Desafio dos 3kg de ACARAJÉ!!!

Desafio dos 3kg de ACARAJÉ!!!

Subscribe And activate the notifications What’s up everyone! Welcome to Corbucci Eats! Today I’m here to do the most requested challenge of the channel! I think the only challenge that was more requested than this one was the Cuscuz one But today I’m doing a challenge with Acarajé I’m here at Samambaia, in Brasília, to do Edinha’s Acarajé challenge The acarajé is already here in the table, there’s more coming, it’ll be 3kg of acarajé Hot! There’ll be pepper on this thing! And I’m not very good with pepper We did this super event, there’s a lot of people here to check it out! I want to thank everyone’s presence! Those who don’t know Edinha’s acarajé, it’s on the video’s description Her food truck is on various locations in Brasília, so you have all the informations here Look at this, guys, there’s more acarajé here! I want to thank Edinha for the invitation, and let’s do this! 3kg; 500g=Average per unit; Wrapping=4g. Half a kilo each acarajé So, each acarajé weights half a kilo So it’ll be 6 acarajés It’ll be 3kg 6 acarajés is a lot… So, it’s basically soaked black-eyed beans, it goes through a machine… and it’s a lot of work, you guys have no idea! It goes with vatapá, caruru, which is an okra sauce, fresh shrimp straight from Bahia, pepper, fried on the dendê-palm oil So, now, let’s see if our challenger can do this! There’s still two more acarajés to come Edinha, I want to say… talk to that camera over there To my followers, mainly to those in Salvador that could say “this is not the real acarajé, it’s not the acarajé from Salvador” But I’m with a baiana here, so that makes this the real acarajé! So, guys, let’s talk… firstly I was really flattered that Corbucci picked the Edinha’s acarajé, so thank you very much! And… yes, I’m baiana from Ilhéus, south of Bahia, I’ve been making acarajé for over 20 years, I live in the Federal District, it’s my second beloved city And I’m very happy to represent my state, my Bahia That’s right! And this doesn’t stop me from maybe trying another challenge when I go to Salvador! And my products come directly from the source, the Saint Joaquim Fair To end it with a flourish, there’s the Edinha’s pepper, which is a scorpion pepper fried on dendê-palm oil Holy f***! Can he do it or not?! Yes! There’s always someone that says “no, he can’t do it”, they don’t want him to do it So we’ll start now guys! But before, if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram And let’s do it ’cause I’m hungry! I’ve never eaten acarajé before, so I’ll eat just to taste it and then I’ll start the timer It’ll be a mess Feel the taste of Bahia, Corbucci!! This pepper… Did you feel the pepper? I did… You sabotaged him, right? 3… 2… 1… Go! That’s it! He’s eating as if he hadn’t eaten for a week He doesn’t even chew, he’s just swallowing 1 is gone 500g gone 1kg already It’s the biggest acarajé challenge in Brazil 1,5kg, licking his fingers and lips “Go Corbucci!” Going for the 2kg… it’s the fourth acarajé! 2kg already… He’s eating as easily as if he was eating salad before the lunch He already ate 2kg… In 5 minutes 2kg… Inside the acarajé there are two ingredients that are extremely caloric, which are the vatapá and the caruru And also the shrimp, but the shrimp is lighter 7 minutes and 45 seconds That’s it! He’s doing it, right? Something that makes it harder is the okra, right? 2,5kg! In 9 minutes! He’s getting closer to the end Already with 9min47s Around 2,5kg already He’ll beat his own record I wanna know who has the courage I want to know who has the courage to challenge him! He’s almost done guys! In 11 minutes he’s almost done! Almost done 11 minutes and 30 seconds, he’s cleaning the plate! He’s almost over everyone! Make some noise! He’s a jaguar He’s done!! He’s done He’s done, in exactly 12 minutes He deserves a round of applauses In 12 minutes he ate 3kg of acarajé! She went easy on the pepper… I can feel it but it could have been worse It is a very good acarajé, I could even eat a little more, slower, tasting it I’ll see how the digesting it all goes, but I think it’ll be ok, I’ve eaten worse things There’s still acarajé here I want to thank Edinha Thank you Edinha Daaammnnn! It’s on the description, those of you who don’t know Edinha’s acarajé she has many food trucks in various locations in Brasília Come check it out, come try the real acarajé from Bahia People from Salvador, don’t be mad Our Bahia guys! I also want to thank Jorge Viana, that supported this event, a lot of people came Thank you all for coming! And that’s it! Did you like the video? Comment down below! And, if you don’t know the channel, subscribe, leave a thumbs up, follow me on Instagram, and thanks! Subscribe And activate the notifications Samambaia is going for the history ’cause we had here Ricardo Corbucci The biggest acarajé eater of the world! ‘Cause there isn’t acarajé in other places, right? So the challenge is made, for any american that wants to come here! You know that acarajé is made of beans, right? Yes, I know And afterwards there are the colateral effects of beans That’s ok, I’m really trained in this matter Is your wife prepared for the possible effects? Sure, she’s well trained too Aren’t you afraid of eating too many beans and tomorrow having to look for a… proctologist? No, no… bepantol… You’ll have to use an extra soft paper towel Neve, sponsor us! Is it recording already?! You’ll have to edit it! We’re live!

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  1. Nunca comi Acarajé esses paulistas….
    Por isso que sempre falo que SP é o EUA Brasileiro certas pessoas querem ser americanos de qualquer jeito sem contar que mulheres paulistas são as únicas do país que não tem bunda como as americanas kkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Parece que o acarajé ta cagando vatapá enquanto ele mastiga…que cena loka…kkkkk. Vai cagar ardido até amanhã.

  3. Corbucci, gostaria muito que você fizesse um vídeo comendo frutos do mar. Tem restaurantes que fazem rodízio de frutos do mar. Vou ficar na expectativa. Valeu!

  4. Nossa que fome me deu eu amo Acarajé, mas 3Kg acho que não consigo kkk a metade acho que é de boa

  5. Ídolo!! O cara manda muito bem, fiquei toda suada só vendo ele derrubar essa comida toda kkkkk

  6. Quero ver vc fazer o desafio do cuzcuz com carne seca, buxada de bode, baiao de dois aqui no nordeste! Pernambuco!😘

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