DIY Christmas Centerpieces | DIY Christmas Home Decor | 2019

DIY Christmas Centerpieces | DIY Christmas Home Decor | 2019

you guys have been asking for another
winter wonderland centerpiece and the other day I got inspired as I was buying
my snow globe of the year because I have a tradition of buying a snow globe every
year of the year and it’s not a big collection maybe I’ll show it to you at
the end of the year I started a collection right now but eventually will
grow I survived the music anyway I got inspired let me go back come back Sara
so I got inspired and I decided to make a winter wonderland snow glow that’s a
centerpiece and I think you will like it all right so let’s get started the very
first thing I’m going to do is work on the base of my centerpiece which is
going to be the base of my snow globe and I’m going to be using this plastic
container from Dollar Tree and you are going to go ahead and dispose of the top
you don’t need it and you are going to turn it over as so and one thing that I
just totally love is when things work out organically when I got this
container I wasn’t sure that it was going to be the exact size to fit the
glass bowl so once you place it on top it’s perfectly perfect for each other
they are both 7 inches this one on the bottom in this one on the top I’ll show
you ok 7 inches and 7 inches perfect this is
actually a 10 inch Bowl okay for the top is 7 inches so now I’m gonna go ahead
and paint it and the color of the spray paint is metallic brilliant silver after
letting the container dried overnight what you’re going to do next is use your
hot glue gun to melt a hole right here in the middle of your container since
it’s plastic do not and I repeat do not use a drill no matter how small it is to
drill the hole because it will split your container and I shouldn’t know him
better but that’s okay because that’s gonna be covered with snow so no big
deal so what you’re going to do is use your hot glue gun I’m
and melt a hole through it so that you can then pull through the LED lights
okay I got this from Dollar Tree and it’s going to make the whole snow globe
look amazing all right so let’s go ahead and start melting the whole and I’m just going to wrap it around the
inside of the container now I’m going to be using script off of its stickers from
Walmart these were a little over two bucks and I wish they had them in white
but they didn’t so I just grabbed this silver that they had and I’m going to be
writing or spelling the word Wonderland right on top of it it might just blend
in a little and you might not be able to see it but if you can find it in white
that will look much better okay but for now I’ll just use this so you can see
how it will look and there it is the silver actually
doesn’t look bad but by the way you are going to need two packs of stickers
because each pack comes with one letter each and you are going to need two ends
and two DS next I’m going to be hanging my faux crystal snowflake ornament from
my bowl and this is going to be a little tricky because I’m gonna have to use hot
glue to hang this with and this is plastic as well the fishing line so I’m
going to like how to monitor the temperature of my glue okay so what I
did here was tie a little bit of fishing line and then I made a knot and I’m
going to cut right here alright and this is long enough okay so it’s not a very
long line okay but it’s long enough to have a hang from the inside okay so it
should look something like this so what I’m going to do now it’s that
glue to the middle not too hot so you kind of have to like maybe blow on it or
just give it you know a few seconds and then you can place the fishing line on
it alright so now I’m just going to place
it right in there I’m gonna use my scissors to bury the
knot and I’m just gonna let it sit for another minute before I turn the bowl now I’m going to place five posts no
inside of the bowl so I have to turn it over again I just wanted to show you how
it will look okay maybe three quarters of it inside of
there and I got this from Hobby Lobby it was originally five bucks but I only
paid fifty percent of it so 250 now I’m going to add a little bit of e6000 to
the top of my container all around the borders so I can bind the ball to my
base all right so after half an hour you can
go ahead and turn it over because the e6000 hasn’t settled yet so it’s still
soft enough to get it open if you need to take out some of the snow or if you
need to reposition your your star or whatever ornament you are going to be
hanging inside the ball okay so go ahead and turn it over and see everything’s
working out fine hey guys as you guys may know I love
paper mache products especially the paper mache dress 4 and since it’s
Christmas season I got inspired to make a mannequin Christmas tree centerpiece
though let’s get started with the video alright guys so the very first thing I’m
going to do is draw the silhouette of her top which is going to be a
sweetheart line all right so that’s my top you can
barely see it but you can see a little bit and I’m gonna go ahead and paint it
in red the exact name of this acrylic paint is Tuscan red and I chose it
because it’s a deeper red and this is also a glossy finish okay
I’m also going to be using extra fine glitter in the color red hang on let me
focus there you go and yes it’s going to be a bit of a messy project but it’s
going to be totally worth it okay all right so I’m just gonna go ahead and
start painting and for those of you who are wondering where I got this lovely
lady from this paper mache dress form I got her from Hobby Lobby she’s
originally 1499 but if you download your 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby you are
going to get her for much less and now while the paint’s still wet I’m
gonna go ahead and sprinkle the glitter over another alternative to bond the glitter
to the dress will be using my patch you can just wait for the paint to dry I’ll
do my pouch and then add the glitter and here it is beautiful totally messy but I
think still totally worth it and this is totally optional guys you don’t have to
do this step but I think it looks amazing now I’m going to add a base to
my dress form so I can stabilize her better and I can work with her I’m just
going to turn this dolly treat ball and I’m just going to glue her right on top alright guys so now to the good part I’m
very excited for this part I’m going to be making the frame of her skirt which
is going to be out of chicken wire this is craft metal galvanized chicken
wire from Hobby Lobby and I did pay full price for it because I used my coupon on
the dress form since it was higher price but if you’re inclined to it come back
the next day and use the coupon on this you don’t have to buy the same day
there’s no shame in the hustle okay so hustle up and come back the next day and
then you can get both for forty percent off but if you don’t feel like coming
back and doing all of that like me just go ahead and pay full price for it which
is not bad 6:39 it’s not bad for chicken wire now you can also get some at Home
Depot but you will get a bigger role for probably about ten to eleven dollars but
you can use it for other projects and stuff like that but this not bad at all
alright so let me stop talking and let’s start with the frame now I’m going to
measure the amount of wire I’m going to need and I’m going to cut with wire
cutters so let me bring you okay so first I’m going to cut the
height that I need because I have all this extra wire so I say right about
here in that side cut I’m going to start roughing her around to make sure that I
have enough going around alright so yes this is plenty see well this is actually
perfect let’s measure it so you don’t have to go through all the tests and
trials I just did so you are going to need 30 by 13 all right I did messed up
right there but that’s okay is all right I’ll figure it out and he
doesn’t have to be perfect you know what I say what I’m going to do as you can
see there’s a neat line right there of wire and this at the bottom is old
jacked up so I’m going to use the neater part for the top so I can wrap it around
her waist and you’re gonna have to bend some of the wires at the end s you see
right here in order for this to be flat to her back okay so go ahead and wrap it
around and then you can secure it to wire to wire so just wrap it around to
the wire don’t worry if the sizes or the cut is
not perfect because once you place the pieces of Garland over it you can make
it as long or short as you would like so don’t worry about it you can always cut
it if that makes you feel better but to me it will be just the same her dress is
going to consist of branches from this garland this is a nine foot non lip
branch garland that I got from Walmart for only 238 very the deal all right so
I cut a little piece of the garland and basically what I’m going to do is grab
one of the branches and I’m going to put it in through one of the holes of the
chicken wire and then I’m just going to twist okay and I’m just going to
continue doing the same all around and I’m going to start from the bottom to
the top and here’s how the button looks like so
far you’re going to notice that there are some ball spots but we are going to
cover that up in a sec so basically in order to cover those whole spots what
you’re going to do is grab a branch that you have left over and then you’re going
to pull out individual branches so there you go
and then you’re gonna put them through the chicken wire and then you are going
to twist and that’s it okay so I have filled out all of my cameras and this
side is still longer and I think I’m going to make it a little longer to have
a little train to the front yes a train to the front that’s how I like it not to
the back but to the front and here she is with her side training and to the
front I love it I’m going to start decorating now next
I’m going to be placing white LED string lights to my dress and these are from
Dollar Tree and they require two double-a batteries and I’m just going to
play some underneath to dress in between the chicken wire okay so here’s how it looks like with
two string lights which is all I bought you are going to need about probably
four to five to fill this up alright if you’re gonna use lighting you don’t have
to it is a pain in the behind trying to get some of them on so you might have to
add some hot glue to keep them in place and I will fix that a little later but
for now this is what it will look like with just
two string lights alright so now I’m going to move on to the ornaments I’m
going to be using beautiful miniature ornaments from Michaels they were all
60% off and everything is 60% off right now in every store so go ahead and take
advantage of it so I didn’t pay very much for any of these and I’m thinking
I’m going to use all of them but I am Not sure as of yet that doesn’t want to
focus there you go and the only one that I think I may not use are the Bose
because Bose can be a little cheesy sometimes and I don’t want it to look
cheesy I wanted to look classy lower shell see so why did I pick it up okay
so I’m going to start with D reps the ornaments come with a silver string and
E packet so what I’m going to do is tie it up very short cut it with my scissors
and then hang it up on the skirt okay so for some reason I’ve only got
one pack of the white ones hmm which means that I’ll have meeting in the back
but you get the idea okay get more white or another color but I do
have smaller ornaments you read plenty of bread now I’m going to be making her
a belt to break it up a bit right there and this is a silver glitter 3/8 inch
ribbon no particular reason why on this size this is just what I have you can
make it thicker if you would like I made an additional bowl to place it on top of
the other bow to make it a little fluffier and bigger so I managed to find
a brooch by accident while I was looking for the Mod Podge so I added it to the
bowl right here and it looks amazing and then I reminded me that I had extra
strips of rhinestones so I ended up placing that as the necklace instead of
the beads and she looks amazing this week’s centerpiece is inspired by
the window display I saw at the mall seriously that one was actually a floor
display now hey Stan and today I’m making it a table stand instead I’ve
seen these on many many tables case for weddings and I decided to make my own so
without further ado let’s get started with the video all right guys so first
off I wanted to apologize for the quality of this video today it has been
raining in Georgia about three to four days in a row and it’s very dark in my
house and although I have lighting equipment is still very dark and I have
my ISO very high so it’s going to have you know it’s gonna be very pixelated so
I’m very sorry anyways I wanted to show you guys all the things that you’re
going to need to make your stand and I’m using half an inch pipes and connectors
and I use three pipes in total and each pipe was two dollars and 20 cents I
believe so each pipe is half an inch by ten feet and I cut them into what you
see here so there are now six of them and they are half an inch by four feet
so you’re going to need six four feet pipes okay and then with what I have
left I cut these two little pieces into three inches so you’re going to need
three inches to three inch pipes okay and then I’m also going to be using
these connectors here this are three-way elbows and for some reason I never find
three-way elbows that are smooth in all three openings and I have to buy the
adapter in order for it to be smooth if you don’t deal with PVC pipes you’re
probably saying what the heck are you talking about this is smooth so the
pipes fits through that very smoothly and fine but in here it has how do you
even call that ripples where you you know you connect this to I’ve been
looking for you know a three-way elbow where they’re all smooth
no three sizes so I don’t have to buy this but I haven’t been able I’m sure I
can order it online but you know with my schedule I’m always doing things
last-minute so that doesn’t work out for me so you’re also going to need four
adapters and then you are going to need four couplings and these couplings are
half an inch on top and 3/4 at the bottom yet the 3/4 at the bottom because
I want the bottom to be wider I’m going to start building the base of my stand
which are going to be two of them for each side and it’s going to consist of 2
plus square cutting boards from Dollar Tree Dollar Tree also has a round one
and you can use either one it makes no difference totally up to you and your
preference and then you’re going to use two companies on each side and so ok as
you can see this is the reason why I want the couplings to be 1/2 an inch on
top and 3/4 at the bottom because it’s just going to give a little more support
to the base and I’m going to glue them together with East 6000 I’m going to
apply East 6000 to the bottom of the coupling and then I’m going to fill this
in with hot glue Oh almost all the way to the top so you can just pretty much
keep it silent what the e6000 dries and in order to figure out how wide you want
your couplings to be right on top of your cutting board you’re gonna have to
grab two of your three way elbows and your 3-inch pipe and you are going to
connect them together ok but this is going to be the top okay and this is the
bottom and they have to match okay so it’s going to go as so alright so just
make sure then they are the same way now I’m going to put together the top
frame and I already put one side of it together and I’m just going to do the
other one which is pretty much what I did earlier to measure so I’m just going
to grab my two 3-way elbows and I’m going to attach the adapters and then
I’m going to place my 3-inch pipe there and then the other one on the other side
okay just make sure that they are the same width and then you’re going to
attach two four footers to the openings that you see here alright guys so after a minimum of 24
hours I’m going to place my other four footers inside of my cup late now I’m going to go ahead and connect
the top of the frame with the base now I’m going to go ahead and paint it
in metallic gold and here’s how it looks like painted love it
as far as decoration you can decorate it however you would like you can add
flowers you can add greenery you can add both of them you can add balloons or
whatever you will like is going to look amazing either way on your table I’m
going to decorate it in a Christmas theme for a glam event since we’re close
to the holidays and I’m definitely in the mood for that so I’m gonna go ahead
and start with the decor for the core I’m going to be using items that I
already had I’m going to be using ornaments branch Garland’s greenery and
some orchids I’m going to start with my clear ornaments and these are the
ornaments where you can place a candle inside and I’m going to be attaching all
ornaments with fishing line now I’m going to add gold and silver
ornaments and here it is with the ornaments only
and I am so tempted to leave it just as it is because it looks beautiful but I’m
going to continue not going to be adding branch garland to the top of the stand
I have better quality Garland I got this for like 2 dollars and 38 cents at
Walmart but the garland that I have is way too heavy because it has metal in
the middle and I think I want to risk it to have anything too heavy on top
especially when you are going to have it on top of a table so this is not so bad
but not exactly the quality that I would like and I’m going to be attaching the
garland with floral wire now I am going to add let’s see I’m
going to add my orchids first I’m going to be using orchids from Hobby Lobby I
got these a long time ago these are recycled from other projects and I think
it will look great with the color scheme now I’m going to add a little bit of
greenery leaves to give it an extra kick boom it’s gonna look great I handed up finding another stem of work
it’s and I place a little more orchid on top and I am very happy about it but now
I need a little more Sparkle so I’m going to add smaller ornaments Meredith
to the top of the arrange

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