Distressing with a putty knife for a Boho finish & talking about FEAR! Quick Six with She Paints

Distressing with a putty knife for a Boho finish & talking about FEAR! Quick Six with She Paints

happy whatever day it is you guys who just
want to see painting are gonna go “I’m out- she’s messing with filters”. it’s
making my earrings look sparkly! I’m taking it off
right now. I always go back and look I will look at the comments. if you
have questions or something or if you just want to say hey why are
you talking so much? I’ll see it and I’ll say sorry about it I try not to. all
right ,I’m gonna get started. we appreciate you all watching because I
know your time is precious. so here’s I’m going to start I have been distressing
with the putty knife and it makes it sort of raw and more organic. kind of so
crazypants looking… not that I don’t love it, but I thought it needs a little more
wood showing through, a little more natural wood. so I’m going to distress
with this so you can see how it causes it to be kind of chippy and raw.
oh yes that is what I love! if you want it to look like a lot of distressing and
not perfect and neat and like too straight, do this. this looks like that’s happened
over time over years. that I want it to be a lot more of that wood because it’s
delicious. so I’m just gonna hack at it not a plan just I’m just gonna do it.
real quickly and then I’ll wax just quickly as well and then I’m going to dark and decrepit
it . I rolled with it yeah should be I like that a beveled one is bette.r this
is not beveled, and I don’t like it. I’m gettin cray- cray I kind of like it. …… okay. I really do need to get
to the wax. and here is mint chip and then this is mermaid tail over the top
of it and I’m going over over that and adding Marquee over the top. oh I wish
you guys could get closer to that. like putting slathering butter all over it. the
wood, which the wood loves it by the way. I’m gonna sing you a chorus of a song.
the shower, and the Lord was like sing that on the live and I said okay. Check it out,
can you see? here we go here we go mm-hmm I’m not done with these sides I’m gonna
do something there. I have here dark & decrepit, that’s backwards.
anyway I call it the flat top boogie woogie. it’s looks like a dark wax- it’s a liquid.
good look I’m mostly gonna put it in the crevices where the dirt would accumulate, the grime….
but since these has these lovely grooved things I don’t know what that’s
called thank you then go and wipe it off but it doesn’t
all come off you know it’s just like a dark wax. around the handle, cuz you’ve
definitely gonna have wear there. again you can put it where it makes sense to have
natural wear, ….you can also put it where it doesn’t make sense to have natural
wear! it’s your piece. and it’s it lies in the the confidence to go “nope I know
that looks unusual but I love it.” I’m saying that is the most valuable
thing I can tell people about like for tips. own it. whatever you’re
doing on it when you’re doing it think “nope I think that’s awesome”
don’t say “I hope nobody thinks that’s weird. is that okay to put right there?”
but when you’re applying it with confidence it it looks better. that can’t
be, but I don’t know how to say that. I forgot I’m gonna sing. if you’re a woman
and you’re breathing, you have struggled at some point with fear. not the kind of
fear like of cliff jumping but fear of doing something, fear of like what will
people think, fear of what if I’m not good enough ?….those kind of things we can
all relate . say Amen give me an Amen in the comments if you
know what I’m saying. 🙂 oh well it’s called the breakup song but it’s not about it’s
about fear. we can recognize it for a lie. and recognize it like …. I’m
not running from a bear; I’m just worried about what people think.
“fear you don’t own me; there ain’t no room in this story. And i ain’t got time for
you. telling me what I’m not, like you know me but guess what? I Know Who I am. I
know I’m strong, and I am free….got my own identity, so fear you will never be
welcome here.” is that not the best song? I heard on the radio and about fell out.
Franchesca Battistelli…. she’s a Christian singer with incredible
incredible pipes. Guess what fear? guess what? you don’t own me. I don’t have time for
it; it’s not who I am, you don’t know who I am ….I Know Who I am in the Lord. you
know we know Who’s we are. we we are God’s we are God’s children. he did not
create us to be like well you should be scared though because people are gonna
think you’re stupid and it’s gonna terrify you and you’ll be miserable your
whole life. God did not make us to do that –that’s not what he has in mind.
“we don’t want you to be afraid honey” like to our children…. you don’t want them
to live in fear . especially when you know they can do the thing. it’s what God is
saying….. if you could see you like I see you you would know that you can do this
thing that I’m asking you to do. so there and the best thing is when you’re wiping
it off you can feel it start to get slick because it’s dry and now you know
it’s sealed! thank you guys for watching. I’m going to stop. I would love it if you
would subscribe to my channel… you don’t have to watch my videos I won’t even
know. but you’ll like them, they’re funny. all right love you guys thank you for
watching Granddog Remi is like “don’t touch me.
don’t touch me. I’m I’m here you stay over there. And Cinco’s like “Come play with meeee”

8 thoughts on “Distressing with a putty knife for a Boho finish & talking about FEAR! Quick Six with She Paints

  1. Love your work girlfriend. Fear doesn't live here… Also like to say, "Devil Get Behind Me, because God is my #1"…….

  2. Hi Kristen. Amen, Been learning and beginning to appreciate Boho furniture. If we were geographically closer, we would be painting friends. I really enjoy your chats and expertise.

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