By the way this has seriously become one
of my favorite smoothies ever the best combination is banana mango and
strawberries this is exactly how I make it
one full banana oh yeah this is good just not the center I kind of have to
eat around it one full banana and then I do like both sides of the mango and then
I’ll leave the center to eat at a separate time but I’ll just do both
sides of the mango this is like the easiest way I have found to clarify
mango Omega so easy kind of like an avocado these are already rinsed I keep
them rinsed in the fridge so then I put four large berries sometimes five but
this is all I got so I fill it up with water to about like here and then that’s
literally it like this tastes so good I’m not in B
essence you guys you can of course add like spinach kale if you guys want to
add some greens but I just I don’t like the way that it tastes so I just get my
spinach in other ways you know because I just love a good
fruit smoothie I used to force myself to have it with
the spinach but then I wouldn’t keep up with eating smoothies so it’s the at
least this way I keep up with getting my fruit so there you go that’s how they look
after it’s like the prettiest peachy color what’s up you guys I’m the really
just got out of the shower so I am all like fresh-faced and wet haired but I
figured I’m gonna film a little quick intro to my vlog I’ve pretty much been
vlogging over the past like two three weeks just because I had a lot of like
fun stuff with the house like a lot of deliveries we got our couch deliver and
a dresser deliver just like a lot of like in those snippets stuff so I I did
vlog mainly those things and it’s kind of like sporadic throughout the weeks so
this vlog is very like sporadic and like broken up into pieces
in different days but I figured you guys might notice this is my main channel and
I usually don’t upload vlogs on at the main channel also Happy New Year you
guys this is the first video of the new year that’s gonna be going up on my
channel and it’s gonna be a vlog so like I was just mentioning I do have a vlog
channel for those of you who have been following me for years on my vlog
Channel I started vlogging like four years ago I want to say and I did make a
separate vlog channel and I’ve loved having a separate vlog channel but
lately I’ve kind of been feeling like why don’t I just upload all of my
content on one channel which is my main channel like why I have a separate
channel just to upload vlogs when I could upload my vlogs here on the main
channel too and I think you guys would like that like a lot of you guys request
more vlogs from me and I feel like a lot of you aren’t following me on my vlog
Channel so you get more exposure to them on this channel like I don’t know I was
just kind of like thinking about it for the past like two three months and I did
take a vote on Twitter and Instagram twice because I really wanted to make
sure what you guys would say and I think it was like over 70 to 80% can’t
remember food 70 or 80 I think one time with 70 and one time was eighty percent
voted to upload it on the main channel so I’m kind of glad you guys agreed with
me but yeah so most of my vlogs to be honest with you don’t have a formal
intro like this one well this is not really formal because I’m you know just
fresh out of the shower but you don’t even like most of my vlogs don’t really
have like an intro where I like say hey guys and like talk to you guys about
what’s gonna go on sometimes they do sometimes they don’t I just want to give
you guys a little for fair warning if you’re new to my vlogs I like to keep my
vlogs very like natural and organic and sometimes I literally
pick up my vlog camera and just start vlogging like unit I mean so I don’t
always want to like make an intro and stuff like that so yeah I’m pretty
excited I hope you guys do enjoy seeing the vlogs on this main channel it’s
something new for 2020 I figured this just it’s also easier for me to just
have everything on one channel so yeah that’s pretty much all I wanted to say I
just kind of wanted to say happy New Year to you guys and kind of introduce
you guys into vlogs being on the main channel now so yeah I without further
ado I’m gonna go ahead and just play the footage from the past few weeks okay
today is finally the day we can say goodbye to the blow-up mattress and
we’re getting our new furniture so we’re mainly getting the couch for the family
room and then we’re getting the sofa in for the formal living room and then we
are also getting my dining chairs but a lot of you guys may notice we still
don’t have a dining table and that’s because I just can’t find one that I
like and I’m not willing to rush it I’m just gonna wait until I find the one
because like in the past don’t mind me you guys have literally just got over
the flu like well actually still a little bit tiny bit sick but yeah in the
past I would like rush the design process and then you waste so much money
because you buy furniture that you not really are in love with just because
you’re like rushing and then you have to throw it out they need to waste more
money so I’m not doing that I’m kind of just taking my time with designing the
home so I’m just gonna wait until I really find a dining table that I fall
in love with or I might get one custom made in the new year today is today’s
December 20th yeah it’s summer 20th this vlog is
probably gonna go up not right now like in a few weeks
actually I did find one from Restoration Hardware that I loved and I purchased it
and then when it came there was something wrong with like one of the
screws and they’re like oh don’t worry about it we can fix it so they took it
to get fixed and apparently they made it worse and it couldn’t be fixed anymore
so then they told me that the table was actually out of stock and not only out
of stock discontinued so I never got my dining table which really sucks cuz I
actually found light and it was on sale so it’s
actually a good price even though for much efficient hardware it was a good
price so that was disappointing but yeah I am getting my dining chairs in today
so I’m excited for that but I probably gonna have to store them in the basement
until I find a dining table that I like but yeah so here’s what we got going for
the family room we have the rug that I just put out so this rug is actually
from dynamic rugs that one is also from dynamic rugs Wow sugar baby
do not dirty mommy’s chairs yeah so both of my rugs are from dynamic rugs it’s
actually a really nice brand so this rug is actually a little bit of a shag rug
but it’s kind of lower pile so I don’t know if you guys can see it’s not like a
really high pile but it’s not super low it’s very plush like your fingers just
soak right into it it honestly feels so incredibly soft like I cannot even tell
you guys how soft it feels and then I did buy a coffee table from wafer but
that’s not going to come in until January first or second or something
like that it’s actually a really pretty wood one I kind of was debating between
glass and wood but I did get a glass side table so the side table that you
guys see here though I love the style of it the one that I bought is actually
identical to this except it doesn’t have the pocket so this side table has like a
pocket here which is actually really convenient and it’s cool and everything
but it ends up kind of looking a little cluttered because you end up keeping so
much stuff there which is the whole purpose of it yeah but you know again it
just looks cluttered we’re actually going to have cabinets here built in I’m
gonna be able to put like laptops and like all this stuff can go inside the
cabinets and the drawers so we’re not gonna need to have the pocket that looks
cluttered so I ended up getting one from Wayfarer it’s just a really night it’s
actually exactly the same I got chrome with the glass the reason why I decided
to go chrome and glass is because it looks very light and airy and very open
I didn’t want to crowd up the space in this room so I decided to go with the
glass and the chrome so the one that I got is the exact same except it just
doesn’t have the pocket on the side it’s just plain a straight side table
I do wish that the coffee table was coming in today that
just make everything feel at least more complete but yeah kind of sucks I’m
gonna have to wait another like week or so okay so I actually went to HomeSense
and I got this bed sheet because I’m gonna need to put this on the couch when
my tan is baking funny I know but when my tan is baking obviously it comes off
on like the couch or wherever you’re sitting only when it’s baking though
like throughout the week it doesn’t while you’re like letting it sit before
you wash it off it comes off so I’m gonna be using this gray bed sheet on
the couch whenever my tan bakes every Sunday so there’s that but yeah anyways
I figured I would show you guys the fabric that I chose it for the couch
and for the sofa so I am getting like a little love seat sofa made for the
formal living room right there so this is the fabric that I chose they look
both white which they are both white but one is just brighter like I don’t know
if you guys can tell obviously this one’s a little bit more slightly creamer
so this is the fabric that I chose for the sectional that’s gonna go right here
I love it because it’s a little bit more of a fresher white but it’s still a
pretty like off-white slightly cream I also loved how it was a little bit wider
than the rug that way it wouldn’t look too tone-on-tone and then I will have
the wood toned coffee table to kind of pull everything up so that it’s not all
white here’s who it is bye and then here is the name and the details and
everything both of these fabrics are very wipeable
as well then this one is the sofa fabric and this is the name of that fabric so
here’s how it’ll look I kind of like how this one is slightly darker just because
it actually goes really well with the chairs that we bought from cb2 and here
are the two fabrics side-by-side so you guys can kind of see how they compare so
this was actually my pretty much my inspiration fabric this is a fabric I
got from CB – it’s a beautiful gorgeous color it’s what I wanted
I just don’t like the fabric of this is not very wipeable and not easy to clean
so the entire time while I was choosing four fabrics I was kind of comparing to
try to find a similar match of white so I love how these two they actually look
like pretty much the same color a nice fresh white but not a bright white like
it’s not bright white at all I also got these from Amazon these anti-slip rug
grips that had really good reviews so I’m excited to put use that and try that
I went to HomeSense just before I got home and I got these
really cool containers so they’re actually natural aluminum for me to bake
the Christmas cake that I make every year for Christmas to bring to my mom’s
house so I love this one because it’s natural Lumia aluminum but too because
it comes with a lid so it’s basically mimicking the kind of like foil that you
can buy from the stores like usually I’ll use these ones you know cuz they’re
cheap and you can just throw them out and reuse them but it’s this is so much
better for the environment because you know you can just reuse it you don’t
throw it out and buy new ones all the time so I’m actually gonna give this
back to my mom because she gave this to me to use last year when I made the cake
and I posted it on Instagram so many messages asking pretty recipe which the
recipes actually I don’t know how my grandma got it to be honest with you but
my grandma actually made it and she’s always made it ever since we were kids
and we just fell in love with it so then we got her to teach us how to do it and
then my mom one day randomly found the same recipe on Facebook so I’m just like
grams how did you get this recipe cause other people know it too so did you find
it somewhere I don’t know where she got it from my mom also found the recipe on
Facebook so I’ll actually post it not now I’ll post it when I blog for you
guys I’m gonna make the cake like the day before Christmas Eve because we
celebrate on Christmas Eve so I’ll make it the day before and I will flog it for
you guys and share it with you because it’s so delicious and I know you guys
are gonna want another recipe so I’ll post the full recipe on the actual
screen so you can screenshot it and when I do the cake heading this one up now because this one
has completely cooled I’m just waiting for that one to cool down honestly the
hardest part is having to not eat this before tomorrow like I have to let this
sit in the fridge overnight and resist the temptation so I ended up actually
putting more cookie dough on this one I don’t know if you noticed that I
personally prefer my cookie dough it’s kind of just like a personal preference
but I like how this one has a little bit more you but yeah I’ll make it on here I just
can’t decide if I want to do two square ones or one big rectangle one so I just
bought these because I figured they’re great when you need to go to someone’s
house and bring stuff because I have my glass containers that I love to cook and
bacon but I didn’t keep the lids for these cuz the lids were red and there we
have like a no color policy in this house okay so yeah I did not keep the
lids for these which I don’t regret at all I know I can find ones that probably
have white lids or clear lids but glass is also so much heavier if you’re
carrying to someone’s house it’s just so much heavier so I kind of I like this I
like this idea also I actually got in the cabinet already for the dishwasher
my dad is gonna have to come over in a few days probably after Christmas
because now christmas is coming up he’ll come over and install that but
yeah Oh last thing I also got from home sounds like how adorable is this little
hourglass I just thought it was so perfect for the office because the theme
in the office is white gray black and hints of gold like very small hints of
gold the chandelier in the office also has a little bit of gold in it I thought
that this would be such a little cute decor piece because eventually I’m going
to do custom built in like shelves and everything in the office so this will be
cute just to have that on there it’s the next morning I’m going to show you guys
the couch soon but I wanted to show you I’m using my cute little new teensy we
nee little whisks and it’s not focusing here we go
for my eggs make how cute obviously you can do it when it’s more liquidy mine
kind of already started cooking I’m okay with that I think it’s pretty safe to
say the sugar baby is loving the new couch he’s enjoying it staring out the
window I obviously blurred it for Pat for privacy reasons but it’s so cute
he’s just sitting there staring out the window little cutie alright guys so here is the new couch
so excited so it got delivered kind of like hey sorry my voice is cracking kind
of like later in the day yesterday so the Sun wasn’t out so I didn’t want to
show you guys until you could get some good lighting but look it looks so good
like I’m so happy with it here’s a view from here and it just fits perfectly
don’t mind I still need to clean the dishes
I just ate breakfast but it just fits perfectly in the space so I measured
everything really nicely so I’m happy about that and I decided to do as you
can see there’s only one and then two cushions I wanted to keep it very
minimalistic and clean so I didn’t want there to be like three cushions over
here and then two cushions over there and I wanted it to be very clean and
minimalistic so I just did one long cushion running that way and one long
cushion of running it that way it is an open concept family room I didn’t want
the couch to be too high and it feels to stuff do you know so I love how it’s
like semi low just like a little bit on the lower side and I do love how this
couch actually has pretty good seat depth like I would say like over here a
standard couches I did add a few inches because I wanted it to be a good depth
and if you remove the back cushions and you get an even bigger depth which is
really nice so yeah obviously things are like a little bit messy right now
because like I mentioned we are eventually going to get the custom built
in cabinets so that we’ll be able to have storage for like blankets our
laptops the lab desks over there so all of that will get you know put away and
perfectly tucked away so it’s just like this for now I do have the option to be
honest to you of getting a slim console table right there and I do think that’ll
actually look really good but I don’t think I’m gonna do that I don’t know I
haven’t decided to be honest with you I think it’ll look really good putting a
nice slim maybe glass console table right there I think it will look good
but I don’t know if I’m gonna do it or not I’m like 50/50 but what I do know
for sure that I’m gonna do I’m gonna get a nice little basket maybe
put it right there if I did do the console table then I’d put the basket
under the console table I’ve seen lots of like photos where that looks really
good but yeah I’m gonna get like a little basket that way I can store the
blankets that are underneath there inside the nice little basket so I’m on
the hunt for that you do have to vacuum white couches pretty regularly that way
it doesn’t soil but the good thing is I use my Dyson and it’s very lightweight
and the Jason comes with like this velvet brush which is really cool next
time I do it I’ll share with you guys or if I do it clean with me video but you
basically just have to vacuum the entire couch so that it doesn’t soil over time
but yeah I mean that’s just a maintenance thing that you need to do
with white couches and when I’m eating on this couch or when we’re eating
because we all know men are messy or for those of you who have kids what we do is
we lay out the blanket because blankets are so easy to wash you just pop them in
the washer and dryer so I just lay out the blanket anytime I’m eating and that
way I don’t even have to think or like try to be too careful not to spill
anything like you know what I mean and then I’ll show you guys the loveseat
here I have to push that cushion down also another rule is no shoes or
slippers house shoes nothing on the rugs or else you’ll get a lot of dirt on them
over time but it looks so pretty and again I just did one straight feet like
I did not do two different cushions cuz it just looks so minimalistic when you
just have one cushion I do like the back cushions to be separate because I think
it looks nice like when you break it up I think that looks pretty Oh
also I forgot to even mention we are planning on doing something with the
fireplace I just don’t know I don’t want to leave it plain because I do feel like
it looks a little bit too plain I feel like it’s nice when a fireplace is
dressed up a little bit I know for sure I’m not gonna do tile I’m really just
not into tiled fireplaces but I do think I am going to do some sort some sort of
limestone surrounding like some sort of limestone face surround or something
I’ll pop up some photos just to show you guys some that
like but I’ve been it’s been hard for me to find like exact inspo photo what I
want but looking like I had the fireplace guy here and we were just like
talking up some designs and stuff and he was saying he does feel like the TV is a
little bit low because then there’s barely any space to put something above
the fireplace like to put like the limestone there so it’s possible to be
honest with you that we’re gonna need to get the tech guys that install their TV
to come in and put the fireplace up the TV up a little bit just a little bit
like probably like five inches like just move it up like four or five inches like
I would say instead of here it would just be moved like there just to give it
a little bit more space over there so don’t mind my ghetto little flip-flops
but I do get a lot of questions asking how I keep sugars paws clean so doesn’t
dirty the house and stuff when it’s like a raining and snowing outside so he
actually uses don’t mind they’re dirty right now because they keep they’re
reusable and then you can just clean them underwater very easy to clean I use
actually these little rubber boots and they are such a lifesaver site lifesaver
they’re pretty easy to put on and it keeps his feet clean obviously cuz this
takes all of the dirt and stuff and then when you come in you can just take them
right off and his paws are clean so that has been a huge a lifesaver I’m actually
just realizing now that I never shared my desk with you guys on the vlog like I
shared it on IG story a lot but not on the vlog by the way I got sick again you
guys like I was actually starting to feel better and then I woke up yesterday
feeling sick again so I’ve officially been sick with the flu for like two and
a half weeks which is insane but yeah so I showed you guys my new filming desk on
IG but I figured I would show you on the vlog it’s so gorgeous this is actually
from impressions of vanity I am going to be changing out these knobs just because
the Diamonds not really my style you guys know me I prefer something more
simple I’m actually going to change it to these ones right here and I did get
this really cool clear acrylic rolling chair from Wayfarer which was really
affordable and actually really liked it I thought it was kind of weird that they
didn’t include like a cover for that like from the inside they could have
covered it so it doesn’t show like all the screws and stuff
it’s a clear chair so obviously anyways I really like it it works really good
and I love being able to like roll back and forth to access the drawers and I
think it’s a really cool feature that the sermon put my phone down that the
drawers are like see-through inside that wasn’t really originally what I was like
looking for but it is a cool little cute feature I am going to get another glass
made that has less of a green cast I personally and don’t like when glass has
like that green type of cast I’m sure you guys can see it pretty much what
that is is there’s glass that has low iron and there’s glass that has high
iron if it has a green cast then there’s too much iron in the glass so you can
easily get a glass top made and just make sure to specify you want low iron
glass so I’m actually gonna do that I’m actually gonna try this website online
where you can custom make a glass top and then I’m just gonna have my cute
little organizer here with my settings brace and then I’m gonna have another
one with my makeup brushes it’s just in the bathroom right now cuz I was doing
my makeup yesterday morning but it’ll pretty much look like this I think it
looks really good there you go so then I’ll have my
brushes and my setting sprays and then I still have them put on my makeup in here
because I’m looking for organizers that’ll be perfect I found a few on
Container Store so I think I’m just gonna order them take the plunge and see
which ones I like if not I can return them and stuff but yeah I’m excited to
start organizing my makeup in here okay update on the tables that I ordered the
side table actually came in and I absolutely shake-a-baby Commission’s
they could see I absolutely love it it’s so clean and so simple and we don’t have
the pocket anymore because the pocket tends to look a little bit messy I will
say it’s very practical and very like easy you know like very practical but I
love how this looks so sleek and simple obviously there’s a bunch of mess right
here again like I mentioned everything will get put into cabinets once that is
built but for now I figured honestly I can’t have this just like looking all
messy like this what I’m gonna do is probably try to see if I can head to
home since today and just get like a really nice low basket like something
really like a pretty little decorative what do you call like woven basket or
something like that and then that way I can just put all the remotes I can put
the iPad laptops and all that stuff inside of a nice little basket so it’s
not all messy so I’m gonna do that and then you guys might notice we don’t have
the coffee table and that is because yesterday the coffee table actually got
delivered and you guys I was so disappointed because number one there
was a huge scratch I’m actually gonna show you and then not only is there a
huge scratch when it arrives it’s a completely different color than it was
online I actually don’t even mind this color it’s not even this color when you
lift it up you can see okay it’s looking lighter on camera I’m not gonna lift it
cuz it’s really heavy it’s looking lighter on camera but I’m gonna post
photos right now I took pictures of a yesterday in the family room it is way
darker like way darker than the photo showed it’s pretty much like a medium to
dark cool tone brown shade so it’s completely different than the photo so I
was like oh my serious and then plus like I mentioned
there’s a huge scratch which by the way I took a photo of the scratch I’ll put
it here but the photo doesn’t even do it justice like it doesn’t even look that
bad of a scratch in the photo but in person it’s like a huge gash just right
across it so I’m definitely gonna need to return this okay so like I mentioned
I still feel really sick like I’m just like in awe of the fact that I’ve been
like sick with the flu for almost three weeks now I think it’s been like two and
a half weeks so yeah but I wanted to update you guys on what’s been going on
the past few days because I didn’t really vlog at all it was Christmas I
really didn’t want to bother just want to spend time with the family but pretty
much all I’m doing is taking a break until the new year so I can just get
back to filming I’m really excited to have tons of like video ideas that I
want to get back to so I’m excited for that and yeah I just been taking a break
I went to the mall yesterday and while I was at the mall I was like you know what
let me just check out the new MacBooks because I’ve really been needing a new
computer I have had the same MacBook that my dad bought me when I went to
college like kind of sentimental I own he bought me that MacBook because when I
went to college I was like dad seriously I need a MacBook because back then I was
like using the Windows laptops and they would always break down and get viruses
and so my dad bought me a Mac bug bless him for college and I still have the
same one like I’ve still been editing on the same MacBook that’s also the MacBook
that I started filming commercially yeah that’s also the same MacBook that I
started filming YouTube videos on like I used to use the webcam so yeah very
sentimental that I think I’m gonna have to upgrade and let it go I’m probably
gonna give it to my mom but I really couldn’t decide between getting the 16
inch or the 13 inch MacBook I just didn’t know what size I wanted because
the truth is I don’t like either sizes like I feel like the 13 inches way too
small they went and made it smaller by almost an inch so the I currently have
the 13 inch but like I said the new 13-inch MacBook s’ they made it smaller
and also then the 13 inch MacBook still have the keyboard that’s like not good
like everyone’s complaining about it it has a lot of issues if to keep bringing
it into Apple and to replace it so they haven’t updated the keyboards on the
13-inch yet only the 16 inch so that was kind of like my issue with the 13-inch
one sixteen inch I find it’s a little too
big like I almost kind of just wish that they stuck with the 15 inch or didn’t
make the 13 inch maker because I would have stuck with the 13 but yeah so 13
was too small 16 is too big so I didn’t like the size of either of them so I
kind of was just like honesty me if you don’t like the size of either of them
then you need to get think about which one you could probably get used to and
honestly I just got I bought the 16 inch I actually placed my order last night
online because the 13 inch is way too small now like it literally looks like
an iPad and I’m not even being like I have the new iPad pro and it literally
is almost the same size as the 13 inch MacBook like that’s insane for me to add
it on if you’re just using a macbook like casually to watch shows or answer
emails and just you know go to college or school or anything I think the
13-inch is perfect but to go and edit on it is way too small for me again like I
felt like when I was at the store and I was like looking at the 13th literally
guys this is what Sugar’s doing I think I cannot when I was at the store and I
was looking at the 13-inch I literally felt like I was on you think I was going
on an iPad like I could not imagine editing on that it felt really weird it
almost felt like the 13-inch is like when I was about to use it it felt like
oh let me just grab my iPad for a quick email like that’s how it felt it’s way
too small they made it which is long so I just decided to get the 16 inch I’m
sure I’ll get used to the bigger size it’s I think it’s about an inch and 3/4
bigger than my macbook which is much the currently which is the 2012 13 inch so
it’s a little bit it’s definitely bigger but I think I’ll get used to it and
another reason why I opted for the 16 inch is because the 16 inch you can get
way more memory on it so I believe the 13 inch the highest memory you can do is
16 gigabytes this is probably really boring to any of you guys you don’t care
about these things but the highest memory you can add on the 13-inch is
literally 16 gigabytes which is really not a lot to be honest with you and
memory is one of the things that really helps to improve the speed of your Mac
a lot like I used to have eight gigabytes online and then I added
sixteen into it and it made a huge difference so I could just imagine what
64 gigabytes would do so the 16 inch you could get 64 gigabytes in it so I opted
to get the 16 inch because it just had like you could add more things to it it
also had an 8 core processor like it just it was way more powerful and I just
sorry my camera died but look at this baby right now
like I cannot handle him but yeah I wanted something that I would be able to
edit very fast on and that it can just run fast yeah but I am going to finally
finish putting all of the drawer liners in my kitchen drawers because I started
doing it when we first moved in but then I ran out of drawer liners like they
were sold out and my little my solutions near me so I had to order them online
and then I never ended up finishing putting them in because I just got busy
so today is the day I’m finally gonna finish lining all of my drawers so I’m
gonna share them with you guys we’re gonna hop in the kitchen and do that and
yeah I wish I could just have sugar attached it I should buy those baby
carriers so I can carry sugar baby oh my baby oh my baby okay so time to line the
drawers these are the ones that I’ve been using
I love these like so good and I’ll tell you why I love them you don’t need to
get out a ruler or an exacto knife no scissors needed I love it because it’s
already kind of like I don’t know if you guys can tell but it’s already pre kind
of cut by quarter-inch so you can just kind of peel it to whatever size you
want you don’t need to get again like a ruler or anything it’s all already
measured out and it’s perfectly straight and you could just easily peel back to
get the size that you need so I think these are perfect one of the reasons why
I used to hate lining my drawers is because it would take so much work you
have to get a ruler you have to like measure it then you have to cut it
perfectly and you have to get all your tools this requires no tools you just
need this so I got this at solutions and I’ve actually seen a couple of them at
Home sense as well but yeah so let’s go ahead and stir
lining some drawers I’ve already done these so as you can see I’ve already
lined these drawers inside here the reason why I’m lining these drawers is
because over the years your drawers will get damaged just from like use and if
you can protect them and keep your drawers looking brand new I think that
that’s great the cabinets in my kitchen are also 100 percent real wood so I
don’t want to damage them or anything or get any water damage I just want to keep
them really good quality and take care of them so lining the drawer is perfect
for that so I’m also gonna do it in the bathrooms too but for now we’ll focus on
the kitchen I also did it in this drawer you can see it down there but I started
to run it out I don’t think I did it in this drawer yet oh oh no ya see I didn’t
line this joy yet so I’m gonna have to do that no but I think I’m just gonna
start with these and my pantry is still not organized I’m so embarrassed you
guys like a look at my pantry it’s still not organized but soon soon soon soon I
will set out a plan for this and do a full pantry organization video so soon
not now though so I do want to line this drawer even though they we have the
organizers because these organizers kind of like slip and slide and having this
will help keep it in place I’ve also aligned the cabinets where all
the glasses are gonna go or the glasses are this lined as well and for cleaning
products ever since I moved in I’ve been using the method surface
cleaner and I really really like this it’s so good I’ll share with you guys
some organizers of that I got for my filming desk I’m also expecting a
delivery today I am getting a dresser slash like sideboard well it’s a dresser
but I’m using it as a sideboard for the formal living room so I’ll share that
with you guys they just called and said they’re 30 minutes away so I’m excited
for that but yeah I’m trying to get organized for the new year okay today is
well Happy New Year you guys by the way so I can’t remember if I vlog to this
journey but I was telling you guys how these drawers are actually pretty
shallow so you can’t fit like really tall organizers in it so I’ve been on
the hunt for organizers that are under two inches so I ended up finding this
really great organizer this one is really great as well this one is 1.7
inches tall so this one fits great but I don’t know if you guys notice but you
notice how much more blue this organizer is compared to like look at this
compared to this you see how that’s so much more clear I hate when acrylic is
more blue like I it bothers me but this was like one of
the only ones I found that actually fit really nicely I don’t know if I’m gonna
use it yet I just purchased more organizers that are under two inches on
Amazon and Container Store and they’re gonna be coming today and tomorrow so
I’ll share with you guys when they come but this one fits really nicely sugar
wants to come up but I don’t know if he realizes that this chair rolls come on
jump up jump okay I’ll help you come on he usually will always jump but I think
because it’s clear it’s tripping him out okay buddy there you go yeah so that one
fits really nicely and but like I said I got more from Amazon so I might end up
like those one liking those ones more but this one is perfect because in this
last drawer I am going to be putting palettes like eyeshadow just all
palettes all of my everyday palettes so I wanted a really open organizer to put
all the palettes in and this one look at how satisfying this is you guys look at
how perfect this fits like could it get any more satisfying than that no it
cannot so all I need is to find like another one to put back there well yeah
this is perfect this is actually a serving tray or like a decor item but
I’m gonna use it as an organizer this one I got from Amazon I will link
everything down below by the way I was kind of thinking I should probably do a
whole maybe I should do a whole vlog of me just organizing these makeup drawers
again I cannot remember if I mentioned this but if I didn’t here it is again
this drawer right here holds all of my everyday makeup so this is gonna be
moved here because this is now gonna hold all of my everyday makeup so yeah I
mean I’m probably gonna add more items now that I have more space but maybe I
should do a full video organizing these makeup tours I think that would be
really fun you guys always loved my organizing videos so I think once I
gather up all of the organizers that I love
I know what I’m gonna do then I will organize it with you guys on a separate
vlog I will do that but for right now I’m just going to tidy up all of this I
have some random PR and everything everywhere I’m also going to head over
to the office that I get PR sent to and pick up my PR packages and yeah so we’ll
just tidy this up for now okay so it’s time to stop chit-chatting I am going to
clean all of this up and put it all away so let’s do a little before and after so
we got before and all clean okay I did not realize how gorgeous this palette is
this is the bare necessities palette only my deliveries here all right so I’m
actually gonna start running a bath right now I will show you guys the piece
of furniture that was delivered tomorrow just because the Sun is going down now I
love this what is this called Who am I having a brain freeze foaming
bath I’m literally having a brain freeze anyways this has been really good I love
the bubbles that it makes the bubbles are so like smooth and consistent and it
actually bubbles up and lathers up really nicely so I have been loving this so here is the new dresser that I was
kind of telling you guys about yesterday I am absolutely obsessed with it by the
way can we just ignore my peace lily is wilting I don’t think I updated you guys
so when I got this peace lily it was actually my first large plant that I’ve
ever had so I wasn’t used to caring for such a large plant so I ended up not
watering it enough and then I waited too long to water it and so it experienced
something called drought stress and ever since then like I just haven’t been able
to get the leaves to come back up all the way I’ve you know watered it enough
without over watering over over watering over the past few weeks and nothing is
helping like I’m not able to get it back to how it used to be like these leaves
should be straight up but they’re still wilted they were actually more wilted
yesterday but I watered it and they came back up but yeah ever since it I like
waited too long to water it now it just it’s never it’s not going back to normal
so it’s also winter here in the GTA so I’m kind of hoping that once the spring
rolls around it’ll feel better and it’ll you know perk back up but I’m so excited
you guys I got this dresser or a sideboard I guess you can call it from
Pottery Barn and it was actually a really good price because I got it
discounted for Black Friday I’m absolutely obsessed with it the quality
is really good you guys like the wood is so nice and I love how it already came
with nice black handles usually I have to change the knobs and handles on
things because they just don’t come with my style but I love this so much they
look how gorgeous this piece is and obviously this room is kind of like half
don’t mind that I got to put then the basement this room is like halfway
designed or decorated and I’m just happy that I have the big staple pieces in
here and then I think what I’m going to do is do a full video dedicated to this
room and we’ll go shopping together we’ll decorate this room and put
everything I need to get a coffee table some pillows a nice console table some
artwork don’t know what to do here but here for sure I’m gonna put like a
black mirror black circle mirror I think and like some pretty vases I’m just so
excited to design this room I think what I’ll do is I’ll you know
design each room separately and do separate videos on it so that’ll be
really fun but yeah the quality of this is so nice
and I love how many drawers there are because there’s just so much storage so
I already started storing my board games in here I was a little bit shocked that
the wood on the inside of the drawers is so dark I didn’t know it was gonna be
like that because I saw it on the photo online but it doesn’t really bother me
because it’s obviously inside but I started storing like board games and
card games and here already because it’s easy access or when we want to play
board games and like I don’t even know who I am anymore but I’ve started
playing board games and I think it’s because my mom for the past like two
years my mom has started this tradition where like on family holidays we play
one board game and ever since she started doing that I’m just kinda like
you know what I should play more board games especially for the new year you
know less screen time more quality time playing board games and you know so yeah
oh that’s my mom she really inspired me to start playing board games this is so
good by the way this is my absolute favorite I love it so much Basel is
really good too still need to play this for the first time Connect four it’s
just incredible I am the connect four champion I’m also the big-money champion
just saying anyways yeah I’ve already started storing the board games in there
so love that and then there’s so much storage like all of these are still
empty you can put blankets in there or just you know whatever you need to store
mail or anything so yeah I’m really excited about that I think it’s just
such a good quality dresser honestly I have loved Pottery Barn they’re really
great okay and then the other thing I really wanted to show you guys is this
little basket here so sugar boy obviously goes outside to potty and on
his way inside I like to make sure his feet are clean so I would have like this
towel and his little boots literally just sitting over here and it looked so
messy so I decided to get this really cute like wicker basket from home signs
and put all of the stuff that I need to take care of him when he comes inside in
here and that way it actually looks pretty sugar baby what you’re doin well
you’re doin my cruise boy okay last little thing I want to
show you guys is look what came in the mail yesterday my new MacBook I’m so
excited you guys so I did end up getting the 16 inch because I think I mentioned
yeah I think I mentioned everything and I did get the Space Gray I just love how
it looks oh my god it’s so gorgeous it is so lightweight and then you guys like
a look at how thin that is and you can see my old one this is the 2012 MacBook this one is so heavy to look when you
carry it’s extremely heavy and its really the 16 inch is really not that
much bigger than my previous Mac books I’m really happy like I’m happy that I
went with the 16 inch I don’t feel like it’s too big at all like literally at
all I feel like it looks bigger in store because you’re comparing it to the
really small one I’m just so obsessed and now that I have my new MacBook I can
edit this vlog with an ease without having any skipping issues or anything
like that so yeah I’m actually excited I’m gonna use it for the first time
right now and start editing this vlog for you guys I’m so excited you’re
probably open it just to show you guys quickly how it looks


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