DIY Botanical Wall Art | How to

DIY Botanical Wall Art | How to

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today
we’re making layered botanical wall art. We made a custom design using images from
Storyblocks and we’re layering it between four different sheets of acrylic to give it
some depth. For this project, you’ll need: acrylic sheets,
transparent prints, wood trim, some hardware, an acrylic cutter if you’re cheap like us,
a saw, and a drill. We’ll link to everything below. It was less expensive to get big acrylic sheets
and cut them down than to buy the size we needed. “Y’all doing all right there?” “Yeah” “We’re good, thank you!” We found a piece of walnut trim in the scrap
bin at our hardwood store but you could use any thin piece of wood. And of course the key ingredient to this is
the botanical art. Storyblocks has the largest unlimited download
library of stock images and the thing I get most excited about is the unlimited part. I downloaded probably 50 different photos
of leaves and flowers to play around with and there’s no way I would have done that
if I had to pay for each one individually like you do on most stock sites. They have over 400,000 images to choose from
so if you wanna tackle this project or have something else in mind, we’re giving away
7 free days of Storyblocks so go crazy y’all, just click on the link in the description
box below to get started. So step 1: figuring out how to cut this acrylic
sheet perfectly in half. And it has to be perfect, otherwise our edges
are gonna be mismatched. To get a really fine point, instead of marking
it lets use this exacto knife. One thing you might notice, for you sharp
eyed viewers out there – that sounds weird. I offset this to the line by half of its thickness
because the blade scores in the middle, not at the edge. I think it’s time. You ready? Oh! That’s awesome! Oh my gosh! Moment of truth. Ohhhhh. Wait you didn’t even check. Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh. Now it’s time to put wood on these to make
them fancy. We’re gonna use it to make top and bottom
borders. It’ll give us something to add hanging hardware
to. We’re gonna clamp everything together and
drill it all at once. You wanna countersink? Sure. So we don’t know how we wanna hang this yet,
a rope, a wire, or if we just wanna stick it on a nail, so we’re putting all of the
hardware on the back and we’ll figure it out. Modularity! Synergy! Quick shoutout to our awesome Patreon supporters. We seriously couldn’t do this without you
guys. And if anyone else wants to help us make more
videos you can check out our Patreon page. Thanks! Keep the acrylic sheets lined up the way you
drilled them to make assembling easier. And watch out for the little dusty bits that
wanna get in between them. Oh man, that looks nice! Oh my gosh. We really, really really really like how this
turned out. It took us about 4 hours including filming,
if you didn’t have to cut the acrylic or anything like that you could probably get it done in
maybe an hour. How much do you think this cost us? Wood: 10 dollars. Acrylic, 20 dollars. Hardware: 3 dollars. Transparencies, 4 or 5. So, math. Under 40 bucks. If I saw this at a store, I would think it’s
way more. Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything. We actually have another set of 4 acrylic
pieces, so we’re gonna do one more of these, so if you guys have any ideas of what we should
put inside of it, maybe art that Katelyn should make, I’m just volunteering her, she didn’t
know I was doing this until right now. But if you guys have any ideas let us know
and we’ll post that on our instagram (@evanandkatelyn) and our twitter. Yeah, good idea. Bye! Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Hey guys! Hey guys! Hahaha! Like the bursts of a mad man! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today
we’re using images… But what are we making? You sure you wanna do the first line? So much pressure! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn, hahaha, hey
guys, it’s like a punch in the face with your expression. Hey guys! Hahaha I just got the giggles. I just keep thinking you’re gonna go, bah!

100 thoughts on “DIY Botanical Wall Art | How to

  1. Awesome idea!! Honestly I think if you guys sold them you would get a lot more for them like 100 or so more. BTW Great design!!!

  2. I love this!!!!! And you guys are still so adorable!!
    Katelyn could make a layered landscape, like with water color mountains and clouds and a lake! It'd look neat with the transparency 😀

  3. Cool idea. You could actually print any photo on the transparent sheets and make a really cool photo frame with like people and backgrounds

  4. That's really cool. I especially like that brass hardware against the walnut. You could also incorporate frosting the acrylic, either with sand paper, a spray-on frosting, or even a vinyl. Also, someone mentioned LEDs, but it would be cool to light it from the back and have layered images showing up in a silhouette. It could be really cool for some Halloween style decorations. Very nice work!

  5. What about a diagram of an animal skeleton? A literal view where the far ribs and legs are on the bottom and the spine and skull are in the middle and the near legs are on top?

  6. That's really cool! It would be awesome to have a layered ink drawing in one of those (Look up "black ink drawing" on google).

    Watching you guys have so much fun doing what you love gives me hope. Thank you guys so much!

  7. Sweet! I’d pay more than $40 for that.

    It may not go with the E&K aesthetic, but some layered superhero thing ((POW)) could look cool.

  8. Use LED lights below and above to light up the acrylic and hide the lights inside the wood panel.

    Edit: lol, few more people suggested it. But it would prob. look very nice. Maybe use a battery to supply the power so no cables are hanging from the frame.

  9. Looks good, but am not sure about the benefit of the multiple layers – can you notice the effect when you look up close? 🙂

  10. Hey, I recognize those bins of wood. Got a nice slab of spalted pecan from there last week for a table. Good idea going through their scraps bin, nice project. I think the other one should be a layer of scenery. Mountains in the back and field in the front type of thing. Good job guys.

  11. When I saw the whole layering concept, I knew what to suggest right away. Tony Stark's plans for the Mk 1 armour from Iron Man 1!
    Edit: Video for reference:

  12. For the next one, maybe an elevation map, a top view of a nice place, like a botanical garden, or plaza with interesting architecture, where you put the top of the plants/roofs on a different layer than the ground … or different layers of a canyon or mountain … so many possibilities 😀

  13. Cool project although I don't know how you get any work done laughing all the time :). You can use your table saw to cut the acrylic. That way they would all be the same size.  Read up on flame polishing the edges after, it looks cool.

  14. That looks fantastic. It seems like the art options are limitless. How about a planets / space theme, or some cool sci fi theme.

  15. Where the F do you get the Frank Howarth clamps? Link me up bro! 😀
    Also, you totally need some Pat/Paul bromance artwork in the next frame.

  16. Froth thumbnail, I didn't think this would be something I would be interested in, but honestly this was pretty cool. I'm not really into the flowers, but I could see the layering being really cool for a super hero fight scene to sell at comic cons. Not really my scene either, but a friend does custom artwork for them, and I could see using his work for this. Great idea guys. Can't wait to see the next one.

  17. I love the way it came out! My suggestion for the next one is to increase the spacing to give the layers more depth (maybe you need more sheets for this) maybe even shadow box styled? Maybe with butterflies?

  18. I actually had to do this for an assignment in college. I ended up using about fifteen sheets total. I'm surprised your sheets didn't break or anything when you drilled the holes in them; I unfortunately experienced it quite a few times haha. I do really enjoy how this turned out 🙂

  19. This is cool and I know a few people who would like one in their home. As an oddball suggestion, if you have a front-facing photo of your "supervisor" you find any of his whiskers that have fallen out over time, save a few of them and make a 3D image of him with real cat whiskers.

  20. Great project. I'm trying to think of a way of using actual pressed and dried flowers. They'd be too thick for acrylic layers but I'm thinking maybe putting them in liquid resin. Cheers guys happy happy

  21. I just found this channel yesterday, and I gotta say, this is becoming one of my favorite channels. You guys just have such a happy energy that's hard to find around the internet these days! You two have definitely earned yourselves a new subscriber.

  22. I was wondering how y'all print on the transparencies. Do you just buy the sheets and put them in an inkjet printer?

  23. This, but with Supurrvisor. Well… things that you like… WATCH THE CAT HAIR!!
    Paw prints and Hand prints of you. Of course, use paint that is safe for pets.
    pop art of all three's fave things –> Evan's Big hands –> Katelyn's small hands –> Supurrvisor's paw print
    I don't know why… I swear I heard Supurrvisor saying 'Yes, humans… admire me' Maybe I am tired…

  24. Hi guys first of all I love your channel!!! I was wondering if you had to glue or stick somehow your flower pieces in place or do they just stay because they are between the acrylic?
    Thanks amy

  25. Hi guys when you were editing the flowers was that all done on storyblocks? and then you print them out at home?
    Thanks I love love love this one…

  26. I just found your channel not too long ago so I was wondering if they storyblocks download period is available at any time or if it's closed now since this video is from a couple years ago? Thanks! Love watching you guys create some awesome stuff! Just printed plans for the hanging shelf with the magnetic key holder. Can't wait to make it!

  27. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

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