Desain rumah 6×12, punya fasilitas hotel bintang 5?Kolam Renang Pribadi!

Attention! Attention! Attention! this video is made free for my subscrribe’s request. Please just to subscribe, like, comment, and share this video and follow my Instagram Creative.Indo.Design i hope it is useful Hello guys, welcome back to my chanel DS INTERIOR in this video im going to talk about 6×12 house Requested by Bambang Novianto and Ike Pindut because both of them are the first two people who had requested to make this video and they also subscribe, like, follow my ig Creative.Indo.Design and comment on my chanel besides that it is very much request house plan in 6×12 land Ok this time the space needs as follows carpot, front garden, guest room, dinning room, 3bed room, family room two bathroom, pantry, laundry room swimming pool, roof top, split level design with natural concept really complete right? For those of you who have requested home plan in 6x12meters land, this might be your inspiration and don’t worry i will make your request design again in the next video, but be patient because this video was made based on requests from you and only for you only for you my subcriber hehehehe and don’t forget to watch this video until it’s finished because there will requirements from the next request and details of this house in full. OK enjoy my video OK this house are designed with a modern minimalist concept with natural and rusctic elements absolutely this design from my subscriber request with natural concept roof garden, swimming pool, and split level design Besides that this building has a very unique dining room under the swimming pool Curious right? On the facade of the building is made as minimal as possible by playing the fields forward and backward, and there are wood elements that are characteristic of this building besides to save the budget also makes the impression that the building doesn’t look monotonous On the face of the window, it is enlarged so that the space inside the building gets enough light and air, Besides that, the selection of elements of glass and vegetation as a fence beautifies the appearance of this house On the roof of the house made a roof garden as a place to relax with family or certain events which makes this house comfortable and cool OK this is the 1st floor plan On the 1st floor there is a carpot, small garden Guest Room, dinning room, family room Pantry, bed room, and bathroom On the 2nd floor there is a kid bedroom on the split level, main bedroom with bathroom, laundry room and swimming pool the building is raised 50cm from the main road, so that the house looks taller and bigger besides that for drains to flow in the main sewer from the road here is also a split level design on the back area to get around a small house to make it look big and lots of space In the pavement carpot area using grass block material so that the carpot area is not entirely covered by pavement But there is also grass which makes the outside area is nature While the terrace area still has land for vegetation. Because the living room area is not so large it can be dealt with with a semi-open partition Partition as a give of privacy between guest room and dinning room and also beautifying the room, But if you want the room to look spacious again the partition can be removed This is where the dining room is located just below the swimming pool gays, When eating you can see the view of the water above How?are you interested in trying this design on your house? Design of the living room is made as large as possible with the void in the stair area Make the family room more spacious and looks spacious, with the arrangement of furniture that fits this room makes the house very comfortable On top of void using a kind of canopy that can be opened and closed The kitchen area has a dimension 3×3 meters which is very enough for cooking The shape of the kitchen is made according to the room This bedroom has a dimension 3×3 meters enough for 1 bed, a work desk and a wardrobe. Because the size of this bathroom is quite large This time the bathroom is designed by using granite to look luxurious And the floor tiles are roughly patterned so as not slippery Design of staircase this time uses wood and iron material And there is a wall made of artificial plaster which makes this ladder more unique and natural again in the split level area continues to the 2nd floor and there are washing and drying areas, as well as continuous voids to the roof This bedroom can be filled with one bed, cupboard, TV backdrop, And can be added with a dressing table if needed And don’t forget to put the window in bedroom, So that light and air circulation is sufficient The main bathroom is designed with a combination of granite and ceramic wood motifs That make this bathroom seem more natural and elegant The main bedroom contains king size bed, cupboard with display, work desk, lots of windows and there is also a door that leads directly to the pool This swimming pool has a size of 2.5m x 6m Is enough for swimming or relaxing with the family, But if swimming for more than 2 people is rather narrow rather difficult at least we can still swim Now this is another bonus from this house It is a roof garden, with a width of 3 meters x 10 meters, which is enough to carry out romantic dinners, new evenings and many more besides that don’t forget to choose plants that make a roof garden atmosphere as you wish happy planting guys OK that’s the 6×12 home design request. 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