Dia Del Los Muertos Skull Wood Cutout Halloween Art with Villa Pinstriping

Dia Del Los Muertos Skull Wood Cutout Halloween Art with Villa Pinstriping

what’s going on everyone you’re watching
the Iron Gordon channel thank you for being here today I have a day of the dead
themed skull with marigold wood cut out it is part one of a collaboration
project I’m doing the Villa pinstriping if you don’t know who Villa is he runs a
channel that is a great resource for learning the art form of pinstriping he
shows what tools and techniques he uses to make amazing pinstripe art pieces go
subscribe to his channel I’ll link his portion of this collaboration in the
description below now let me show you how I made my part let’s get into the
project let me catch you up on where I’m at
right now you saw me lay down the outlines with
Sharpie and you saw me spray-paint orange and yellow for the marigolds then I
masked off the skull painted it with a dark blue base coat and top it with a
dark metallic coat but this created a bit of a problem for me because I’m
unsure of what color to use for the outlines on the skull I thought either
black and white would look good but I wanted some opinions so I did what any
other self conscience mediocre artists on the internet would do I asked my
Instagram followers there seems to be a majority vote from black however some
people mentioned using both black and white and I kind of liked that idea so I
think I might give that a shot let’s get back into it okay so I’m getting ready to pour my
resin it’s a two-part resin and I’m going to mix equal amount into these
cups I’m also going to throw some glitter in in the mix to make the whole
piece sparkle I’m gonna mix up more than I need so that spills over the edges and
fills in all the crevices and will make a nice thick gloss coat on top of the
piece when it’s all covered over I’ll hit it with the torch so it brings the
air bubbles to the top and creates a smooth surface that Freddie can
pinstripe on top over now if you remember last time I did a resin pour
it went really bad like really bad I’ll link the video here in the corner so I’m
hoping I’d better result this time at the time of recording I have this
completed piece up for sale my Big Cartel site the link is in the
description don’t forget to see what Villa did to contribute to this piece I know
he’s gonna do a killer job please subscribe to both our channels if you
haven’t already and let us know what you think of what we made here thanks for
hanging out with me today and i’ll try better next time

23 thoughts on “Dia Del Los Muertos Skull Wood Cutout Halloween Art with Villa Pinstriping

  1. Hey, Thanks for being here! don't forget to check out Villa contributions you can see the playlist I made here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7bll6RKlmI&list=PLgXVRbX3vvk9SZMWJ2lN5GhJ-JQO8tJEI

  2. I love this so much! If only Halloween was an everyday thing. I really enjoyed watching your process. Amazing work! 😊🧛‍♀️👻🎃🧟‍♂️

  3. This is absolutely incredible. You are sooo talented! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I've subbed. I make travel videos myself, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Let's stay connected?

  4. The finish on this is great. I'm glad the resin pouring went better this time. Looking forward to seeing the finished art. 😃👍

  5. Dope piece, man!! You and Villa killed it on this collab. Already subbed and looking forward to seeing more of your vids.🤘😎

  6. What the %$# I subscribed and liked. You should have 5 million subscribers. There's either something wrong with people, or something wrong with your marketing. 😀

  7. Another awesome piece of art! You are so talented! Love it! Love the sparkle too! Do you do custom pieces? Would love one for my fancave!

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