DIGNITET Curtain Wire Hanging System from IKEA

DIGNITET Curtain Wire Hanging System from IKEA

Today we’re going to talk about how to
install a DIGNITET, I believe that’s how you pronounce it, curtain wire hanger
that we recently purchased at IKEA. We also got a third bracket to allow us to
run a longer span of the wire. We’re actually going to install this in my
wife’s art studio. And I believe she’s going to use it to
hang artwork from. These parts that you can see here are all the pieces that
came with the kit. The kit does not include screws or wall anchors. You have
to pick out your own for that depending on where you’re going to mount it. In our
case we’re going to mount it in a sheetrock wall so I’m going to use a
number 6 nylon wall driller. It’s just a plastic insert and the appropriate
screws that go with it and it’s just some of the things that I keep in my kit
around our house for occasional projects like this. You’ll also need a phillips
head screwdriver. In my case we’re using phillips head screws to mount it with so
we’ll need a phillips head screwdriver, a 3/16 inch drill bit, an extension cord, a drill, a tape measure and a couple of the things that I have
are a power driver that I like to use. It just speeds up the installation of the
screws into the drywall hangers. You want to be careful when you’re using this
though and don’t over tighten them because it’ll strip out these plastic
anchors real easy so that’s why I also have a phillips head screw driver. And I
also like to use, it’s just an old ice pick that I have in my tool kit. It helps
me to pinpoint where I want to hang a hanger. Like in this case I’m able to put
that up on the wall and just punch a tiny hole in the wall or you can punch
it into the sheetrock and let it hang there and make sure it’s where I want it
to be hung. We purchased the wire hanger to put in my wife’s craft, art studio if
you will, and she’s showing now on the wall where we’re going to hang it. The kit itself comes with enough wire to hang a span of approximately 197
inches and in our case we’re only going to use about 140 inches of the
wire so we’ll actually have to trim the wire. And I failed to get out of my toolkit
a pair of wire dikes that will be needed to cut this wire because it is a steel
braided wire and it’s a pretty tough to cut the wire itself and I don’t have a
wire in the picture either. I’ve got it over to the side but we’ll show you that
when we’re getting ready to cut it. Okay what we’ve done here is we picked
out approximately how high we want the left bracket to be and I’ve gone ahead
and marked the holes on the wall where I want to drill those out and I’m going to
take my drill with a 3/16 inch drill bit and punch these holes into the sheetrock.
But what I also noted here, and this is a safety issue. You want to be careful
because we’re we’re mounting this is directly above a three switch light
switch. So I’m almost 100% sure that in this wall, there are electrical wires
running up into my attic. So you just you want to punch these just through the
sheetrock and not go you know, deep into the wall. So we’re going to do that now. And all we’re basically doing is
drilling a pilot hole for the plastic anchors that screw into these holes. These are those plastic anchors and you just screw them into the
sheetrock until they get flush, or as close to flush as possible. And you just
want to make sure they don’t strip out when you’re screwing them in. So these
are not totally all the way down but because of the decorative caps that came
in the kit, these will be covered once we get the bracket actually attached to
these. So now we’re going to take the screws that we selected and go ahead and mount the bracket and put the cap on. Okay now I’m going to go ahead and
attach the bracket to the wall. I’m using my power driver just to snug them up. You want to be careful when you’re doing this and not strip out those plastic
anchors that’s like I was mentioning earlier. You will take your phillips head
screwdriver and just use it to finish tightening the screws down until they
make a snug fit. And we’re taking our phillips head screwdriver now
and just snugging the screws down until they’re tight. You don’t want to over
tighten these again because you’re in a plastic drywall anchor and you don’t
want them to strip out. And once you’ve got those snug and you’re happy with the
installation, you can take your decorative cap that came with the kit and slide it on and snap it into place. And we should be through with the left
bracket installation part of this project. Okay what we’re doing now is
positioning the right side bracket on the other end of the room from where the
span of wire is going to run. And what we’re actually doing is also making sure it’s going to be as close to level in
the room as possible. And what I did was check the measurements from the center
of this post to the ceiling and then also from the center of the post to the
floor, compared to the opposite end of the room and it looks like it’s pretty
much spot-on where it is here. I also made sure that the post that doesn’t
come screwed into the base that comes in the kit is screwed in as tight as it
should be and at the bracket where the wire actually goes into is aiming in the
right or as close to the right or the correct direction that it needs to be
and then I’m going to go ahead and mark the three holes on the sheetrock where
it should be attached to the wall. Okay we’ve got our third bracket installed
and because we’re running such a long span of the wire and they don’t
recommend that you go over approximately 55 inches for the wire from one support
to another is why we chose to put a center support in. And we went ahead and ran the wire through the post while we were up on our stepladder so we won’t
have to get that back out and get back up there to it. And now we’re going to a
affix the wire or the cable to the right-hand bracket. And before we do that
you want to make sure these little plastic caps that they have on here are
still on there and still intact. That’s what keeps the wire, the braided wire
from coming unwound when you stick it into the socket where it’s actually
going to attach. And we’re attaching to the right side bracket of the kit which
doesn’t actually have any adjustment to it. And you want to make sure that you
get the wire actually seated into the bracket all the way when you’re affixing
it. And there are two allen headed set screws on the bracket, that once you get
this inserted into the post here, the screws are down here and they actually
give you an allen wrench in the kit to tighten these with. But you want to
make sure that the wire and the little plastic shield goes into the socket all
the way. In this case you can see the plastic shield is trying to slide back
out. But we’re going to stick that in as far as the wire will go and you’ll feel
it seat against the back of the bracket and then if you have a fingernail you
can take and slide that plastic sleeve on down the rest of the way until it’s
all the way in there or take the socket wrench and slide it in there or the
allen wrench excuse me and then you want to take it and tighten down both of the
allen set screws. Okay we’ve got our wire attached to the right hand side
bracket. We’ve run it through the middle support bracket and we’re getting ready
to attach it to the bracket on the left hand side. As I mentioned earlier, this is
the bracket with the adjustment. It has this turnbuckle if you will, which is how
you’re actually going to tighten the bracket up. And what you want to make
sure first, is that the turnbuckle is open if you will. So you want to have
threads exposed here and here. and they recommend that you allow approximately
5/8 of an inch in each location as far as having the threads exposed and that’s
what we have. So now we’re holding up our cable and because it’s longer than what
we needed; which we knew it would be, we’re getting ready to cut that off. And
you want to pull it, just somewhat tight. You don’t want to this is not the
tightening part of it but you want it to be fairly tight and what we’re going to
do is we’re going to cut it off about right here so it lines up. So the end of
the wire if you will lines up with the end of the bracket right here once we
insert it into the part where the two set screws are. We’ve also slid the
plastic sleeve back to right here from the end of the wire down there and we’re
going to make our cut like I said about right here. Okay what we’ve done is we trimmed our wire off to the appropriate length that we needed. We’ve inserted it in the socket
on this end and I’ve already tightened the two allen headed set screws down. And I’m going to take the allen wrench, put it in the little hole in the turnbuckle
here. And I’m going to start to turn the turnbuckle like so. And what it’s going
to start doing its tightening up the cable. And you just want to check it and
make sure you have it snug as you want it. And there’s still some adjustment there
if we need to but it looks pretty good. It looks like we’re finished with our
installation. Thanks for watching!
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