Design Life: Contemporary Chalet: Chalet Tour (Ep. 19)

Design Life: Contemporary Chalet: Chalet Tour (Ep. 19)

Sarah: Coming up, we start a brand new reno.
Here we are! It’s day one at our chalet project. Tada!
I don’t know do you think we could do this in two months? A cowboy boot plaid
shirt stool… don’t be alarmed, this may not be here at the end, okay? I’m just
saying. To say that the island reno ended up being more than anyone expected
would be an understatement. But, I am pleased to report that at the end of last week the
crew was finally able to take their tools home and get off the island. I
can’t tell you that we’re completely 100% done, Alex and I have a few chores
left on our to-do lists. But after a weekend spent relaxing, which was really nice, an
island life- exploring, sailing, cliff jumping, friends, relaxing weekend, we’re
ready to dive back into things. The crew got half a day off and now, today, it’s
Monday, it’s sunny, it’s gorgeous and I am headed to our chalet project to take a
look at the befores and get the demo rolling. So let’s do this! Got my co-captain ready to go! Headed to the job site. Just taking a little scenic tour to get there. I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a creator, an entrepreneur, a partner, and a mom, and I’m sharing it with you. So let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life. It is a gorgeous summer day and here we
are! It’s day 1 at our chalet project. Tada! What’s amazing is it’s summer, the sun is
shining, it couldn’t be nicer, and right now the ski hill is grass. But pretty
soon it’s gonna be covered in snow. So our mission is to do a cosmetic
renovation on this chalet to take it from classic, country, cozy, to
contemporary chalet chic. Come on! Let’s take a tour. I know you want to see
it. It’s a great setting with beautiful trees. The chalet has five bedrooms, a
loft, and two and a half baths. My clients are a professional couple
with two kids. They love cooking, entertaining, and of course, skiing. Okay
come on in! Let’s check it out! Mind the squeaky door.
So what’s interesting about this place is there’s bedrooms and stuff on this
lower floor and then the living, the dining, the kitchen, and the living room
is on the upper floor. So mudroom here… we’ve got an original Mexican tiled
floor. Question is do we keep it, do we replace it? The good thing is with this
house we’ve got good bones to start with. We’ve got a really nice structure, we’ve
got lots of beams, exposed pine, and our mission will be to see how much of it we
keep, how much of it we re-stain, paint, retreat to do something different.
Check this out. Right off the mudroom- I think this was designed to be a guest
bedroom but my clients want this to be a kid’s playroom, a media room, hangout
space, and we’ve got a fabulous fireplace here. So we might actually consider
changing this out to a gas fireplace unit because that would allow us to get more
heat coming into this house. Interestingly this place is
heated with electric baseboard heat. Not ever known as the most efficient heat
source so we’re gonna investigate that. Out here we have… hot tub! Now, today not
really feeling like I want to dive in there; however, imagine after a chilly
chilly day of skiing how awesome this is? And the property backs on to a gorgeous
open field. We won’t be doing much with the exterior because really this is a
winter use space. So, okay that’s outside. Come on inside. Let’s go back inside.
Let’s go to where the magic is going to happen, shall we? In here… oh yeah a little tool room. I find this is a funny place for a
handyman room. And I’m gonna be totally honest, my client isn’t really about
being a handyman. He’s a lovely man, I’m just not sure he wants to be a handyman
so I’m tempted to make this actual proper storage, we’ll discuss that. Now
here we’ve got laundry and this is… right now, we’re talking basic. But I think what
we need to do is get some high-efficiency machines in here, work on
getting great storage in here, and freshen it up, change it up. But hey- who
doesn’t love a great laundry room right here, adjacent to all the bedrooms? And
quite honestly near the stairs so whatever laundry you’ve got from
upstairs? Throw it down the stairs! We got bedrooms, bedrooms galore! In this
one a king-sized guest room. That’s a nice way to be a guest, isn’t it? Look at
all these nice chunky beams on the ceiling. So often when you’re starting a
project you’re trying to get character into it. Well, the great thing here is
we’ve already got character and what I like is the architectural elements are
good, we’re gonna keep them, we’re going to embrace them, and then strictly
through a cosmetic renovation we can make some really dramatic changes. We can
take this from country to contemporary. Next on our bedroom tour… the double
bunk room! Because ski life and weekend life is
about getting families together. It’s cousins, it’s friends, it’s sleepovers,
it’s lots of kids and so I think we’re gonna split up these bunks but this is
gonna be a bunk room for our client’s son who is super excited about having his
first set of bunk beds. Okay then we have a queen-size bed in here… currently
lacking the creature comforts called a mattress. This room feels a bit darker. I
think overall one of the main things we really need to focus on – whoa that’s like –
that’s like the interrogation spotlight and I did not do anything wrong!
I think one of the main things we’re gonna need to focus on here is getting
great lighting, because what you don’t want is spaces to feel dim and dingy and
right now that is exactly what we’ve got going on. If I turn this light out, it is
a lovely day, you just saw it’s a lovely day outside, yep.
I can’t find my socks mom! One of the things I’m struggling with is
this is a very strange use of space. For me it feels like something needs to
happen here cause let’s be honest, nobody, but nobody, is gonna sit and read
a book over here, right? This is like, this is filler decorating. Why is this here?
Unless I’m maybe waiting to use the bathroom, you have your choice of the
rocking chair, or, get a load of this one! Check this out – left by the former owners… a
cowboy boot plaid shirt stool. Don’t be alarmed- this may not be here at the end,
okay? Just sayin’. Come on in. So then, there’s a bathroom. This is the guest bathroom, but
not only is it a guest bathroom, it’s also… a sauna! In addition to the sauna, we
have a shower, and the shower is in this little enclosure. Terrible lighting,
terrible! I didn’t realize before how terrible the lighting is. The lighting in
this place is horrible! We’ve got pretty low ceilings and I think this is from
plumbing in the kitchen above but what we’ll do is we’ll capture all of this
space to make this a shower. And keeping in mind that we’ve got a bathroom that’s
gonna be shared maybe by multiple people and while people are in the sauna, I
think what we’ll do is we’ll put an opaque door- a little privacy, please. And
then we have a water closet here, and we have a double sink, and you know the way
this is laid out right now, everything is in the right place. Except… maybe not this.
I’m also not sure if this guy’s still gonna be around at the end, but we can
discuss that. Do you want to vote on this? What do you think? Fun? Cute? Charming? Or creepy? Uhhh… I’m on the latter. He’s creepy for me. But anyway, let’s go take a look
upstairs. Come on! Okay, lots of great stuff happening. I like the placement of
the staircase but I got to say this is one of the key things I want to work on.
I feel like there’s just way too much wasted space here that we do
not need for the staircase, that we’re not taking advantage of for the stair,
and that we actually really need for the living space on either side. Now, isn’t this great? Look at this space. We’ve got some furniture left over by the previous
owners… continuing with the cowboy boot theme, please notice this ottoman unlike
anything I have ever seen before. If line dancing is your thing, that might be your
ottoman. So we’ve got a really great big living room here. We’ve got all of the
exposed timber frame construction. Question is, how much wood we want and
need when we’re all done. That’s gonna be a TBD we’re gonna talk more about that
later. But we’re gonna make this maximum seating, really simple, clean lines. Right
now the whole space to me feels super warm, right? It’s warm woods, it’s rusty,
buttery tones. My clients like a cool, contemporary palette, so we’re gonna move
to grays and blues and whites. Why do I love these clients? Because they have the same sense of style that I do! How fun is that? Dining area here- call me crazy but I
feel that this chandelier might be a little bit over scaled for the size of
the table below, right? Anyway, we’re gonna redefine this dining area. We can’t
change it, we can’t make it bigger, but overall my clients want a much crisper
vibe. So I think we may be, I think we may be selling some of these pieces to raise
some funds for some furniture. Now we’ve got the kitchen. Crazy thing for me is- I
think this kitchen is super small. I think sometimes people who have chalets
think that it’s just about putting a casserole in the oven.
My clients love to cook so my mission here is if I can’t make the kitchen much
bigger can I make the kitchen live a bit bigger? That’s my goal. We have really
limited storage here. I mean, look at this. Because of the way this place is built –
here’s the beam right here – and this is a very small amount of storage for anyone. So everything
here is compact, we’re gonna have to make the most of it, but we will re-outfit
this entire kitchen and think about how we can make some good solutions. Maybe if
we can reduce the size of this stairway enclosure, we can increase the size and
function of the kitchen. But that’s a question for another day. Okay now we
have a powder room. Mad for plaid in the powder room!
Super handy to have, so there’s the powder room. Well this is – this is a
traffic flow issue, people! Traffic jam! I can’t get into the living room. So I
really want this space to flow better. And if you think about it, how awesome to
be able to live in this big lofty space? This is the advantage of putting your
kitchen, living, dining on the upper level is you get great light, cloud-scapes, and
you have amazing views everywhere. I think this, this, I mean let’s admit it.
This is great space now. Can you see it? Can you imagine how great this is going
to be when we’re done? And you’re wondering when are we gonna be done? Well… I don’t know do you think we could do this in two months? We have to be done
before ski season. We have to have to have to be done by ski season that is
a mandate from our clients. And we could have started earlier, but the crew was
kind of busy, they were working on this little island project that got out of
control, got kind of tied up, got a little bit delayed, so… yeah we’re starting about
two months late. But that’s okay we’re gonna make up time. This is the principal
bedroom and this is a nice space, look at this beautiful vaulted ceiling. It’s
great that we’ve got a king-size bed. We have a dire lack of storage, which is a
bit of a concern for me. And I find it kind of funny when you walk in the space
and having the bed over here. So I’m thinking, one of the things we could
consider doing here is – what if we took the bed and put the bed on this wall? And
then we could eliminate these doors with a Juliet balcony
that nobody is ever gonna use and we could just change this to a transom
window above. Then we could actually build a closet on this wall and I think
that’s really important. Last stop on our tour- this is the principal bathroom. So
this is a little bit tricky because this beam can’t be moved.
My clients are both tall and so what I really wanted to do was I wanted to put
the vanity in this whole space so that you get the natural light but they’re
gonna clock their heads and nobody needs a concussion. Our agenda here is we would
like a larger vanity, we need a shower stall, we need a bathtub because there’s young kids and visiting nieces, nephews,
babies, you name it and so we just have to think about how to make this cute.
This like standing in here now looking at the ceiling it almost looks like a
dollhouse. This is a fun little space, this is a fun little cabin almost and we
need to think about how best to tackle this to make the most of the space. Also,
saloon door entry to the bathroom isn’t really my jam, and… hold on a second.
Are you kidding me? Please note there is not a latch, not a handle, not a knob,
nothing to give you some privacy. So let’s just say you’re just trying to get
ready and suddenly this is what happens! No, bad idea. We’re gonna change that. Oh!
And there’s one little hidden space that I haven’t actually even seen yet. You
lift this out… Oh there’s a mattress up here! Okay. Cute little kids loft. So overflow
sleeping or kids play area we’ll have to think about that. I think we’re gonna
need to get the kids involved in coming up with some great kid-friendly ideas.
Although the perspective of standing here and looking down the staircase there… not my favourite perspective. So I’m just gonna come on down. Come on down! Okay gang,
that’s it! That is the tour. That is our chalet project. Are you as excited about this as I am? I want you to follow along. I’m gonna ask
for your opinion and I want you to get involved. I want you to join me on this
adventure and in about five minutes we’re gonna start the demo.

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