Difference Between Red Bricks and Fly ash Bricks

Difference Between Red Bricks and Fly ash Bricks

Difference Between Red Bricks and Fly ash Bricks

63 thoughts on “Difference Between Red Bricks and Fly ash Bricks

  1. Please tell me one 4inch Block equal how many Bricks give me details about AAC block
    How many block used 10 feet wall…..

  2. Bhai jb pahar k pathar use hotey they tb k hajaro saal puraney mandir bhi kharey h aaj bhi pr inse to kitna saal building tikega bhagwan hi jaaney ,,,, kuch samay baad Kapra ka istemal hoga lgta h

  3. Useless and meaningless comparisons, what to do with colour of bricks ? When both will be covered with plasrer, paint or tiles, usefull comparisons not done like costing

  4. Hi..please dont propagate technicaly wrong points like these..red bricks are now a days machine moulded and available in smooth and even surfaces with sharp edges. If the mason is good..plastering not required. Laury baker constructions are with no plastering at all. Fly ash and concrete blocks are mainly exothermic that is they emit heat radiations wheras red bricks are endothermic as they absorb heat and rooms cool. Also red bricks are highly durable and resistant to chemical attacks..

  5. whatever the physical property of fly ash brick is good but it do not give good bond strength. if you want to increase the bond strength of fly ash brick u have to use rich mortar or other surface treatment.

  6. hun new Ghar liye hai aur ye flyash se bna hua hai koi problem to nai hoga na aur flyashbricks ki lyf kitni Hoti hai

  7. Fly Ash contains Lead which is dangerous for environment, we will reside in Lead. Flyash Bricks house means "House of Poison". Choice is yours, life is yours. 👍👍👍👍

  8. Sand bricks are more powerful and good for human health according to "bhaba research atomic center"
    and fly ash brick are dangerous that are responsible for asthma and cancer desiese.

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