DIY: 5 Easy Canvas Decor & Gift Ideas

DIY: 5 Easy Canvas Decor & Gift Ideas

– Hey everybody in this
video I will show you five different ideas of what
you can do with a plain canvas. They are all easy to make and the result looks very cute and it is perfect for
decorating your room. For these different ideas you will need some confetti, washi tape,
paint, glitter if you like, and fairy light. (light music) Start off by tracing your
canvas under some paper. Then cut off the traced
shape and fold it in half, after that draw one part of the heart and cut it out. For the next step, you will only need the cut
out frame of the heart. Then tape each side to your canvas, so it won’t slide away, and now we can start
creating our washi tape part. Take your tape with the
pattern of your choice, and start taping it to
the paper and the canvas, you basically want to cover
the whole with washi tape, you can mix any size and
pattern of your washi tape. I use washi tape that has
a more of a pastel tone, so it looks more spring like and cute. Remove the template on one side, and then start cutting
out the washi tape heart by cutting it out along
the template like this, and you get the nice
washi tape heart canvas. You can frame it with some acrylic paint or you can paint a white heart onto the colored canvas before hand, using the template, this way the white will make the washi tape color more
intense on a colored canvas. (strumming music) For the zig-zag design, divide your canvas in equal parts. Then start taping masking tape
or washi tape to the canvas, by applying them to the corners
of your divided squares. Since you’re going to paint
the upper part of the canvas, make sure the upper part of your tape is exactly on the marked point. If you have that you can
start coloring the zig-zags, and then let everything
dry and remove the tape, and you get a nice zig-zag pattern. Since I wanted to add the
pattern in different sizes, I went ahead and divided
the colored squares in half, and then I repeated the same steps. If you do them as well, make sure that the tape is
exactly on the marked points, and has clean edges. (strumming music) Then I added some glue to the taped area, and added some glitter on top, let it dry for a bit, and then flip the canvas to
remove the leftover glitter. The leftover glitter you
can put onto some paper and flip back to the bottle, but it will better if
you do it before hand, and then you can go
ahead and remove the tape and you get a nice glitter zig-zag shape. To remove the glitter
that got onto the canvas, you can use a bristol
brush it works perfectly, and now you can go ahead and
repeat the steps as you like until you are happy with the design. When everything is fully dry, you can erase the marks, and you’re done. (slow music) For the abstract design you
can be more spontaneous. You can apply the masking
tape or washi tape in any design you like. I haven’t planned it out, but you could of course, although this idea is
about being spontaneous. If you have that start coloring
each part of the canvas in colors of your choice. For my canvas I decided
to use only three colors and glitters which fits
with the washi tape part and the zig-zag design, if you also would like to
use glitter on your painting, use it only after everything is colored and everything is completely dry, otherwise it can get very messy. (happy music) If you mess up somewhere, you can always cover it up
with some white acrylic paint or other color you
would need in your case, and you’re finished. For the fairy light canvas, I want to incorporate a
picture I found on Pinterest, for this idea cover your canvas in dark navy blue acrylic paint first, and then add a bit of dark acrylic paint starting at the upper part of the canvas, this way you get a nice gradient effect. Let the canvas fully dry and then we can start
drawing on the stars, the moon and the quote on top
by using our white pencil. You can use a ruler or a
paper underneath the writing, so you write in one line. The quote for this design is, shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. (calming music) Before you draw stars, make sure where the
frame of your canvas is, since you’re going to
add fairy lights later, it’s important to make
sure that you have space underneath every star, and you don’t draw it somewhere
you have wood underneath. If you have that trace
and color everything with white acrylic paint and let it dry. (calming music) Then prepare your fairy light, I used lights with batteries, after that poke a hole through each star, using a pencil, but make sure that the hole is big enough, so you can pull through with the light. (calming music) If you have that, add the lights to every
hole you just made, and you’re almost done. (calming music) Then you just need to tape the wires to the back of the canvas, and you are done. (calming music) The last idea is perfect for everyone that has some confetti left. Draw a heart or any desired
shape to your canvas. (fun music) And then cover the shape
with a lot of glue. If you have that, sprinkle some confetti on top of it. (fun music) Flip the canvas to remove
the leftover confetti, and you are almost done. I wanted to make the heart more 3D, so I added another layer
of glue and confetti. (fun music) Then I went ahead and evened
out the edges of the heart. And you get a cute and
fun confetti design. And these were my five ideas for what you can do with a blank canvas, to decorate your room. I hope you liked these ideas, and if you have any suggestions or ideas what you would like
to see in a future video, let me know in the comments section. Thank you for watching everyone, and see you next week. (fun music)

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