Different Furniture Style Types | Interior Design

Different Furniture Style Types | Interior Design

Furniture style and different types really
range the span. I mean think about our history. The history of furniture and different types,
span the whole history of the world. You have your more Traditional, which is usually
found in the European countries, because you have your Louis XV. You have your pre-Italianate. You have all these different species. Then you come to America, which we started
a lot sooner than you did in other countries. So you have a lot of the Pilgrims and a lot
of the early-American furniture. And then it goes into my favorite, which is
Mid-Century Modern. You have the 60s, the 70s that are really
coming back again, because everything old is new. And you walk into different people’s homes
and you’ll find a little bit of everything. You have your Modern with your sleek lines. The arms are really sleek. There’s no ornamentation, which denotes that
it’s Modern. You have your more Traditional, which have
the ornate carvings. The ball and claw feet sometimes, if you want
to go really Traditional. Sometimes you have this new Transitional that’s
going on. Now Transitional, you have a mixture of Modern
and Traditional and what that means is that you have clean lines, so it’s not fussy. There’s not tons of pillows and things everywhere,
but you have Traditional elements. So maybe you’ll have a little carving here
and there. You have a little accent color on the pillows
and the fabrics. So it’s a mixture of both worlds. You’ll find that more prevalent today on the
different TV shows, in the different magazines. You’ll see more of a transition in the furniture
and the way it’s making it into the market right now. Just be aware of what you feel comfortable
with. There’s really no wrong or right and you can
mix your pieces. You can do Modern with Traditional. There is really no rules to it. The only thing you want to keep in mind is,
if you have a lot of heavy pieces, make sure you do a couple of delicate pieces and vice
versa. If you have delicate, make sure you throw
in a nice bold piece. That’s really it, other than that your home
is your own, and just make sure that you make it personal.

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  1. Please show pictures to illustrate what your people are talking about. Too many videos are 5 mins of someone just talking.

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