some of the pillows that we have and instead replace it with some red ones So I bought these little pillow inserts online as well as these in velvet like red burgundy Pillowcases I believe these are all twenty by twenty maybe eighteen by eighteen Inches is the size of these and so let me tell you it was a task and a half to get this pillow in there Finally got it. Whoo. So what next I am just experimenting a little switching those out. Thankfully we already have some green pillows. So that worked out nicely took away the pink ones and then plopped down This festive blanket that Adrienne had and then our living room is a little bit more festive also switching out the things in this centerpiece So taking away those flowers putting in the pinecones I added a little snow globe and then a little Christmas tree trinket that I found. So now we have a festive little coffee table Next just another random decoration. I got this vase and I saw these really cute like festive Greenery slash berries on a stick. I don’t know what you call these Branches, I guess would be the proper term So I made a little assortment of those then I thought that that would just be cute over in the living room We ended up moving this to the Nook but just a really cute decoration Next up it is Garland time I had to do something with our big stare area since that’s what we’re looking at whenever we’re watching TV or anything like that and then I bought three stockings for me and my two roomies and Hung those on the railing as well Lastly I’m just wrapping up a present. I’m ruining this for my friends, but I’m getting my college roommates Christmas underwear again Even though we graduated a while ago just as like a cute little present black with wrapping paper is by Reversible wrapping paper because that way you can really mix up how everything looks and you’re not having to buy double the supplies So then yeah, that is pretty much it for how I decorated That is it, thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if we gave you guys a few ideas of how to decorate your home and if you have ideas For how we should take this to the next level. Please. Let me know I’m adding a couple things like I want to get some fairy lights or something going down the garland Make sure you follow my Instagram below if you want a chance to win and even my holiday giveaways because I’m doing at 12 Days Of Giveaways again this year. So see if you’re excited. All of you guys enjoyed and I will see you in my next video

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  2. Love how your house looks! My family decorates the days right after Thanksgiving! We only took one day to decorate this year! New record! Also, I would not recommend getting pre-lit trees. While they are helpful the first year, when you put them back and pull them out the next year, most of them will be burnt out. You will end up putting on more lights anyway to fill the areas where the lights are burnt out. Can't wait for your Christmas videos!

  3. I like how you hung up the Christmas stockings, my dad n I are gonna be putting up the tree and decorate before Christmas Eve for decorating sometime before putting up the tree step before that prep to Christmas shop and get my Christmas budget together

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