DIY CALENDAR FRAME 2019 / ROOM WALL DECOR/ downloadable calendar/

DIY CALENDAR FRAME 2019 / ROOM WALL DECOR/ downloadable calendar/

hi guys it’s Em and for today’s video I’m
going to show you how I made this 2019 calendar frame also if you like this
calendar you can download it down in the description let’s start for the calendar
we’re gonna need 12 cardstock papers a towel to clean a brush a mixing palette
water and paint we’re gonna take some paint and put it in our palette what I was going for was to get some
different shades of the same color just have in mind that the darkest shade will
be the original paint then the more water you add the more it will spread
and the lighter it will get I love this idea especially because it
helps me to clear my mind and it’s very relaxing I use six different colors so I will be
repeating the same color for every two month but this is completely up to you once I was done I let them dry and put
some weight on top of them to keep them flat I really like the effect each one
has its subtle but very pretty then I designed a calendar on
first scan each page and then layer the calendar design on top if you prefer to do it by hand it’s
again completely up to you but if you like this result you can download them
in the description after printing I decided to add some shiny tape to
decorate them I used a metallic bronze silver and a gold color I was just obsessed with how shiny they
were and they for sure make the calendar pages look even better let me know down in the comments which
month on the calendar you like the most now that we have our calendar ready we
need somewhere to put it and for this I decided to create something that also
will work as a wall decoration the so for this step you will need a frame and tape
now put tape behind the calendar and paste it to the back then repeat this
process with the details you wanna to put on it I decided to put an inspirational
picture that I found on Pinterest and I printed two times one smaller than the
other one then I pasted them together I also put
flowers my favorite quote for this 2019 a sketch that I made and a Polaroid photo and this is how it looks I really hope
you have enjoyed this video and if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up
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