Decorative Glass Candle Holders: Centerpiece – E2 part1

I am getting ready to have a little
outdoor lunch with a few of my friends. Sort of an end of summer tea. The weather is just perfect outside it’s
the in the summer, and before it gets too cold I really want to
take advantage of my deck. I want to set up my table really beautiful, have lots of great food and drink and good conversation. So I’m getting
everything ready so it’s just perfect. First i want to show you how I
created my centerpiece. Here it’s beautiful decorative, glass candle holders. These were made with pieces I found at
the dollar store and i’ll show you how easy it is to create these yourself. Ok so let me show you how I made my
centerpiece, and all of these items I bought from the dollar tree. I use about seven of these glass
candlestick holders, a large candle Bowl, three of these, and I found these great
glass beads that I use as a mosaic around the bowl. I got this from the hardware store this
is an epoxy for glass and its really great it binds minds really strong. You’re also going to need a little
container to mix the epoxy in, something that you could throw away and you’ll
need a hot glue gun. Ok so already let’s get started. Ok to start off just to let you know the
way I made the different sized pieces, the first level, the first size I used
two candlesticks like this up a one on top of the other and a bowl on top like
that. For the next level I used the two pieces but in the center, I put the smaller sized candlestick and
brought it a level up with the bowl on top and for the largest sized one, I used three
candlestick holders like that! So let’s start by binding the
glass pieces together, we’ll do the first level a little bit there is two solutions
that come together and you’re going to mix it together for 20 seconds. Smear the glue on top of the first
candlestick, and put the other candle stick right on
top you’re going to make sure it’s lined up. You’re going to sit the bowl on top. Right in the center make sure it’s centered and you’re going to let that sit for
about an hour. Ok so the piece set for about an hour
and now it’s nice and dry, and strong, and bind it together so it’s ready to put
the glass beads on. So I want to make sure that the bowl is
really nice and clean and dry so that the piece of the stick. I’m going to start from the top and I
used a hot glue gun and put like just a little bead. Press it down to spread the the wax out.
Now when you get close to the end of the line, you might find that two pieces will fit there. So what you want to do is find a nice
large piece and you’re going to Center it in between the two pieces. Ok here is the less piece! There you have it, a
beautiful glass mosaic candle holder. That will make a great centerpiece on my
table. Put some little tea candles in the center of each of them light on and
really great shimmering on the table especially at night and for something this beautiful
you may find in little boutique it will only cost you about fourteen
dollars to make

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