Diamond Canvas Kit Version 2.0 Unboxing – Part 2 with Kaylin

Diamond Canvas Kit Version 2.0 Unboxing – Part 2 with Kaylin

hello dreamers and welcome today is a
very exciting day because I’m going to be doing a much-anticipated
unboxing of our version 2.0 of our diamond canvas kits by dreamer designs
we are so so excited this has been in the works for the past year we’ve just
had our one year anniversary last year we first launched our first edition of
our diamond tennis tip on February 13th of 2019 and here we are back in February
2020 and we have a new and improved version 2.0 of acidotic Abbot kit that
is based on all of your feedback from your unboxings you’ll use to your DMS to
all of your feedback during our live streams it has meant so so much to us
and we have been listening and we will find that out as I go through the
unboxing of this kit because it is pretty much anything I’ve ever wanted in
a diamond painting and I don’t think you guys will think so soon so that’s why I
had to get started as you can see I have our first edition of our diamond pant
paintings in front of me this is believe it or not our large largest size that we
currently have on our website the 50 by 40 and when you sit next to the new
version it looks puny but 50 by 40 is still a
great dimension we still have some available on the website but this is a
huge painting you guys this is a 75 by 60 centimeter painting aka 29 by 23
inches and this is a design by Ann Marie bone so our first launch Emery was our
most popular artist and she creates these beautiful dreamlike landscapes
full of such vibrant beautiful color this painting is called a reverie once
again is by Ann Marie bone and it’s our 75 by 60 centimeter it has this
beautiful mountain in the background with this gorgeous floral in the
foreground and a beautiful pond reflecting that mountain in the middle
with some beautiful trees next to it framing the image that’s heavy so as you
can see this box is your death sent it has a beautiful iridescent to it that we
thought was just a nice little added touch to the packaging otherwise the
packaging is relatively similar it has both the premium diamond canvas kicked
on the front there are slightly different purples but they say the same
thing this one says version 2.0 of course and this one has a silver diamond
innocent as a purple diamonds so those are the differences in the boxes
themselves in terms of features they’re the same so we have full drilled
diamonds that filled the entire canvas and we also have a B accent diamonds for
our version 2.0 which is different we haven’t had a V accents before but is
something that you guys have requested and I love working with a B Diamonds
personally and I just think they’re the most gorgeous thing so why not just
throw them into the dreamer designs kit as well huh so we have about three
different colors that are the AV accent I think it’s the white yellow and green
color but they’re stunning and I cannot wait to unbox this and show you guys
second feature we have legally licensed images of course that was so so
important to us we work one-on-one with the artist to
negotiate legally licensing their paintings that are so gorgeous and this
launch we’ve had some really really exciting artists legally license their
designs to us and I cannot wait for you guys to find out and Murray bone is
relicensing some new designs to us and that’s definitely exciting and this is
one of them so very very exciting stuff but we have lots of other artists on
board as well with 50 new designs this launch so very exciting stuff second up
we have our square diamonds only we have our new dreamer cloud canvas which is a
totally different material than what you were used to working with on our version
one of our diamond canvas kits it’s a silky smoother tightly woven
that’s different than version one and I’ll show you in just a moment then we
also have our lifetime warranty and our insurance on every purchase of our dummy
canvas kits it doesn’t cost you anything extra it comes with it so if you ever
have a problem any accidents or any wear and tear along the way as you have it in
your house for life you can let us know and message us via email yeah so those
are the features of the diamond canvas kit and we all know how great diamond
painting is for us we do have our ebook still available on our website if the
diamond paint effect eight reasons why diamond painting is great for your
health and those are actually written on the box as well so you can take a look
on our website and learn more about that in regards to the diamond canvas kit
contents we have our instructions here up at the top on both the kits and then
we have our diamond canvas kit contents in our version 2.0 we have our dreamer
cloud canvas pre-sorted diamond pieces – stylus pens with multiple head options –
white diamond trays so we’ve altered the original accessories kit to now include
an extra tray we have Black Diamond tweezers extra Ziploc bags reusable tool
kit bag reusable carry bag and instructional guide so this is not even
all the features of this kit and that’s why I think we should just go ahead and
open her up super exciting I know you guys are familiar with version one so I
won’t show you that I will speak about it periodically as I tell you about the
different changes that we’ve made in comparison to the version one let’s go
ahead and open it up so as many of you guys know we are using reusable
packaging this time around so here we have a beautiful okay make sure you’re
lifting the handle as you take out the contents on the box cuz it could get
caught we have a beautiful reusable bag here that has all the contents of the
diamond pave kit it has our beautiful logo at the bottom here and as you can
see it’s like a tightly woven cloth bag it’s stiff and durable material so you
don’t have to worry about anything with that
it’s sewn together and it has this beautiful silky drawstring handle here
so if you want to carry it somewhere I’ll hang it on the back of a door or on
a clothes hanger you can do so as we open it up we have our beautiful canvas
with a gorgeous little bow on it with a beautifully colored ribbon number one
second up we have our second reusable bag here this is our toolkit in a kind
of velvety feel almost like um oh it’s so soft and nice feels like a baby
blanket almost it’s so soft but you could repurpose this for anything you
can keep it in your bag to help you organize your stuff in your bag whether
it be cards change makeup you can make it into a little first-aid kit you could
put your jewelry in here you can use it as a gift bag anything is possible with
this bag especially because it’s so multi-purpose in its size so very
beautiful you can keep all your tools in here of course obviously and then we
have our diamond so we have two packages of the diamonds because it’s such a
large canvas and I will open these up for you in just a moment I do want to
take a look at the tool kit to begin with so let’s open her up alright you
guys so like it says on the box we have our two Diamond trays so you can paint
with a friend and they have our beautiful logo on the back side of them
as you can see very nice then we have our one of our squishies this is our
hand grippy and the other one is here at the bottom
second squishy we have our pens of course our stylus pens
let’s put the squishies on there nice and fitting then we have our plastic
baggies to hold all of our diamonds we have our diamond tweezers with a noob
reinforced cap to ensure that it won’t split and it will stay on the tweezers
on our version our first addition because these are so sharp some of the
caps were splitting but that won’t be the case with the version 2.0 because
it’s thicker we’ve also added our logo to the
tweezers such as super-exciting it’s very beautiful and then we have our two
wax caddies so a full set to paint with your friends and the head attachments so
in our first edition we had our three placer here and our six placer so you
still get those two but we’ve added something special and that is this
straightener tool and this is gonna be super helpful especially because they’re
all square diamonds so you can line them up and the edges fix any different flaws
that you see happening any crooked gems anything keeping your diamond painting
perfected with this tool so super exciting stuff with that and we’ll put
the other three placer on the other pen so here we have the two stylus pens very
beautiful and the plastic and this is sparkly as well our tweezers our to wax
caddies our two trays and our baggies so that is what’s in this bag here go ahead
and set that aside and let’s take a look at our canvas now
I am gonna have to pause this video to unroll it and flatten a note but let’s
just take a quick peek oh this feels so luxurious very pretty ribbon you could
reap this for any gifts you could use it as a
hair hair bow tie anything really I’m crafting anything it’s beautiful color
our favorite color I would say and as we roll out the canvas I’m gonna need a lot
more room for this this is our stickers for our drills so it has all the
different colors and symbols on it can’t see it right now is the lights too
bright and we also have our instructional page so this is a bit
different than what we had before this is our instructions on this side and
then on this side is all the information to join our social media pages and join
our dreamer Designs community on our Facebook page so be sure that you join
us over there because we have first access to game nights really fun
interactive posts it’s where you can post your work in progress photos or
your finish canvas photos you can even start a conversation and post something
just for fun in there just to connect with the diamond painting community and
enjoy the fun so you also get first access to different emotions and other
exciting stuff that happens at your designs so this edition of our diamond
painting is also wrapped around a foam roller just just to protect the canvas
additionally and there is a way for you to repurpose this if you wanted to
there’s a video on Italia’s youtube channel sorry on our YouTube channel
from Natalia and she gives us a great little gift guide on how to repurpose
those roly’s so I actually don’t have to bring this anywhere else it is laying
flat just like that which is very nice actually and you can see this beautiful
beautiful scene from Ann Marie bone it is called reverie
it’s a 75 by 60 centimeter painting it is bigger than mere eyes this is huge
and I can only imagine how much more beautiful it’s gonna look with all of
our beautiful sparkling diamonds laid on top of it this is our dreamer cloud
canvas it’s like a silky tightly woven material and it’s gonna be really good
to keep those symbols clear you guys so when the fabric is tightly woven that
means that the ink doesn’t sink down as low and get blurred out
whereas our first edition of our diamond canvas kits it still works lovely it’s
just not as clear as this canvas and the reason being is because the grooves in
the canvas are deeper and wider and so it does create a little bit of
blurriness in some regions depending on the canvas you’re doing but still people
are capable of finishing their canvases no problem at all on the version one we
just really wanted to make sure that that wouldn’t happen again on our
version 2.0 so we changed the fabric we’ve changed the clarity of the symbols
and the symbols themselves we’ve added the specific colors to the background of
the symbols to make the design look a little bit more clear as you’re working
on it we have added our slogan paint with passion at the bottom we’ve added
all of our social media handles at the top and our lifetime warranty and auto
insurance right down at the bottom here so very exciting stuff the legends are
on each side as per usual and voila it has our clear coated cover what do you
guys think I think this is absolutely stunning I cannot wait to get started on
it I think it’s going to turn out absolutely beautiful wow you guys
absolutely stunning so let’s go ahead and take a look at the diamond so it’s
gonna flip this over let it unravel a little bit and let’s open up our diamond
packages so let’s start with this one and these are beautiful shades all DMC
codes and in order so we have our shade one which is this purple color – which
is a blue another purple these aren’t coming out as clear on the
camera as in person there are a lot more vibrant and person black blues more
blues a brown we have a yellow baby green beautiful diamonds you guys
absolutely stunning lots of beautiful colors a nice pink more blues dark
midnight blue brown beautiful greens and in this package is our a B diamond so
very exciting stuff each kit will have at least two a B’s or at least at least
one a B I believe so beautiful colors favorite green look at those colors I
always loved pink purple and orange together even as a kid then we have it
set you know that stunning pink color it’s a fuchsia very very very very nice
blue and brown and then without much further ado this
is our last set and the bottom is our a B accent there they are you see that
Unicorn mermaid shimmer on there and our green a be very nice you guys wow I am
so excited to get started on this I know you guys are too so I won’t keep you
much longer be sure you like this video and subscribe to our channel down below
really appreciate it and don’t forget to follow us on all of our other social
media channels we are on Facebook Instagram Pinterest tic-tock YouTube we
have a blog we have a website there’s so many places to check us out and I’m
excited to see you guys there so once again paint with passion enjoy our
version 2.0 leave us a comment down below what your favorite feature was and
we’ll catch you in the next video thank you so much for watching paint with
passion goodbye you

27 thoughts on “Diamond Canvas Kit Version 2.0 Unboxing – Part 2 with Kaylin

  1. So exciting. I love the reusable bags and therefore less waste. I love, love, love that you finally have AB diamonds!!!

  2. Oh gosh, this painting is phenomenal! Favorite part is the whole unboxing and us finally seeing evaluate in store for us to purchase! Thank you, Kaylin!

  3. Hello! The image is gorgeous! I love the square drills!

    Is the glue poured glue? I think I might have missed you saying it. Thank you for sharing! 😊❤️

  4. So once you pour the diamonds in to their own individual baggies, how do you know the number codes on each? It’s written on the bag they come in. But the little bags suggest you put them in snap close bags with no numbers…. do we write the codes on with marker?

  5. So beautiful!!! Everything about the kit is outstanding! The square diamonds are super shiny and love the ab ones! Colors are rich and vibrant ! The bag to hold the whole kit is a wonderful feature as is the one that holds the tools! Great job Kaylin on this wonderful informative video!!! Hugs! 🙂

  6. Oh wow this is so awesome looking! I am so relieved that I can take up this craft in spite of my disabilities. I just wish I could afford one of your kits but unfortunately my budget is too small. I am going to be very bold and ask if it would be at all possible for you to somehow send me one for free as a charity case please. Please contact me on [email protected] and let me know whatever you decide.

  7. I am so incredibly excited about this! I am buying this one in a heartbeat and all in the big sizes ❤️❤️ it means my stash will just increase as it will take me longer but the larger canvas result is always worth it!!

  8. That's a beautiful painting. I'm new to this hobby and until I started following Natalia, I had never heard of dreamer designs. I'm looking forward to the unveiling of your new designs. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I just hope all of your paintings are NOT just coming in this very large size. My largest preference is 40 x 50. Two things about this video…you didn't say how many colors this particular painting has and you don't link the actual store in the description. I find that odd. It's nice for social media stuff, but I like the actual link to the store as well. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous kit!!

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