DIY Canvas Wall Art | INDONESIA

DIY Canvas Wall Art | INDONESIA

Hi, we’re Lemonade ! Today, we’re going to make diy decoration for your room here, we also adapt pictures of cute animals like fox, And then owl, Also deer ! And here’s the final look of the diy we’re using materials that you can easily find anywhere That’s right ! So if you guys wanna know how to make decoration like this. Check the video guys ! The materials that you need are canvas fabric, scissors, ruler, animal image, cardboard (3mm thickness), clear pylox, pencil, cutter, and glue. Make square shape (19x19cm), and give another 2 cm on the edge of the square and cut it with cutter Next, cut the corner of the square Then, scratch the line so you can easily fold the cardboard Fold the cardboard Use paper tape for every corner Next, cover all surface with canvas fabric make sure the position is on the center Apply glue on the surface so the fabric will perfectly stick to the cardboard Don’t forget to apply the glue on every side of the cardboard Let it dry, and cut the animal image and put in on top of the box To make it perfect, spray it with Clear Pylox so the finishing will look glossy You can make the decoration like this with pictures or pattern that you like!

19 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Wall Art | INDONESIA

  1. Bgitu bnyak nya cara mmbuat wall art dgn sgla macam bentuk ..
    Tp tdk ada 1 pun yg mmberi contoh cara menempelkan nya d dinding.. semua rata2 tiba2 sudah nempel.. padahal cara nmoelkn nya itu lh yg paling pnting d contohkan..

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