#DIY: Canvas Wall Decoration

#DIY: Canvas Wall Decoration

My name is Bea. I’m Portuguese, I live
in Portugal. And I’m 16. So, basically I decided to make this YouTube channel because I watch this
videos like a lot like makeup videos and routine videos healthy/workout videos, get ready with me videos I decided “I want to do this…” I want to share my opinion, my point of view with.. everyone. So, yeah… “Let’s do it” that’s how I started The thing is you won’t have videos every week because will be a lot… I will try I swear I’ll try because I’m very lazy person and I’m trying to change that
so I’ll try to put a video every week this thing like talking with a camera I think it’s so boring that sometimes I … ” I don’t want to do that ” This wil be a Wall Decoration DIY video I hope you enjoy it I really hope you enjoy it because I didn’t put a lot of work in it but since it’s the first video I mean, I hope lot of you enjoy it if you want to watch it go for it first in you to choose what you want in your paint and then, print it. You’ll also need an empty Canvas painting. And of course, paints First you need to remove the black letters of your print. I chose the “Let’s Get Lost” one. Take the plastic off choose the colors you want in your paint I chose red and white start to paint the way you want I decided to continue adding white and paint from darker red to lighter red or pink. I don’t know. I think that’s how you say it. Sorry if I’ wrong. then, let it dry Put the print in your canvas painting without the black letters and chose the color you want to paint the letters. I chose black. Take the paper off Mine didn’t turned out perfect so I needed with a smaller brush improve the letters. And then, improve the outline of letters with red or pink. I really don’t know what color is yeah, that’s it I hope you really enjoyed it because I had fun doing it I never had done something like this and it was fun to do turned out well right? so, if you decide to do something like this please share it with me I will leave my social media links below Ok, this is the most awkward thing to ask for me So, please subscribe give it a thumbs up, or don’t that’s with you and comment below please, share with other people so, I will see your cutie faces one day okay? bye bye

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  1. OH MY GOD, I love you so muchhh ahhh marry me ahahahah
    Tens que melhorar esse inglês oh feiosa!
    Está giro, agora fazes um para mim  que te lixas.

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