Decorating Tips- Decorating My Girls Shared Room on a Budget

Decorating Tips- Decorating My Girls Shared Room on a Budget

hey welcome back I’m so excited to show you my girls room it was done sort of on a whim I was complaining because they were upstairs in a really small room and they were always fighting about not having space and the oldest was like she’s bugging me and she won’t leave me alone I was like we need their own room and Jo was like get in the car we’re going to Ikea so we bought a few things from Ikea to transform basically one room into two and I’ll show you how we did it on a budget here we go so here’s the room this used to be the toy room downstairs but it was such a huge space that it made a perfect spot to turn into two rooms for the girls and we weren’t talking originally about building a wall but this was such an inexpensive and great alternative this is just IKEA shelving that we turned sideways and we kind of made it more solid by just adding these really inexpensive IKEA bins at the bottom and then the drawers the doors here now the doors are like one on either side because that’s just the way they go then each girl gets to share and then we put some pictures and different things in the top we did do a few tricks to make the room seem more like a bedroom and less like a basement in one of those ways is obviously the windows were off-centered this window was like smooshed over here and this window was off this way more so what I wanted to do of course was Center the the bed under the window but that was impossible because I would have to push it right up against there and we couldn’t use the closet so we simply hung the curtain rod over more so we can so this whole panel is like on the wall in this panel here is actually over the window but we make the window look about a foot bigger than it actually is we did the same but the opposite to this window so they sort of match and give a symmetry to the room it’s a Paris theme obviously they go to French school they’re really big into Paris but I didn’t want to spend money on a lot of Paris things so this is just a pillow that I found really inexpensively and I ironed on a picture that I found on Google images of Paris the walls were already this color I’m really lazy I didn’t want to paint so we went with it by just adding black and and it’s like it’s idiot-proof when you when you use black and white and one other color you can’t help but have it look nice because you can’t mess it up no matter what you buy everything’s gonna coordinates these really inexpensive $9 panels we use those for the windows and then I took one more and I cut them in half to give just a pop of color here under her bed she calls this we took the bottom bunk off and we made it aloft for her she calls this her secret library her secret bookstore and for my oldest so we just painted this with chalkboard tape and in French it says Izzy’s secret bookshop she loves that and then with the extra piece of material from the curtain I just draped it over the end of Abbey’s bed to tie it kind of all in so here’s Isabel’s room Mesa Belle’s room she calls it my oldest side she has a little desk for homework there just a few little hints of Paris there hair accessories and clothes over there of course the curtains and some pictures these were really inexpensive and I just hung these up using 3m velcro tape that way because I was like pictures always wonky so that way they were like I was able to adjust them 50 gazillion times until they were all straight so I love 3m velcro picture hanging kit to be able to do stuff like that I’ll just give you this the bookshelf they fought over who was gonna get the dress-up mirror so we actually left it in the middle of the room that way they both share it and Happy’s little table here I really wanted to buy a chandelier lamp but they were really expensive so we transformed an old chandelier and I’ll show you how in another video into this really cool wall sconce for her so all in all this room was super inexpensive we just printed off pictures with frames I already had of Paris from Google Images this was awesome because we found one actually on Google Images the colors of our room and a few more here and picture frames we already have these great letters from Michael’s hung with just 3m hooks some $9 curtain panels and of course the big expense was the divider that we used for the middle of the room but that’s it that’s easy and obvious shared room I really love it they love it so so much and it really doesn’t feel like a basement room it feels like a beautiful room for girls to share if you have any questions please let me know hope you enjoyed that’s your tip and I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Decorating Tips- Decorating My Girls Shared Room on a Budget

  1. Bro your oldest daughter side looks like it would be the youngest sides and the other side would be the oldest cus it's more grown up.

  2. Me and my sister and my daughter share a room. That rent be hella high here in LA and I cant afford to move out unless I move somewhere far so first order of business is saving up for a good car lol

  3. I love your videos! I bought your book 🤗 I can’t wait to actually put it into action! I may do a review video too ❤️👍💪🏽

  4. Omg okay so I was on Face time with my friend and she was showing me her room and I said,”Hey that reminds me of a video I saw.. I’ll try to find it.” After I said that I clicked on the app Youtube and as soon as it came to the front page IT WAS THIS VIDEO THAT I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT and I had not watched this video since a year ago and it was the first video I saw on the front!! Ahhhh it was super creepy!

  5. I would hate this, there is no privacy. And like you were saying in the begining about them being cramped together. This is the same situation, little space and very limited privacy. After 8-9 y/o they need more space and more privacy.

  6. This is really cool but you could’ve just gave one of them the basement and gave one of them the room they were already in

  7. I’m just saying that when you say in the beginning how small their bedroom is, my cousins (one 10 and one 13) have to share a room which is probably not even the size of your pantry and they have to have bunk beds and they can’t even get the bunk beds out to redecorate it so I’m just saying that that bedroom is actually a really decent size and I think that you’re really fortunate your children have that sized bedroom

  8. If they had an toy room, and the original room they were originally in why not just give them their own room????

  9. Damn looks like Abby got cheated. She gotta bed, night stand, and a walk up table. Looks great but holy shit Izzys can flex

  10. I have a smaller room than that and i share with 2 sisters i hate it 😐😐😐 i wish i had my own room who can relate

  11. At one point I was faced with having my two sons share a room, and I just kept thinking how small the room was, and how cramped they would be. Then one of the rental agents suggested "I" take the smaller bedroom, and put them in the master.

    I (figuratively) smacked my head saying "That's brilliant. Why didn't "I" think of that"?

    I thanked her profusely, and will always appreciate the suggestion.

  12. Beautiful room & colors… I just would like to know the paint color. If you don't mind. I know this was done years ago.

  13. It’s funny. Abby’s side was literally like one minute out of the video and Izzy’s side was almost four. Pretty sad. You can tell who the favorited daughter is here.

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