DIY Christmas Wall Decor | How to Make a Christmas Frame | Easy DIY Paper Ornaments

Hey whats up you guys? My name is
Emily and in this video I’m going to show you how to make this easy
Christmas wall decoration. Lets get started! What you will need for this DIY is the front part
of a frame and not the back, cardstock paper or scrapbook paper, a ornament template, a pencil,
a paintbrush, paint, string, ribbon, and tape. After you make or print out a
ornament template, cut the template out and depending on the size of the frame,
trace and cut out two or more ornaments. Now you can paint your ornaments. You can paint where the metal piece would be on a
real ornament any color you want like gold or silver. Then you can paint a design on your ornaments
with white paint or whatever color you want. Take a piece of ribbon and tape the middle
of the ribbon to the back of the frame. Flip the frame over and
tie a bow onto the frame. Take some pieces of string and tape
the string to the back of the frame. Make sure you have enough
string for all of the ornaments. The last thing you have to do is the
tape the ornaments onto the string, trim off the extra string, and then you can hang
it onto a wall or place on whatever you want. and that’s it for this video! In the comments down below let me know
what you think about this Christmas DIY idea. If you like this video give this video a thumbs
up and subscribe to see more videos like this. I will see you in the next video. Bye!

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