Did Eren See That Coming? Truth of Ymir & Titan Realm Revealed | Attack on Titan Chapter 120 Review

Did Eren See That Coming? Truth of Ymir & Titan Realm Revealed | Attack on Titan Chapter 120 Review

So Eren where are you heading but of
course going down the path of betrayal sorry Onni-chan. So what’s up guys
Foxen here! Attack on Titan chapter 120 is out such a super juicy chapter let me
in really my Ymir how does Isayama keep topping himself every month but
enough with the ass-kissing. Go ahead and smash that thumbs up just like you want
Gaddy to get smashed (non kinky). For the ladies you smashing Levi’. Ring that bell so you
actually get my videos and let’s get started. Attack on Titan chapter 120
titled Instant which is definitely reference to this very moment
slash scene. First thing off I do have to mention Eren a couple things about him
first off like 99% of us thought Eren obviously was not dead yet and to
whoever said the founding Titan powers would get activated this chapter you
were spot on. Go ahead and post down below if that was your theory! Then the
second major thing this chapter which is really a combo package the Titan realm plus some Ymir information and yes I’m gonna be diving into all of this
so let’s begin. At the start of this you see that Eren Zeke flashback which
is really this continuation of the previous flashback from one of the
recent attack on Titan chapters you know after Zeke technically died. Right
here oh sorry Onni-chan did I just drop your
ball totally on accident this right here is really you see I’m a hammering the
point no Zeke I was never on your side to begin with
you silly ape complete with the staredown. I was really just thinking
come on Zeke you should have suspected something from this very moment and yes
later in this video I do have to give Zeke credit. Next up that bird’s-eye
overview of the district there is so much smoke here.
And yes notably Isayama most likely made this less clear on purpose.
You got that KFC plus feather blocking part of it. Isayama really
must have seen the last chapter feedback about the inconsistencies. Let me just
make them keep on wondering. As for a brief update on the Titan situation it’s
feeding time which by the way no glimpse at all at the Pixis Titan or the Nile
Titan. Keith should also be a Titan. What’s going on with him how very Isayama like just to give you guessing. Next up an update on Mikasa and Armin
versus Pieck Titan. Come on how is Pieck not turned into delicious Titan taco
meat yet. By the way do notice at this point
manga page from here is clearly showing each of these new scenes as a memory
fragment and hello there Reiner. Isayama sure loves using that hand reaching
out pose for attack on Titan. Reiner in particular has but one of the top
characters in attack on Titan doing that. By the way I hope you did notice a
update on the Falcon Titan. Some of you were questioning whether Falco actually
ate the juicy insides. Turns out that he did since his Titan is dissolving. Then for
your favorite character Arya, I mean Gabi. So yes it turns out Gabi was blown the
hell back after that super shonen move. I guess good thing that anti Titan
rifles are made out of this lightweight titanium. Seriously Gabi better actually
have like a broken arm or had the very least this dislocated shoulder next chapter
but anyway more important your beloved Onni-chan for the win.
Turns out all that baseball practice was for this very moment.
Don’t worry guys Zeke saved the head just go ahead and super Titan glue that
thing back on. Besides didn’t Deadpool something similar with this head. Part of
me is also looking at this and wondering how would they censor this an attack on
Titan season 4? Are they actually gonna show this in the anime or definitely
just keep it to the side. I bet they could do something like Bert getting his
ear sliced off just blur the cut slice portion off. The little kids watching
we’ll never know. Next up I’m freaking loving this double
manga panel shot. I only wish I could look at this in detail when the official
attack on Titan chapter comes out so let’s just go down Titan memory lane not
in any particular order. You got to unknown figures. The crazy
Hange. Uncle Levi looking super happy hey turns
out these two got into the actual chapter. Some KFC in the sky. Baby mama
Historia. The Levi’s squad poor Petra crushed forever. The potato girl on
Sasha and Connie duo. Falco pre Jaws Titan. Grisha looking horrified. The basement
key What looks like that Ymir girl. Young
historia which should be something from Frieda’s point of view.
Reiner back when he was a scout. Young Mikasa.
Eren why are you crying? Was it because you just got a spoiler from Isayama.
The pre-Stallion laughing at Eren’s face. Young Fay taken way too soon. Which
should be from Grisha’s point of view. The ocean. Someone getting their ass kicked
from that wall. A stallion in present-day.
Some porridge or soup didn’t Eren say something about loving his mama’s
cooking? Young Eren going all commando. Young Armin.
Mama Jaeger. A mysterious Titan eye but Anyway let’s just get into it
Eren has entered the Titan realm. Just seeing this I was really getting goose
bumps all around. I couldn’t be the only one getting chills and look at that in
front could it be the great Yggdrasil? It actually reminds me of that giantass
crystal tree created by the Warhammer Titan which was definitely a reference
to this. As for a Titan and reveal here that lovely night sky turns out this is
where all the paths in the sky connect you know the ones that Zeke saw. The ones
that Ymir saw in Attack on Titan season 2 and yes Zeke was here not too long ago
you know after he exploded all over Levi’s face. As for another potential Titan
reveal that the founding Titan memories gain access to this place when he
learning the founding Titan powers. Then for a detail about this Titan realm
which is really a reference to the chapter. It seems time here is standing
still for anyone here. I mean you have on each on Zeke waiting here for years and
years. Too bad that Zeke didn’t keep track of
every passing second. Come on Zeke you should really learn something from Dr.
Stoned. So getting into Ymir Ymir the founder
confirmed. For this yes yes I’m loving it I previously didn’t mention my doubts
about this young girl actually being Ymir or at least I should say I was
open to other possibilities. That said ever visiting the attack on Titan final
exhibition here in Japan I’ve started leaning more towards this kid being Ymir.
Part of the reason really was Isayama’s heavy focus on this unknown girl
for the attack on Titan exhibit. There could really only be two options for that.
Either you say him I was being the infamous troll that you know he is or two
the young girl would be important maybe going the Ymir route. As for Zeke some
theory here which actually has been a question asked before where did the
bones muscle and all the Titan body stuff come from how does it all
magically appear? As according Zeke he believes that Ymir making the Titan
playthings in this Titan Realm. If you think about it that would make some
sense given that time doesn’t seem to be a thing here a mere child here would
have almost unlimited time although the question then comes up what disappointed
Titans for regenerating especially someone like Eren who abuses a crap out
of that how about when do you need a second body
would the emails be creating the Titan crystal for that she’s gonna have to
bring over the Titan cement truck also recall the time the Titan Reiner was in
that messed up armored Titan form did Reiner just forced his Titan a pop
out before Ymir Jaw was done that’s my quick theory anyway that might also
explain why these Titans are missing genitals I would also like to apply my
theory to partial Titan transformations I can see that being Titan shifters just
forcing your Titan before Ymir chan was finished making them next up Zeke what
does the deal with those chains look at this supposing the bindings are
literally making the royal blood user a slave to that bow which with that
previous valve announcing all war so furthest a question comes up how did
that original Eldian King even make it to this place in the first place based on
what we know the previous Eldian king would have had to first he’s a founding
Titan powers in a way that allowed him to enter this Titan realm once you get
past that why did this humor grow agreed to have this binding vow.
Have there been previous vows put in place for the founding Titan or how
about vow for other Titans? And yes you know which example I’m thinking
about Eren’s Attack Titan. As for Zeke here I actually started to feel a little
bit bad for him here. Ever since Zeke has been on his Onni-chan trip he’s been
acting like he really think it’s like a buddy or something. Oh and about the whole
Eldian euthanasia plan freaking finally! You have Eren denounced in that stupid
plan. Denied to Zeke’s face. Sorry Onni-chan so let me go ahead and just put it
out there who the hell did not see that coming? Did anyone seriously think
everyone was gonna go along with Zeke’s plan and not have his own plan up his
freedom sleeve? In a way it almost feels like Isayama is purposely making some
other story elements like Gabi’s sub plot and Eren supposedly going bad or
going to the dark side, just making them pretty predictable to serve the overall
attack on Titan narrative. At least that’s a positive outlook on it. By the
way also notice this panel shot you got that light tree behind Eren.
Come on isayama that’s definitely on purpose. Can you say foreshadowing for you?
As for the monkey brother over here was again part of me started to feel a
little bit bad for him. I’m not really sure why Zeke seem to have been
converted to this overly dependent character overly dependent on his
brother post time skip but maybe just maybe Zeke was like this this whole time.
Like I previously touched on Zeke was desperately looking for that
special someone to share his long-term and crazy goal with. Next up Eren
wanting to use the Founding Titan powers. This part was a little surprising
sorry Eren denied so it looks like Zeke was only testing Eren. Perhaps Zeke was
not as gullible as we thought oh yes the mastermind Onni-chan is back!
Sorry Eren this loli is mine for the taking and yes I spent a lot of alone time
with this little girl my Eren brother. You don’t even know the things I’ve
learned from using her. This does reveal a detail about this Titan Realm which is
perhaps the founding Titan users only being able to access this
place when that war pact is questioned in other words when the Kings ideology
takes over. That may help to explain why Frieda was previously freaking out
although I should mention a lot of those scenes were cut for the anime. For Zeke
here this royal blood member didn’t come into this Titan realm under that
condition. The guy got a free pass Thank You Eren. As for the grand Titan twist
so yes it turns out Eren was the one being used all along and yes I mentioned
this possibility in the past. It has been sent constantly throughout the story
most recently by Armin how Eren would be the one in control the founding Titan
powers. Zeke was like huh you believe that crap. It was all according to plan.
It wasn’t Eren but Zeke who pulled an Aizen. Then for the Ymir reveal supposedly
you have something about her being a slave too. I kind of thought something
like this would be the case. Thoguhtout attack on Titan that has been this
constant theme of being a slave or being restricted. I mean for the very first episode
everyone being encaged at the start of the series that was from the Titans then
humanity overall. Meanwhile yeah mr. freedom over here trying to overcome
that. Wouldn’t itI be appropriate if the original Ymir was shackled in some way?
Ultimately seems like Eren will be the one to free her one day maybe.
As for the Full Metal Alchemist parallel so you have Ymir being this
truth type of figure. The only difference no thoughts of her own but really is she
really incapable of thinking? Keep in mind that Zeke getting revive himself
should be a contradiction to that. Someone chose to revive him. If it wasn’t
Ymir who was it and for what purpose? Why did Ymir revive Zeke and not the other
brother? Anyway getting into the scene of the brothers touching each other it
finally happened time for a trip down memory lane and yes it’s time for one
of those anime moments and yes don’t still mention it
I know this is a manga. If you’ve been watching anime for awhile you’ve
definitely seen this type of moment where we got the character view in the
past memory is almost as if it was a movie. Definitely post an Anime down
below that it makes you think of for me I really try to think of another one but
I kept going back to the original Digimon and also Evangelion. As for
Zeke here seems like you really got mr. bitter man over here. Oh Papa you forgot
about your first family your first son which really goes back to a popular
attack on Titan theme. Attack on Titan is all about those daddy issues. Come on
daddy I try it so hard why didn’t he notice me? You could just hear Zeke
crying in the background. Eren is like come on dude next. As for some of the
Grisha stuff confirming some of the stuff a lot of us already suspected
naturally Papa Grisha would have used his great influence as it’s a doctor to
gather Intel. The guy did have 13 years I mean Grisha had to find a way to get
to the Reiss family eventually and I freaking love this Eren moment. Oh dear
I’ve seen the light. Onni-chan you were completely right. All right
let’s get back to the Titan Realm. I’m about to grab myself a loli and make a
run for it. Right here Zeke could have really reversed trolled him. Oh really you
want to screw around Eren? All right if that’s how you want to play it look at
this scene Eren how does this make you feel going back to the very moment you
were made. Oh what’s that you’re getting some damaged memories now
perfect. All according to plan. I swear the two cameos here hey it’s uncle Hannes
the drunk version and then mr. Ackerman Kenny better stay away from
that tall fella. Next up that previous Reiss Church from Attack on TItan season
3 so I gotta give detective Grisha a lot of credit. He actually found this
church years earlier. On the flip side this dude really was procrastinating
until the final few moments. You could see Zeke at moment starting to see the
light just from witnessing Papa Grisha’s actions. Next up in that moment
oh my Ymir Grisha actually saw Zeke as an old dude. I really had the question
is this an actual memory? Are they somehow really in the past and yes I do
know Zeke mentioned this being cautious memory but honestly think about it how
much does Zeke really know about the founding Titan. This scene right here
pretty much confirms our stuff that Zeke doesn’t know but anyway I really like
that Zeke is about to be the one to get a change
heart after all of those Titan memories. Oh and I just like how Eren was like
hey a-ho let’s keep on moving but no! Come on damn you Isayama. Where exactly is the
cliffhanger. Just like the time with Marco Isayama just stopped
drawing. Isayama must have been like you were expecting a cliffhanger
wrong bitch that was the last chapter. I’m just gonna end it. So going forward I
do expect this to be ongoing for another two to three chapters maybe even five
chapters and I do have to mention this being one of my prediction is coming
true which is something is similar to that whole basement reveal. You got
this Titan Realm and Titan memories with a lot of info being dropped.
I also predicted another major twist coming and yes despite a lot of
information being dropped here I’m still expecting the big one to come. Hey Zeke
how about going back to the Great titan war this right here would be a great way
to revisit that conflict you can potentially see some past Titan shifters
to give us the truth how about the actual truth of the Ymir go back to the
day where she gained her Titan abilities was the devil a Goddess a plant some magical
Titan weed which was it so post on below which types of memories do you want to
seek to explore next I’m really hoping Eren takes control of
the steering wheel next chapter come on Willie
I mean Eren so overall this chapter I freaking loved it so this chapter
actually reminded me of koteas in a different way just like in Code Geass as you
had all of this bad on action which is fun and all but the real meat of the
seriousness stuff like this besides that Anime I was really getting in this
Evangelion / Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood vibe throughout this whole
chapter and just saying at this point where attack on Titan is heading and
that is no surprise of course Isayama has drawn inspiration from north
mythology but also one else I am betting and really hoping that down the line
years later after Attack on Titan is done that he say my spells the Titan sizes
beans on that and now let me just mention he didn’t freaking get inspired
by Nara to the 9 Titan things is from Norse mythology which is where Boruto’s dad also got it from. As for some other stuff some of the guys mentioned
this panel Sean being our massage Mikasa slash Eren from attack on Titan high
school you know that recent spin-off that would actually be pretty crazy of
this ami connects that in other words in the end potentially have Eren rewriting
the whole Titan history the power never existed Eren never becomes a
Titan and just goes on to be a regular high school student and then for this
shot Grisha with Eren. This looks awfully familiar to the final panel shot
it is different so this might really just be saying my teasing by the way
really quickly I do have to mention my schedule so with any of you not familiar
with my attack on Titan schedule the follow up discussion video should always
come the Friday in the next week following the chapter release for this
attack on Titan chapter may come as soon as Wednesday next week then for the
attack on Titan prediction video then will come out the Friday before the next
chapter released week so go ahead and start tweeting in your question be sure
to follow me and use that hashtag attack on Titan 120 make sure it’s only one
question and no pictures please as for some upcoming juicy stuff I got a summer
Anime video going over everything right now it is about 30 minutes long and it’s
almost done expect that by the end of the week but anyway more important post
your thoughts down below what do you think about the Titan Realm
how about the Ymir girl reveal the bio Zeke is selling it or do you think he’s
lying once again to Eren go ahead and check out my recent breakdowns on my
Hero academia SAO Konosuba and i’ll see you guys later

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