DESTROYING My House 3 Weeks Before My Wedding…. Am I Insane ?

DESTROYING My House 3 Weeks Before My Wedding…. Am I Insane ?

so this is the current status of my
house we’re in the dining room right now we got everything removed except for the
flooring we’re gonna be putting down later and the first thing I think we’re
gonna do is remove this wall we have no idea why they built the walls to be this
ridiculously thick we think it might be an aesthetic thing we think it might be
stupidity but we want to open this up first just in case there’s some issues
in there we can resolve those now and then have a game plan to continue I have
to live in this house too while we continue to do this renovation so first
thing we’re gonna do is plastic up the kitchen because eating is important when
you’re this size and we’ve got like my couches are literally right behind the
camera sweep sound effects so a little plastic
and then we destroy current state of affairs we’ve got half
of this wall pretty much exposed and the good news is if we figured out why they
had the wall doubled up this used to have a it was probably a sliding door in
it because there’s still a track up there what we’re gonna try to do is
essentially just knock get this side of the wall out so we can cut the other
side of the chunks and pull it out like that instead of having to deal with all
the rubble the rubble the rubble sucks Barney Rubble doesn’t suck miss him. it’s
like exciting to get into a job like this I mean I think Sam will agree but
when you do it just sucks that’s why the walls have damn why they had a little door used to be in it. quite interesting to see how times have changed who the hell wants doors? so we’ve hit the point of extreme boob
sweat we got that first wall out it or isn’t it absurdly large like it feels so
much bigger in here doesn’t it Sam it’s incredible instead of knocking all
this plaster down like we just did we’re gonna try to cut it out in sheath that
way we can carry it out to the dumpster and make it a little simpler and that’s
because we actually have access to the entire thing I think it’s a good plan
Oh another thing when we cut into the front side of these none of these boards
pinched because there’s no load if you’re doing anything like this yourself
and you cut a board that’s in a wall and they pinch together stop call someone
who knows what the hell they’re doing have them come look at it because that
means that they’re transferring weight from somewhere else in the house and you
use about to make a big mistake amateur tip not a pro tip because I’m
not a pro at this I’m approached sticking pieces of wood together making
them bigger smaller and bigger my knees don’t feel quite like they
used to Oh, that didn’t feel very good…. it’s awesome my house got bigger without
doing anything except taking out a wall I don’t know what the hell I’m doing
guys so I called some pros over at Bonura cabinets give me give me give
me a second here I’m gonna talk to someone who knows what’s going on my
kitchens through here right I was planning on rebuilding that wall back
out and putting the cabinets that way this was the cabinet we were gonna take
from here and flip it but now that I have that other room open I kind of love
like the openness of it and I don’t know if I want to work the kitchen into the
other room we’ll get some pros in here tomorrow get a real opinion on what to
do with this and then Sam and I well potentially not destroy everything ? we’ll see you guys
tomorrow hello good people day two in the remodel what we’ve got here is brick
there’s gonna be brick behind this now we could potentially have another
fireplace so we’re gonna take big small big hammers and whack this thing open
exposing the brick and creating the most brilliant ambiance ever let’s go what if
that just like came down rule definitely not brick that’s wood I’m going to need a shovel MAGIC SHOVEL! 3RD fireplace I found in
my house well actually knew that two of them are there second discovery fire I don’t know if there’s actually gonna
be surprised by this fireplace because it’s we had a good feeling it was gonna
be here just because there was one upstairs but who knows maybe she won’t
be surprised it’ll make for good internet content ….. Look
I was just raking out the fireplace what do you think I stink smell it, smell it. so this is
the absolute worst part of the exposing brick I’m about to hit it with an angle
grinder and a wire wheel you’re probably not gonna be able to see anything after
30 seconds should probably plug it in demo days we only got a couple hours
yesterday because we had to be adults in the morning so today we’re going to take
out this built-in and I don’t want to get a single comment from any of you on
how beautiful this vintage thing is and I should redo it and all that BS because
you’re wrong it’s like 10 and a quarter inches deep the hardware’s poo and it
was done on the cheap these are classified arc welders
Electric experience investment property fairmont north so that’s something will
work to it and i finally got a date that’s focusing the Pittsburgh
post-gazette Wednesday September 30th 1942 which is crazy because right now
it’s October 2nd so this it was literally if we’d have done this two
days ago it would have been what’s that sixty seventy seventy seven years since
this was put in 77 years of three days hold now that we got that built in
ripped out the last bit of demo and the space is gonna be get rid of this door
this is what you call pocket door something I call it a pocket hole door
that’s Hank no Hank but it’s made of cheap poo poo materials this is piece of
plywood it’s not hardwood and it’s also made of Doug Fir it’s pretty much like
unusable in our house it just makes a space so claustrophobic as well as this
wall is about 12 inches thick so Sam and I are going to blast into this thing see
if we can find out how they’re distributing the load throughout the
house I’m gonna see if we can open this doorway up our thoughts as we’ve said in
earlier videos is that we can get the door opening to about here make it
really make that kind of feel open up also really comfy
anyway what we’ve got this is actually kind of
close to what Sam and I thought so right about where we get to the width of
the door if I was to slide this in it would come to right here the board’s go
from running this way for face screwing you can see you don’t run it you don’t
transfer the house loaded on typically a 2×4 that’s facing this direction they
flip it to here where it’s now facing perpendicular and set a parallel to
these faces which to what we think and we’re going to call someone that
actually knows what they’re talking about means that the load is transferred
in there should be a a header beam in here so we’re in keep poking holes so
we’ve been at a standstill for about five days or so on this wall because I
wanted to get an engineer in here make sure that we’re doing it all properly so
we are gonna take this thing down today but first we’ve got to go get our lvl
beam parts and some lumber to build some temporary walls so my house doesn’t fall
down when we take this thing out let’s go oh so we’re just getting back from
the lumberyard we went over there and met with one of their engineers on staff
it was actually pretty awesome and that would be a helicopter we bought that too
No we didn’t bring beam. so we just got back from the lumberyard we went
over there and met with one of their structural engineers on staff
he got me all the stuff that I need if you’re gonna do anything like this
make sure you get an engineer don’t be an idiot and try to do it yourself
everything we’ve got here is spec and it’s to code which is awesome because I
have no idea what any of that was on it was super helpful so I’d suggest looking
into like your local area see if your lumber distributor whoever
selling you these LVLs if they have anyone that can help you out if you
can’t get your own structural engineer whom I also contacted because I know
everyone now we got to get a game plan to get these in the house all right people who tend to watch me
it’s game time we’re gonna cut out half this wall remove the door and then Sam
and I are gonna take an axe to the door because we know one bunch you were gonna
say but John but door was so beautiful why would you throw it away don’t worry about me take a
header off (Talking to myself) so tried to pull the door out gently
it’s giving us some issues so you’ve got a better idea oh hey we just wrapped demo which means
we gotta start using little bits of strings that we have left
to properly joist Jack King frame beam this thing actually we’ve got spec
drawings and stuff from the engineer we know what we’re doing we have a good
game plan everything’s cleaned up ready to rock and roll we’ve got a knotch
widening NOx for our beams and the ceiling and stuff but none of that
matters because that’s gonna be on the next video and if you want to see it you
got to subscribe you have to come find us there we will catch you

72 thoughts on “DESTROYING My House 3 Weeks Before My Wedding…. Am I Insane ?

  1. Wow, you def still do live in Pittsburgh. For some reason I thought you were out in some queer far off suburb, but after about 5 min of this reno, yeah, you must still be in the 'burgh. Good luck dude, just make sure you film when you run into the crumbling cloth covered 80+ year old wiring when you go to replace lights or a ceiling fan like we did…..yoi, what a joy.
    Also…..we're gonna need mucho pics of this wedding and idk if you've done this before or not but an introduction to the misses, like, for real, for real……because I would like to see an actual saint in my lifetime, and she must be one if she's allowing this to happen so close to the wedding without murdering you. Congrats!

  2. This video confirms my comment from your last video. Yes you are certifiable. What was your fiances' response when you asked her, honey can I tear down the house right before we get married? I bet her tesponse was wtf are you thinking my god man I have to live here too you know.

  3. Dont know why people would be criticising him for removing certain elements of the house. I personally wouldn't be removing a lot of these things. But its his house ,and he can do whatever him and his fiance want without criticism.

  4. That pocket door demo was LEGITTTT!!! I bet you've always wanted to do that. Sweet video, loving what y'all are doing! Keep it up!

  5. Fyi John, I do that math for a living. (Design engineered wood floor systems) And since you were kind enough to teach me to weld at spring make this year, if you find you need that sort of thing again, feel free to give me a shout.

  6. I hope you saved some of those newspapers, would be pretty cool to find a random local headline with a date and frame it for the house (my parents did something similar in their 1890’s Victorian when they found a date/signature on the old school vapor barrier by the chimney)

  7. Oh my God where is the songs at least you could have sung a bye bye song to the bad and ugly in your house and your trolls….p.s. i shack my hips like elvis and sind like the king i get a hug from my gorgeous wife maybe you try it!!!

  8. Date of filming October 2, which is 3 weeks from the wedding. Upload day 4 weeks after filming… Congratulations 🎉 on the new chapter in your life and I hope you guys are having all kinds of newlywed fun all over that beautifully remodeled home.

  9. Yeah, you're a silly man! But your wifey is probably wanting the house just right in a hurry and not the way it was before her… the way it is for WE/OUR! so, I'm thinking not a whole lotta sleep for a few months bro.
    BTW- Congratulations! You're a very blessed man.

  10. Comment 1 about destroying that BEAUTIFUL built in!!!!! Also I cant believe that you got ride of that pocket door! My heart aches for the history. I get it, you should enjoy your home in the way that feels best to you, but the history is disappearing from the buildings.

    Omg and that paper that is 77 years old! How crazy! Would be interesting to know who lived in house durning that time and what their story was.

    Thanks for another great Reno episode.

  11. I like how you said dont complain about me knocking out the vintage cabinet out. But it probably wasnt original to the house.

  12. That looks like balloon framing, a lot of houses in that part of the country were made that way in the early 1900’s. That makes the job soooooo much more fun.

  13. Is this an ordinary thing that those walls are only build up with plastered woodframes? In germany where I live the most walls especially on older houses are brick build or if not there are made half timber constructed containing much more bricks and mortar.
    And why dont you take a big chain saw to cut those wooden frames? 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  14. Well done again on keeping the fireplace yer did right with the silly cabinet and the sliding door looking forward to the next video all the best

  15. Mr Malecki, you're fast being one of the most entertaining YouTubers! Usually I fast forward these types of videos to see the end result but you're simply too much fun! Loving your vids atm they are really well done

  16. Haha great video m’man!

    The wife may not have been blown away by the surprise third fireplace, but she might be by the gorgeous walnut frame you could make that holds that super trendy, vintage old newspaper nonsense. Easy points with the future mrs. 👌🏽💯

  17. We owned a house of the same period for nearly 30 years. That pocket door was made from the same materials as all the doors in our house. Call it cheap – I call it economical, and those doors are still functioning just fine. So, my opinion, that pocket door is (was) original to the house. And making fun of some people who see the VALUE in things like that (such as for people who want to RESTORE their homes, not turn them into something modern) is just NOT COOL.

  18. Put a few box fans in windows to get a nice cross draft! Although it would probably look like smoke pouring out of your house haha

  19. With 87% Divorce Rate in US.
    70% Of Divorce is initiated by women.
    99.9% of all the Divorce Judgements favor Women.
    99.9% a Woman gets to keep the house(s) and kid(s).

    What are the odds of this dude staying "happily" married until Death do Part him????
    Am not a Mathematician but commonsense says MGTOW.

  20. walls like that with all that little bits of wood.. any videos I see that has that I always get a grudge against it. because, I kinda want to get a cheaper house that may need work or just updated, and renovate it. I'd hate to have to have that stuff, if want to take it out then do a normal wall with dry wall on it.. or just take that stuff out.

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