Devesh & Ash | Subtle Yet Vibrant Gurgaon Interior Design by Livspace

Devesh & Ash | Subtle Yet Vibrant Gurgaon Interior Design by Livspace

Hi, this is Ash. I live in Ireo Victory Valley Gurgaon, and
here I stay with my family, and by profession, I am a colourist. So, home for me is something where your heart
is. You know,you go out, you have a tiring day
at work, and then you come back to a place where, you know, you feel energized automatically. It’s like something that fills you with positivity. So in our first meeting, Megha was very much
into what we want, and she asked us various questions, the colour schemes we like, and
our, you know, likes and dislikes, and every little detail she was noting it down, and
you know, she wanted to know what personality we have. And she wanted the house accordingly. So, for the master bedroom, me and Devesh,
we were like completely on the opposite ends. So, he wanted everything very subtle and I
wanted everything all colourful and vibrant just because I’m a colourist! (laughs) So
what happened, Megha came in between and gelled everything and she, you know put both the
ends together and she made the back panels so subtle and in a nice, very nice blue and
the curtains have a splash of colour which is quite me. So this is how we designed that room, and
the woody finish, the bed, it makes everything so elegant. So for our parents’ room we really wanted
something to be very royal. So to break the monotony we added a hint of
fuchsia in it and this is how we came up with the idea. So for our sister-in-law’s room, she wanted
an American theme. So, she wanted all the elements, you know,
the side lamps, the chair, there’s this beautiful corner where she sits and reads. We really wanted something, you know, an X
factor in the house. So Megha came up with this brilliant idea
of having metal cubes in the living area. So we really liked it in the 3D, we have added
flowers to it and the white pots, it makes it look amazing and this is something nobody
else has. For the living room, this was all what my
husband wanted, he was very much into beige. Beige is his favourite colour. So he added everything in beige here, the
trim, the wallpaper, and we have nice lavender L-shaped over our dining table which adds
another colour to it. And he really liked the rafters. It was something he really likes. So my other favourite corner in the house
is the Mandir. It’s something very spiritual, the jaali,
I love the jaali, it’s so intricate and the pattern. So family lounge is a place where we all want
to sit together and you know, spend quality time, lazy Sundays and we have such a big
bed for it that all of us can fit comfortably and you know, laze around. It was a very good decision to have my interiors
done from Livspace. They are very professional, the quality of
work is excellent, the furniture is like, it’s amazing and the best thing is they listen. They want to know what we want.

15 thoughts on “Devesh & Ash | Subtle Yet Vibrant Gurgaon Interior Design by Livspace

  1. Very beautiful home and wonderful interior done by livspace. The subtle design touches, colours, the light blue shades and turquoise furnishings, the use of beige in living area and the wall paper designs are so close to my heart.
    Congratulations team livspace and the couple who owns this wonderful space.

  2. Livspace : Want to Design a Home?!
    We are Listening!…
    Me : Want to Donate few crores ?
    I m Listening..!!

    ….There's no way a coman man can afford those makeovers…but I love your designs…everything is so beautiful and bloody expensive…

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