Displate Unboxing – Kunstwerke auf Metall gepresst (eng subs!)

Displate Unboxing – Kunstwerke auf Metall gepresst (eng subs!)

Man!!! I got so many great pictures on the wall! But what i got now….. Bahhh! It’s just divine! Hello and welcome to Lomster TV! Today i got a special unboxing! It is about something else/different. I searched for great pictures for my wall. And i found a company that is called: “Displate!” They are making high-quality pictures from real artists printed on metal! I watched something at Youtube, so that i knew what i will get and to proof the good quality, and i also got a voucher. SO i tested it! Yeah and like you know i like this kind of stuff! Especially from movies and games! So there is a little bit of space left! SO lefts open it! The company is in Poland. (sry) Founded in 2013. The special thing about the company is that the artists are from all over the world and selling their pictures to Displate! So they get money and displate are making these metal pictures. Oh thats not what i ordered…? But maybe a packaging? Yes!…. Ah to protect it! Also a special thing about displate: For one Displate, they will plant 10 threes (!!!) I dont know if they really do!? I hope they will! They are not so cheat, i thing i payed for one displate…? 30€? And then the voucher… Maybe 25 to 27€ per D. And…. Wowwww This is like it looks! There are different sizes, this is the smallest one! I can not get it on the camera its so big… And…. really not bad! So it should be hand drawn.. And i think it is! The quality is very good! It is at high resolution! And also very heavy! Metal! And on the back you can see how you put it on the wall. Its some kind of magnetism! So just get the picture on it.. and it should hold! So you can switch pictures if you want to. Thats a picture of Spider-man (again…) and Venom! He’s a kind of person.. wich gets more interest in the last time.. Maybe cause of the new movie!? “It get’s very different metacritic” The ones says: Great Movie, the other ones: SO damn bad…. I’m exited! I only knew Venom from the comics! He’s a very cool character next to “Carnage” So i saw this picture and i wanted it! Also if i’ve already got some spider-man stuff like figures and pictures. Nevertheless, i needed this! So whtas this?? AH! A voucher. So you can see it… or maybe not?…. But i dont think i will order again in the next time, so you can use it! Stickers! Yeah!!! Soo the second one! Niceeee! Yeah this looks damn good! Nice, Hot! So i got nothing from the ‘Turtles” But i read those comics! And i watch the 90’s films again and again… cause i was grown up with them. I like the movies alot! This dirty, nasty New York/Manhattan of the 90’s like burning dumpsters… and narrow streets… Ahh i like this movies.. and from the turltes themselves, there where no great pictures 🙁 But from the villains! And i liked this one the most! Very good drawn! There is Shredder with his Footcan! Bebop and Rocksteady…. and Krank the Brain! Yeah makes me feel good! this picture! This play of colors! Unbelievable! Nice nice nice!!! Amazing! Soon i will demonstrate them in front view! So you will see more! Cause they are soo big! But First impression: Really Good! Looks nice, its high-quality… and i would buy again! After I have freed the pictures from the film, i realized there are even more high-quality! Especially when you get your get your hands on it! There’s a difference from the smooth areas to the hard areas! It’s printed very exactly! There are no edges or something! Perfect painting and perfect printed… You see that it is high quality! Also it is very heavy, And the colours… They really popping! I’m curious how it looks on the wall! Soo the other one!? There is the Turtles picture! And here is the contrast to… this deep black to purple and pink… really great work! I hope you can see it in the light? The rough structure… realkly high quality, i like to get my hands over it again and again 😀 Cause it fells just right to me! I#m glad to see it on my wall! I hope there is some space left…. I also wanted to show you the back of this thing, cause there is a hologram and a sign per picture. And here 1 Displate for 10 Trees!? Really checking this out would be very difficult i think!? But i hope they will make it. And so i have some experience with this kind of pictures… i would personal say these are the highest quality pictures i have! Pictures on acryl glas, on canvas…. ore on… metal… these are the best looking! Here you can see how i get them to my wall. Get this foil away, out it on the wall… and the good thing is… i doesnt has be be very accurate, cause you can move the pictures on it! Soo i hope you like this video? Maybe for
buying decision? If it’s so, get me a thumb up or an subscription, because then we will meet again…. Have a great day and bye bye!

8 thoughts on “Displate Unboxing – Kunstwerke auf Metall gepresst (eng subs!)

  1. Hallo, ich habe auch einige displates. Leider ist dir ein Fehler unterlaufen. Die Firma kommt aus Polen. Hier habe ich meine her, würden auch in deine Sammlung passen 🙂 https://displate.com/pantyshot/iconic-movie-cars

  2. Kann man die Magneten im Nachhinein nochmal easy umhängen vor allem wenn sie auf einer Tapete hängen oder ist das ein Problem?

  3. Es ging davon auch englische Fußball Teams als Logo. Online sieht es aus wie led hinterlegt. Sind die in led hinterlegt und ist da led mit bei ?

  4. Denkst du das die auch in einer Dqchschräger haften würden?
    Und auch wenn man sich die in größer bestellt?

  5. Meine Wand wurde vor ca. 3 Jahren gestrichen und ich hatte mal eine Pinnwand die mit Klebestreifen angeklebt wurden die im Nachhinein die Farbe mit abgerissen haben. Würde das bei diesen Klebepads die du an die Wand klebst auch passieren wenn ich die mal umhängen möchte?

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