Depression is the most fundamental human medical
misery. It’s crippling, it turned me into a suddenly-crying
socially-isolated mystery. Depression comes without knocking and is incredibly
pervasive. It spreads quickly and takes over. It’s vigorous and abrasive. Depression dominates your mind and body authoritatively. When I decided to break free, I had to go
about it very creatively. I know Depression too well from personally
experiencing its severe damage. That’s how I can share this information
with you. Experience gave me the so-called “advantage” Depression takes away your ability to feel
pleasure and joy. Depression aims to completely your happiness
destroy. Depression is bad news and unfortunately,
it’s very common. Depression is debilitating and to help yourself,
the cause of it you must examine. What happened initially that forced you to
feel at a loss and experience profound sadness? That initial event – or a series of events
– turned your mental health into a lasting depression madness. What’s mine? Well.. I married an amazing Christian man. After the wedding, he said he’s not interested
in me and instead wants to become an IronMan. He called his bicycle MY OTHER WIFE I CHEAT
ON YOU WITH and it hurt so much, Then, he filed for a divorce 4 months after
the wedding and that’s how I got into a depression clutch. Depression paralyzed me with its well-known
psychomotor retardation. I had no energy to even do dishes or to take
care of simple meal preparation. Depression also takes your life over with
its vegetative symptoms: Inattention, insomnia, low energy – each simply
your life cripples. Depression is not something you can easily
using willpower snap out of. You need to do a root cause analytics and
find out what initially triggered all those symptoms listed above. Take depression seriously and analyze where
it’s taking your life overall. I was so handicapped by depression, I saw
no purpose in living at all. Then, I interviewed myself on paper, in my
journal and realized That I have a purpose and it’s too premature
to have my life finalized. So, I decided that my life is well worth living,
As long as in God’s greater plan I keep believing. So, I started training my brain, working out,
and eating healthy again, I begun to walk 10000 steps daily and slowly
I got off the crazy depression train. I confronted every destructive, depressive,
suicidal thought with a Biblical affirmation. And that’s how I was able to get my power
back by giving my mind an intentional daily transformation. Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is? Share this video with them and spread the
hope please.

8 thoughts on “DEPRESSION

  1. It is so important that we take the time to figure out where our depression stems from. There is a major event with many other events connected to it that has caused me to experience depression. There is relief in knowing where it comes from, and that way I am not so hard on myself. I love too how you pointed out that we have to give ourselves a daily mind transformation with Scripture. That step cannot be ignored.

  2. Thank you for adding me to the group. I am a 34yr domestic violence survivor. I got out with my 2 boys in 2009. I was mentally, verbally, physically, emotionally, and sexually abused [raped] at the hands of my ex husband and his friends [He allowed his drug buddies to use me as a form of payment]. My boys gave me the courage to walk away when they told me their father would hit them and throw them across the room anytime I'd leave the house. I still suffer from anxiety and depression. I have a very hard time trusting as well. What keeps me going daily is my faith and my 2 boys.
    Β Anna Szabo, I had lost my faith during the 7yrs I was married. In 2011 I attended a A.C.T.S. retreat, I can honestly say that was a life changer. I found God again and I have been very involved with my parish. My boys are both alter boys and I help with the readings at mass. I even teach religious education.
    I have gone on 5 A.C.T.S. retreats, and an Encounter retreat. I have received gifts from God that I hold dear to my heart. One of which is singing. I am forever singing praise and worship to our Father. The only station my boys and I listen to is KLOVE. It's a fun Christian biased station, no commercials just music.

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