Displate Review – Metal Posters with Remove Magnet

on these box here I have a product from
Displate and this video is all related with the Displate review in other
words inside the box I have a displate metal poster and what is that it’s a
poster that you can assemble on the walls without doing any holes
this poster comes inside with some magnets that I’m going to assemble on
this room and you will know everything about this large version is it good is
it bad no everything about it after the intro hi everyone Marco’s here for MADpack
while we unpack your necks Pradhan and hey if it’s your first time here we only
talk about technology cool stuff and also we like to skateboard so if you
like this type of content consider subscribing so for a long time that
these walls are completely empty and I want to give a little bit more
personalization to this room and that’s why I buy this product from this place
but I was wearing that they come with a discount and in fact right they release
a discount and that’s why I buy this large version to put on that wall and
let’s unpack this one and see if the quality of the image is good or not and
I will give you always my honest opinion so Mike you can see it’s not an easy
task to do the unboxing of this product on this room but when you start opening
you can see that it’s quite well protected and you have the logo of the
company displayed and after when you take off you can see let’s put this
aside if you like TV shows for sure you have already seen this one is Breaking
Bad and the reasons why I buy this one is because I love this TV show and I
love to phrases I’m the one who knocks and say my name and I hope that one day
you will know my name even if you are not subscribed to my channel
but for now I’m too small to say that so let’s assemble and see a little bit more
this brought a little bit closer before I take the plastics of this one I want
to talk about the message that is on the back saying that your actions mirrors in
other words if you buy a product from this plate they are going to plant some
trees in compensation if you buy the large version is 10 trees they are going
to plant so that is something that I like about these ones but let’s take the
plastic and see in real life how it looks like so I have to tell you guys
that when I take out the plastics it looks amazing the paint quality it’s
really really good but that is something they should have done better and that is
the quality of the image so in the corners I think you can see you have
some letters and you can see a bit of pixelization there but if I don’t show
you much much closer you will not be able to see maybe
and I hope that will look nice in the wall but let’s assemble these and see
how it looks after I assemble in the place that I want so after thinking a
little bit more I don’t need other magnets so that one is more than enough
it stays in place and when I was assembling I found a con so besides of
the fact that the image could have a better resolution on the letters because
it’s metal in contact with the walls you have to be very very careful otherwise
it will scratch your walls so when you put on the wall you should be a little
bit more careful and on the back on the corner they should have put some
protection so in that way you will not do any marks on the walls but the
magnets are really really strong the glue is good because like you can see it
stays in place automatically and don’t goes anywhere I try to move the magnet
but it is quite well built and really well thought so I really like the way
that you can assemble these displays and I hope that you like to see their
because it’s a new thing on this room I’m going to do all the changes in the
future but we are closer and closer to the look that I want question of the day
what you think about the display that is there do you think that it looks good on
this room let me know in the comments below before you go don’t forget to
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video with your family and friends comment below smash the thumbs up you
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