Diwali Decoration Ideas : Home Entrance / Simple Easy DIY Ideas For Diwali Home Decoration

and today’s video is Diwali decoration and DIY ideas! last year I have shared indoor diwali decoration ideas this year i have shared how we can decorate our home entrance and enhance the beauty of the entryway. with few tips and ideas! I hope these tips and ideas will be helpful for you. and I will share few diy ideas at the end of the video which is very simple and you can easily make them at home. so let’s start today’s Diwali decoration with diy ideas video. the very first idea which I am going to share is dress up your shoe cabinet. we usually keep our shoe rack outside of the our home on top of it we can place a simple runner to give it a festive touch. I purchased this runner from shilparamam and its cost was 150 rs. and you can see after adding this runner the look of the shoe rack has changed completely. also we can add few decor pieces on top of it. idea number two is add greenery or plants to freshen up home entrance. either we add plants inside the home or outside, it always enhance the aesthetics. if you want you can add real plant or artificial plant. I have added a hanging planter and in that I have planted a money plant i have made this painting specially for our home entrance. this painting has all those touches through which we want to welcome our guests. if you do not have time to draw anything then you can buy any ready made welcome sign for your front door to welcome guest. if you don’t have any sitting arrangement outside of your home then specially for festive time you can add one or two stool or pouffe it will help your guest to take off their shoes. or if you have sitting provision out side of your home then you can dress it up for the festive time. like, here I am adding red cushion cover to brighten up the space. and I tucked the red square cushion cover to make it round. this sitting arrangement is looking very nice and elegant. if you also do not know how to put rangoli like me then no problem, we can use this kind of garland to draw a rangoli. i have used one artificial flower garland and under that I put cello tape from getting this it displaced. also I have used fresh flowers to decorate further, you know this time of the year is so windy so if you put your rangoli like this it will stay intact and will look beautiful as well. My decoration will be incomplete without urli. the water we pour inside the urli and those floating flowers give me a positive vibes. you can also add a urli near your door step and add flowers to it. its a budget friendly idea if you wish you can change the flower petals in every two or three days. now a days you can find this kind of diya rangoli very easily i have purchased it from one of my friend and if I get any similar online link it will share it in description box. you can put sellotape under these diyas and paste them on floor to keep them intact on the floor. we use fresh flowers on the occasion of Diwali, for the sake of the video I have used artificial flowers because on that shoot day i will not able to get the flower garland along with the garland door torans are great way to decorate for festivals. to decorate our home we can use any waste material in our home as I had this broken frame glass has also broken on the edges of the frame I put ready made glitter dots and it’s looking very nice it has got a festive touch and I tied it with golden ribbon so that I can hang the frame and I had one tea light holder Ganesha and above that I put the frame also if you have leftover diya from previous year you can dress up them you can paint them then you can add glitters to give them a festive look or you can use different kinds of beads to decorate your diya. next I have added this place mat here probably you have seen it from our last years video we can make it more festive touch by adding any flat decor pieces here I have one paisley patter box i put sellotape on the back and attached it here and you can see it looks so beautiful. then I put sellotape on the back of this diya ring and we will put it on the calling bell. whoever come to our home they surely ring the bell so if we dress up our calling bell like this it will look so good and if you are adding plants try to put any decorative vase or planter and keep your plant in that and that will enhance the beauty of your plant. Diwali means celebration with bright colours i specially like red and orange f or Diwali decoration so I keep the theme to red and golden from cushion covers to diy from panting to runner I stick with red colour and for the reason the space is looking more cohesive abd beautiful. so if possible you can choose any colour scheme for your Diwali decoration. Diwali is a celebration of diya and lights and it has a very deep meaning so we can use diya and miniature lights to decorate our home. like we can use this type of lantern to decorate it with battery operated lights so we can put it in any corner of our home even if there is no electrical connections. we can also decorate our plants with this type of battery operated lights too. just be sure to use LED lights otherwise plants can get hurt. means decorate your home with hand made things. I do not have time to involve in a big diy project but we can do simple diy’s at home like in this Diwali decoration I made paper diya take one paper and cut it into dia shape after that we can paint it after dry it completely put glitters on that I make swastik as it is a Diwali decoration them we will paste it on a golden ribbon. also I have added a latkan so that it won’t fly if wind is very strong now you can see how beautiful it is looking now our diya dita string is ready to hang. now you can hang it either inside the house or outside it will bring a beautiful Diwali touch in your decor. our next diy is painting if you like to paint then go head it will be so much fun to decorate home with hand made painting. still if you have spare time then do the painting i have painted a famous painting 3 Pujaran which is a Jamini Roy art form. If want to know more about the panting then you can see the description box for details. and also I have kept the colour scheme red to match with existing decor. now let me share how I have decorated our entryway for this Diwali. It’s our first Diwali in our new home. I hope you will like the decoration and if you liked it do not forget to like the video. I hope these ideas will be helpful for this upcoming Diwali festival. so be sure to give this video a big thumbs up. also let me know in the comment section below how did you liked the video. also share this video with your friends and family. also do subscribe to home hashtag life for more videos. I will see you in the next video till than take care. Bbye.

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