DIY $5 MOON PHASE WALL HANGING! Urban Outfitters Inspired Stylish Wall Decor

DIY $5 MOON PHASE WALL HANGING! Urban Outfitters Inspired Stylish Wall Decor

Hello everybody! I’m Lily Rose and welcome back to a new video! In today’s video I want to show you how to recreate this amazing Urban Outfitters inspired moon wall banner that looks super cute over your bed or your office area, and, the best part is it can be recreated for less than five dollars! But Before we jump into the tutorial, as always don’t forget to subscribe to see all of my future content and leave me a thumbs up if you enjoy the video… Now yes, let’s start To create the moons you will need some kind of gold craft paper or foil. There are different types of this out there, this one that I’m using is kind of like a metal foil, but it’s actually paper as you can see. I prefer to use something that has an actual metallic shine or like a metal foil look because it looks the closest to the actual urban outfitters item. I’ll link below in the description box some examples. Now you will need something to create the actual circles for the moon. I used a cup that was the perfect size for my banner, but you can adapt it. Also, some gold chain. I used a string that had 3 meters which is about 10 feet and it was enough for everything. And, obviously, some jump rings, which I know should be gold but I had none so I just used silver. And honestly in the end result You can’t even tell the difference like I’m literally looking at the banner right now And if I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t even know that they are silver. Start off by cutting out a piece of the gold paper foil Slightly bigger than the cup or the item that you’re using for your moons Now this is going to sound a little bit weird, but gently crumble up the paper. But don’t go crazy as it can damage, especially when it’s paper like mine With foil, you’re probably going to be safer But still just to be on the safe side just go gently and create a little bit of a texture on the paper That will make it look like that hammered metal look from the original. With the help of a roller or something similar, now flatten the paper And voila, the foil has a little bit of texture. Since two of the moons always have to be the same, to make it easier and so they match and just plain simply it’s less cutting fold the paper foil in the middle. If you can also add little pieces of tape on the edge So the paper doesn’t move around later when you’re cutting it Now take the cup and trace as many circles as you can on the paper To create those half-moon shapes simply use the cup again For one of the shapes, I actually decided to use a slightly bigger cup and then freehand it a little bit Now just cut out all of the shapes From all the sketching you could actually see a little bit of a black marker on the moon’s So what I did is I simply used some cotton with rubbing alcohol to wipe those marks away The thing is this will really depend on the material that you used since mine is kind of a foil It was okay to use rubbing alcohol But for example if you’re using normal paper that won’t work. Your moon phases are ready! Now putting the banner together. The only thing I had to create the holes in the moon was this pointy needle thingy but the issue with it is that it was quite rough on the paper and I was always afraid it would tear. So, since I had some gold duct tape I cut out a small piece of it and Put it on the moon where I wanted to make the hole first You can also use something like gold washi tape or like if you find any kind of tape, that is quite transparent and you wouldn’t see it actually on the moon. Not like the tape that I used before that kind of was like, you know, milky white. But yeah this way you can see it’s like totally unnoticeable and it just makes the whole thing a little bit stronger Now cut off a strand of the gold chain and then attach it to the moon with a jump ring The sizes of the strands can obviously be adapted to your room and your needs but if you want a little bit of a guide in my case, basically the whole big strand was 120 cm. Then the longest in the middle was 17 cm. And then going outwards I played a little bit with the sizes So it would fit more like kind of like the Urban Outfitters one, but it ended up being 14 cm, 10 cm, 8 cm, 12.5 cm, 8 cm and then 8.5 cm on each side Each strand was placed 8 cm apart from each other For anyone confused by centimeters as much as I am confused by inches Here are the lengths in inches Once I added all the shorter chains to the moon’s I started attaching them to the big strand of chain. I found the middle of the chain by folding it in half and then attaching the longest strand with the full moon. I I measured 8 cm to the side and then attached the next moon phase. Just keep going doing the same until you have on both sides all of the moon phases. Little trick: I later ended up attaching the Strand to the wall with a little bit of tape and work from there. It seriously helps with all of the measuring and also that the whole thing doesn’t get all like tangled up But I also have to say it’s a little bit more tricky with the jump rings And yeah once you have all of them attached Your moon phase wall banner is ready to be displayed in your room, office Living room, wherever you want it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and leave me a thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe and here are some more videos that you might find interesting also a DIY playlist to snoop around all of my different DIY’s. I’ll see you next time. Bye

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