Decorating Tips: Creative Wall Decor with Layering

Hey everybody it’s Wesley here from @farmshenanigans and I just unpacked the coolest prints.
I love these architectural prints from Decor Steals. They just arrived and I
unpacked them and I have the perfect place for them. What I love most about
these prints is there a monochromatic. They did a great job on the frame. It
doesn’t stand out and it’s not too harsh against the print. That’s what I
really love so I hope you can see these in the video but I’ll flash up some
pictures as well. So today I’m going to show you how I’m going to use these
in this vignette behind me. I love layering things if you follow me you
know that’s one of my things that I love layering things and artwork is one
of those things so a tip is if you want to layer something as well start with a
good base like I did in this collection I used some old shutters here. A corbel…
and I actually use an old crate sometimes I use this as a tray sometimes
I use it to frame an artwork like this. So I’m going to show you how I did
that very simple. The first thing that I did to use this tray I just added a
little nail. Didn’t hurt the trays very easy. These are pretty lightweight so
they work perfectly and I’m just gonna hang this in here and you can see that
by doing so it just gives another little depth of dimension a little more
character to this vignette I’ve got a make it straight. We’re gonna drive me
crazy so you can see what that does for this
collection really awesome then this one I’m going to layer up here on the mirror
I added a command hook. Now if you’re gonna use a command hook make sure the
command hook is not going to show so you gotta use the proper hook for the job
that’s one of my pet peeves we don’t want to see your command hooks so I use
this metal and has a little almost like a nail head type thing
here that you can just hang the artwork right on so I just stuck it right on the
mirror because it’s not gonna hurt it and voila look how awesome that is this
adds a lot to this collection in my wall and I’ll show you some pictures from it
a little bit further away so you can get the whole view of this but it’s that
easy to lay or something and I just love receiving special things from Decor
Steals right to my front door so if you don’t follow me make sure you check me
out on instagram at @farmshenanigans and you can see more tips like this i’ll see
you next time

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