DIY Christmas Ornaments : How to Make Diwali/ X-Mas Home Decoration | Christmas Decoration Ideas

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Beautiful Spiral Paper Flower for Home Decoration | Christmas Craft Things You Need… Color Papers, Adhesive, Scissors, Pencil Pearls, Glitters Take a color paper and draw a circle on it as shown. Now cut out the circle. We need 21 such circles of same size. Take the circles and fold it into halves. Fold 20 circles in a similar fashion and leave 1 circle to form the base. Apply glue on the base circle and paste the folded circle on it as shown. Paste the next folded circle a little inside the flap of the previous circle. Repeat the same process with the other circles as well. Similarly, repeat the process with the yellow color sheet. Now, decorate the outlines of the spirals with glitter and the center with pearls as shown here. Your beautiful and easy DIY Paper Home decor is now ready! Hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching. Happy Crafting!

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