DIY 3D Flower Canvas ART | Lakshkara Creations | ❤

DIY 3D Flower Canvas ART | Lakshkara Creations |  ❤

Hello In this video
you can find out How iam doing 3D flower Canvas Art All you need is Cardstock paper , marker and pencil flowers and CANVAS Iam going to paste cardstock paper on to canvas and bordering it with washi tape Now iam going to draw a vase and cut the opening side on the top I got his idea from PINTEREST I love doodling so thought of doing it in this plain vase.. On the opening
iam inserting flowers Arranging flowers is little bit
tough But if you get an idea about
it then its really easy. After inserting flowers Secure it with
any tape The stem should be holded
really tight Otherwise flowers can
FALL OUT Thats it 3D Flower CANVAS art
is ready Please subscribe
and like for more videos Thankyou for watching ❤ See you next time…!!

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