Diwali Decoration Ideas – In Hindi (With English Subtitles)

Diwali Decoration Ideas – In Hindi (With English Subtitles)

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Simplify Your Space Diwali is now a few days away and preparations are being made in everyone’s homes with a lot of enthusiasm Everyone has started to clean and beautify the house Even i have tried to give a different look to my home this Diwali And today’s video is based on that. We will see how I have decorated my house for Diwali. Maybe from this video you get some ideas to decorate your house. Before we start the video, if you have not started Diwali cleaning yet Then you can watch this video of mine which is on Diwali cleaning. Today’s video is made in collaboration with Meesho App. What is Meesho and how it works, will tell you at the end of the video. So let’s start today’s video. First, let’s see how I have decorated my home entrance When guests come to your house, first of all their eyes go on your doorstep, If entrance is beautifully decorated, the reception is very enchanting and auspicious. So as you can see before, the entrance of my house was decorated like this But for Diwali I have decorated it in this style Here in this corner, I have put Krishna and Ganpati’s fusion wall art Above the door is a beautiful red and green pom pom Toran and on the two sides, Jaipuri style side hanging. Here on the other side on this wall, I have placed this 3 pieces ethnic wall art set, which look very beautiful. This set is very light and I took it from Home Center. As it is Diwali, the decoration is incomplete without Rangoli But I do not know how to make a good Rangoli So, I learned Rangoli by watching videos on YouTube. Let’s see how I make Rangoli So this is our Rangoli and I have decorated it with Diya candles Please tell me how you liked this Rangoli Thoughtfully, I have left a place around the frame to make it easier to move. Here in the corner I have placed a snake plant in a statement planter which gives a little height to it Here I have decorated it with yellow and pink garland and rangoli stickers which is giving a very beautiful look. Here, our entrance is ready Now let me show you how it will looks at night. Wow! Very beautiful Now let us see how I have decorated my living room. Usually my living room looks like this. Very neutral. But coz it is Diwali time, then it must have color and light. That is why, first of all I changed all the cushions in my sofa to these beautiful and colorful cushions. These also i have picked up from Home Center To add some more color, I have taken this colorful floor rug that I have ordered from Meesho. This beautiful rug came packed well I have taken some more products from Messho, which I will show you later in the video. Let’s move ahead! Here on the table I have laid a beautiful red and white runner with ethnic print Which helps in decorating the table A beautiful wooden printed tray is placed on top of it And inside it I have placed 3 tea light candle holders which I will light with the help of battery light I have placed this glass bowl under the table. I have put water and flowers inside it and put a floating candle in the center. This made a very simple and beautiful DIY Urali. To fill this corner, I have put this beautiful big Areca palm which takes the decoration of the room to a different level Keep some indoor plants at your home. They not only enhance the beauty, but are also work as good air purifier. I have decorated this plant with a battery operated rice light which looks very beautiful at night. Now come to the other corner where this side table is placed. I have decorated it with colorful Vase and some show pieces. Let’s go to the other side. In the side, on the TV unit, I have placed a candle holder of red and golden color A and here below I have placed a brass finish ring which I have prepared with rose petals and floating candles. And our Living room is ready which gives a very vibrant and colorful look I have also decorated my Foyer area. This area is first seen on entering the house, There is a shoe rack in front. Above this, I have kept this beautiful, colorful metal candle holder in the middle here I have placed this rope basket with colorful pom poms in this corner And here on this corner there is a glass flower and aroma diffuser which is a usual setup. Here on this wall panel, I have placed this set of three glass candle holders that I will illuminate with a tea light candles. With this, foyer area is also ready Now let’s move to the bedroom Usually I prefer either plain or small print bedsheets but because we are decorating for Diwali, here I have laid a large print ethnic design sheet. And because my curtains are completely plain, this sheet complements them very well. The large print sheet looks very beautiful with plain curtains Next I have placed this metal candle holder on the wall here in which I have placed LED candles with batteries. I have got them from Meesho at a reasonable cost And in the dim light they look very beautiful. The side table is decorated in a simple way with a yellow vase, a small round round decorative piece and this table clock with ethnic look. That’s it! On the other side here I have kept this golden designer tray which I have decorated with rose petals and these red perfume candles. These candles come in these ceramic bowls which give a very subtle and elegant look and I have also ordered them from Meesho Bedroom I have kept a lot of simple because I like the simple look So overall it looks like bedroom, after Diwali decoration. Now let’s go to the most important place and that is the temple of our house This is where we worship Now I see how I decorated it. Last week, I put a video of the temple organization. In which I told how I usually keep my temple. You will find its link in the I button and description box Usually my temple looks like this And after the decoration of Diwali it looks something like this. I start from the top. Here I have put an toran of white Jasmine and yellow roses which was already here. In addition, this decorative LED string light has been installed, which further enhances the beauty of the temple. Here below I have put red colored mat on which these bronze god idols are placed and at the forefront is the small Lakshmi Ganesh ji for the worship of Diwali Next to whom a plate of worship is kept. On the side are placed brass lamps, which I have decorated with flowers. And I have decorated the floor of the temple with flowers, diyas, and stickers with rangoli. Herewith, the decoration of our temple is complete Our temple is inside the dining hall, so I have decorated it also a little bit I have placed this golden color runner on the dining table and placed a money plant in the middle above it and placed colorful tea light holders on the side. To make it a bit more beautiful, I have put two glasses here which I have filled with water and put rose petals and floating candles in it. This gives a simple and elegant DIY look. With this, the Diwali decoration ends. All the product links and their details our provided in the description box As I told you, few products i ordered from Meesho which are really nice Not only you can buy products from Meesho but you can also sell them and start your own business from Home Here, Meesho can help you Find good products in Meesho app and share the catalog with your family and friends After getting the order, put customer’s address and add your profit margin And that’s it! Meesho will deliver the product to your customer and will also collect the COD Your profit margin will be deposited to your bank account I have provided the download link and information related to Meesho in the description box. Hope you liked this video. If you really liked it then please give a Thumbs up. Your likes motivate me to make more such videos. Subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get video notifications and latest news Will see you all next week Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. Thank you!

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  1. As usual awesome video aashu deedhi.. its my request topic.. rangoli is beautiful and decoration looks nice and brings the feel of diwali.. u looks so pretty in todays costume👌 and advance Happy diwali💖💝

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