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– Hi, I’m Parris, and in the years we’ve been doing YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen a lot
of this blank, empty wall that we have behind us. Well, a company noticed
that, that makes decals. Wall decals, car decals,
decals for your computer, and they decided this
needed some sprucing up, so they got in touch with
us, and then The Decal Guru sent us out two decal scenes
that we can put on the wall that should pretty much
fill up the space behind me. So today, I’m going to
take out one of these, and show it to you, and let’s
see how easy it is to apply. And the other one I’ll save as a surprise for when we decide to
change out our background in another month or two. (guitar music) ♫ Epic Review Guys – Here’s the website for The Decal Guru, and they have wall decals, car decals, things to put on your computer. I think I’ve actually
seen some of their decals on cars here around Austin. This is the kind of things
they have, if you’d like to have a large decal of
this on your wall, you can. Let’s see what it costs. $21.99, and then they generally
will have different sizes, so it will fill up more
of your wall or less. And I’m sure that would be a popular one for someone’s wall. I want to show you one more
here that’s really large-scale. This one is actually used like a wallpaper in the living room, really interesting. It’s significantly more expensive, but it also will fill up your whole wall with a very interesting set. I’ll link to The Decal Guru website right down below this video,
and lets see what’s in the box. It smells like an early
summer at the beach, when everybody has their
brand new beach balls and little air mattresses and everything. Right out of the package,
it has a little bit of that plastic smell. Ah. I think this is for
flattening, or something. Maybe there’s instructions in here. I’ve never done wallpaper, and I’ve certainly never
done decals this large. It’s not all one piece,
it’s a number of pieces, so I guess you have some
leeway in installing them to fit your particular circumstance. Can you tell what this stuff is? If you look at their website,
you’ll probably know. This is not the one I’m
going to put up today. Oh, I found the instructions. (laughs) I was not having confidence that I was going to be able
to figure out how to do this. I have read through the instructions. They’re only eight steps, and
it’s not that complicated, but you have to have a good
eye, I think, and a steady hand if you want it to turn out nicely. I may wait till Roxanna gets
home to help me with this. One thing that sort of threw me here are the things you will need to do this. I thought this was all you needed. You’ll need the decal, masking tape, scissors, washcloth, and a blow dryer. Not everybody owns one of those. Actually the kids have,
so it’s not a problem. But before Roxanna gets home from school, I can go through the first step where I’m going to cut this out, and then just take some regular tape and tape it where I
think it would look good, using this screen that I see
on the camera here as a frame, so it should be what you see as well. So I’ll have them all in place. Before I peel anything
back and stick anything, I’ll make sure I get someone’s help, so it’s gonna look good. Now if you know me at all, it will come as no surprise to you, what I’ve chosen as our first decal decoration set. You can see North America
up here, South America. I’m thinking there’s been
a major seismic event, because this appears to be
Australia tipped sideways, right off the coast of South America. So I’ve got some cutting to do. I forgot to wear the microphone, so I’m actually recording
this after the fact, but here’s how I set up the world. It did require a little bit of adjustment, as in, (laughs) there was some continental drift happening,
and I now have to go and remove the backing and then
flatten these onto the wall. Alright, here I am peeling off… It is a challenge to keep, especially with islands and peninsulas, to keep them where they need to be. As I peel it, I’m then
going to cut that off and then stick that onto the wall, so that all the continents are there. There you can see the North America I have applied to the wall. They suggest you do the top half first, then pull the bottom half up, and then pull the backing off of that, and then flatten that out. Which is what I’ve done here. I’ve got South America,
pull the backing off. I’m going to slowly put it down, so I don’t get air bubbles and so forth. Just like if you’re putting tinting on the windows of your car
as a do-it-yourself job. That sort of thing, so here I am smoothing over relations
with South America. so we’ll all get along. Also, I was listening to samba music, dancing while applying this,
cause it took a long time, and no, there is no
video evidence of that. Okay, I now have the backing
removed of the whole thing, and (laughs) I don’t
know what I said there. I now need to go and peel
the front portion of it off, but there’s a few steps before I do that. First step is blow dryer. This will help encourage the decal itself to adhere to all the little bumps, and dips, and grooves in the wall. Then, after I’ve heated it all up, I get a wet cloth and
rub that over the decals. That will encourage this front portion of it to pull off more easily,
so when I pull off the front section, it doesn’t pull the continents back off of the wall. Good luck to me, and here’s the process. You can see North America’s already nice and shiny orange, the
color I was looking for. Every time you hit a little irregularity, you have to be really careful you don’t tear the decal itself,
and you gotta make sure it stays on the wall and
not on the piece of paper, that plastic covering
that you’re pulling down. It’s a time consuming process. I made rather a mess out of the room and my desk with this project, but I think the wall
turned out pretty well, and on a regular basis, I’m going to be blocking out Europe and Africa, though I kind of feel
like a news announcer now. I do still have some other… These I think are actually
decals with the three parts, and these are just plain
stickers I can peel off and put to show the path of flights or travel indicators, that sort of thing. I’ll give that a little thought,
where I want to put those. You’ll be seeing those in upcoming videos. I would say the process
took about 45 minutes to originally decide where
everything was going to go, and tape it into place, and
adjust it, and cut things, and then probably two hours or more to make this mess, and
to do all of the peeling, and go through all the steps to get it to finally be the finished product. As I mentioned, The Decal
Guru did send us another full-sized wall set we can put up, but I think we’re going to
stick with this for a while, cause my arms are still
sore from having them up out in front of me for two hours. My thanks to Ximena, who did come in and help give me an eye
of where things could go, and helped with a little
continental movement to get everything to fit, so
thank you very much for that. If two people are actually doing it, it would go much faster. I did it all by myself. Especially the large sheets, like Eurasia. It’s so hard to cut, and
trim, and peel the things, and keep it all from
sliding down off the wall. Good two-person project, and it would probably cut the time in about half. Thanks again to The Decal Guru for sending us this very nice
travel world map wall set. If you’d like to check out
what they have to offer, there are links down below this video. We will be back soon with
everything cleaned up, and doing another product review
with this as our backdrop. You can keep checking
back for those videos, or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review. ♫ What does the fox buy ♫ Nobody knows, but
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