Decoupage on canvas. How to make canvas art. Decoupage tutorial DIY. Craft

Decoupage on canvas. How to make canvas art. Decoupage tutorial DIY. Craft

Paint a canvas with white acrylic paint. Than apply a texture paste to the surface to achieve relief. After drying apply glue for decoupage. Put a rice paper and smooth it. Apply glue evenly to rice paper. Apply second layer of texture paste to achieve Terracotta relief. Add brown paint to texture paste and apply it onto the surface. Water down the brown acrilic paint with water. Than paint the surface. Paint the surface with white acrylic paint in dry brush technique. Draw the lines with brown acrylic paint and remove excess paint by dry fabric. After drying apply acrylic varnish. Add the ink to the silicon stamp. Than stamp the image compress hard.

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  1. Voce ė uma proofessora incrivel.,não pricizA pronunciar um palavra,e,é compreendida.Perfeito.

  2. I was very happy to see another of your videos. I have seen them all.Your artistry is amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.Good luck in all your endeavors.

  3. Svetlana, I am watching your videos and I love this particular technique. I am anxious to try it, something more like the sunflower one you did. It looks like real oil painting and it is something wonderful to those of us that are not true artists but still like lovely things in our homes. Now I need to finish the rest of your videos! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your talent.

  4. I think your work its wonderfull, I m a begginer, and don t underestand what materials you use, how can I know all of them?

  5. Love the effect you created however it would have been helpful if the products you used were shown on the screen as you used them 😊

  6. Hi, I have a project that needs big photo transfer on canvas fabric. ..what's the best way to do it? is it possible at all? Thank you.

  7. Hola buenos días por favor el primer material que pone sobre el lienzo con la paleta podría indicarme que es ? gracias .

  8. Beautiful work! May I ask who is playing this music, as it's very inviting, ;)… Thank you & so excited about trying this out… "Brightest Blessings Always"

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