DIY Backyard Chicken Coop | How to Build – Part 1

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop | How to Build – Part 1

okay so it was a little bit maybe over a
year ago now that I built my neighbor’s a massive chicken coop because they have
lots of chickens well I have finally given and decided to get chickens of my
own which means I needed my own coop now I only want 10-15 chickens or so I say
now so my coop is a little bit more compact I made sure to build it off the
ground to keep the snakes out for nesting boxes three roosting bars I
remove a little panel in the back that can be taken off and then a drop-down
hatch up front so that I can quickly and easily sweep out the coop when changing
the litter all right let’s get into the building process I think you to Kara for
sponsoring this video stay tuned at the end to hear about their amazing service
this coop is made up from a bed full of two by fours a four by four and a few
sheets of plywood if you would like to build your own I do have a set of plans
with a material shopping list a cut list and all of the dimensions used I started
off by offloading all of my material from the truck and on to my armored tool
mobile workbench I started by flipping the wings out on my miter saw stand and
cutting down the pieces needed for the four side walls and the entire base I
labeled each part as I was cutting it so when I moved to assembly I could very
quickly grab the joins needed starting with the base I laid out my four post
and also the stretchers that will span between them after lining on my boards I
used a scrap board and a Bessie click clamp on the front side to keep the
board flush while I toenail down from the back after repeating on all four
sides I threw in the center support and then also some corner gussets this coop
is five foot by four foot because I read each chicken should be given roughly two
to three square feet per chicken when it came time to cut a deck I laid a sheet
of ply on my workbench and use my track saw to rip it to Lane I specifically
chose untreated because I wasn’t sure about having treated wood around the
ladies anybody else go a shorter arm syndrome next the deck could be set into
place and then attached next I started framing
the walls directly on top of the deck you see I’m using type on three here and
I did that for a lot of the build because it is a waterproof wood glue
later I switched over to tight bonds excellent construction adhesive either
is great long lasting and good for projects that are being placed outside
one thing to consider if you tackle this project I chose to build this in my shop
so that I could work in the AC and have all of my shop stools and surfaces to
utilize but if you don’t want to mess with moving it out and into place after
it’s complete then I 100% recommend building it on location where you will
want the coop to live before attaching the framed walls on the deck I laid down
a decent amount of construction adhesive then made sure the walls were flush to
all sides you can see I’m applying slight pressure in the center at the
clamp to keep the wall from falling over and to allow me to make small movements
with it for my coop I’m going to be using the deep litter method meaning I
won’t need to completely empty out the litter except once or twice a year when
it’s time to do that though I want to be able to sweep from the back to the very
front quickly and easily so I intentionally left off a bottom plate on
the front and back walls which keeps the floor flush and on one level now
something really important in chicken coops is ventilation especially here in
Texas with the heat I wanted each side of the coop to have a window that can be
left open for the majority of the year but yes it does eventually get cold here
so I also wanted a way to close it up for mine I’m simply using a sheet of
plywood that will slide open and close before placing it in its track though I
very quickly added a handle I’ll be placing the handle inside the coop then
once or twice a year whenever the weather changes I can reach inside and
use it to slide it either open or closed I clamped a spacer just made from some
scraps on either side before picking up the window system to set into place oops
don’t forget the window if you place it in first and center it
it’s actually makes picking up the entire system a lot easier okay and
that’s one window down so let’s repeat forward the back here the opening was
too large for a spacer so I used scraps but I ended up just clamping them to the
height needed and gave myself a Ledge to set the window system on top of while I
moved around to attach it to the framing stud and that’s window to done then on
the third wall with a window I dropped this one down lower to be more in line
where the door of the couch will be this will be just a very small opening but I
hope by putting this window in line with it it’ll also create a nice cross-breeze
for the lady with that I moved on to sliding off more two by fours and
cutting to link the pieces needed for the roof framing I wanted to build out
the entire roof system then lift it into place as one unit to join things
together I used my self adjusting armor tool jig to create some pocket holes
then I laid them out use some construction adhesive and attach things
now it might be wide but it isn’t heavy so next I took my time walking the
system up the water setting it into rough position then going to the other
side and pulling it completely over to where it needed to go I once again cut
spacers to clamp into place but this time their spacers for the amount of
overhang needed to ensure the roof was going on squarely this method is a lot
easier than hopping down to pull a tape on all four corners repeatedly next I
attached a few more framing members to support things here and there then
started working on the second roof the second roof pitch does make the build a
little more complicated so if you want to simplify it you can certainly take it
out and leave the roof at one single pitch however I love the look it gives
the poop and it also provides a little bit of protection from the rain to this
top window I again built the system on my workbench and then moved it into
place as one unit afterwards I moved back to my sheet of plywood and
down to pieces that will cover the back portion of the roof as well as that
smaller little bump out then I awkward late but carefully and successfully move
the sheet into place I suppose I could have just moved a taller ladder into
place and nailed a board down but I hate moving waters so I just climbed up onto
the roof making sure to keep an eye on that fan above me and nailed it down
around the perimeter I repeated on that front bump out but this side is short
enough for me to stay on my step stool and still reach it as I was working up
here I also cut and then attached someone by boards to be the fascia okay
onto making some of the accessories let’s start with being nesting boxes
these are where the chickens will hop up and lay their eggs
hopefully anyways I read that these should be about a foot off the ground or
the chickens might not use them after building the body of the unit on my
workbench I quickly attached a front lip to each box this is to keep the eggs
from being able to roll out on their own however I ended up coming back and
increasing the height of these to about three inches to prevent the birds from
kicking out their straw in each box to install this one I struggle just a tad
bit I only left myself a sixteenth here and I guess I was just too tight of
Tolerance I grabbed my palm belt sander and gave the inside of the stud a few
quick laps and then tried it again when the Box moved into place I had a bussy
quick clamp ready to go so that I could temporarily hold it while moving to the
other side after a level on it to make sure that it
was plumb then moved to the inside and attached with screws I love it when
things start taking shape Berlin we got to keep those birds dry I attached two
strips of plywood one thinner and fixed strip along the back and then another
wider piece who covered the rest this will allow mates you out a hinge
between the two pieces which in turn will give me a lid that I can lift and
lower to retrieve the eggs or just check on the chickens later on after I add the
siding and trim I’ll add a hook and chain here so I can leave the door open
for sort duration if need be already moving back to the windows quickly neck
I added some hardware cloth to all three windows this will allow me to leave the
windows open and get a breeze in but it will prevent predators from being able
to get into the coop and eat my chickens I used to scrap and clamp to hold down
one side while I made my cut out the link needed now you can cut this one
piece at a time with some side cutters if that’s all you have however if you
have a cut off wheel in a grinder it really makes very quick work of it
when determining the size I would leave about 1 square width of material
overhanging on the frame and this just gives you room to get a staple end to
attach it now this will have fighting over it so you don’t have to go crazy
with staples just enough to keep it in place and I’m gonna go ahead and stop
port one right there I divided it into two because while it is a simple build
it is time consuming because of all over the parts so in the next video I’m gonna
be covering making the roosting bars the two ramps adding the fighting the trim
the roofing and that rear and front panels for cleaning out the coop don’t
forget that I do have a set of plans if you’re interested in building your own
and I’ve also linked to the set of plans for the larger coop that I built my
neighbors everything going for you down in the description I’ll see you on the
next one real quick I want to thank this video sponsor which is care of as I get
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