DIY Copper Plant Stand, Accessory Ladder + Home Decor 🌿 | ANN LE

DIY Copper Plant Stand, Accessory Ladder + Home Decor 🌿 | ANN LE

(“Work It Out” by Kadillak Kaz) – Hello, you are going
to love today’s DIY. We’re making some copper accent
pieces to have in the home. One is a plant stand,
the other is a ladder, which is behind me right now. So, there’s a little bit
of everything for everyone, from beginner to somebody who loves to make projects everyday. If you noticed I haven’t
been making a lot of DIYs, it’s because I haven’t
been feeling inspired in the last couple of months, but now that I’ve found my own style, which I can’t wait to share
with you, like, my room tour. I didn’t want to make
disposable DIYs anymore, I want to make something that you really want to have in your home, investment-looking pieces,
statement, beautiful, elegant pieces to have in your home space. So we’re going to start
with today’s project, make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and let’s get started. We’re going to start with
a raised plant stand, and I’ve been loving all
the trends that’s been out, it really gives your house
a nice chic modern look, so we’re going to make ours copper and this one is inspired
by Pure Sweet Joy blog. For materials, you are going to need a 10-foot piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe. To cut the pipe, you are going to need a 1-1/8 of an inch tube
cutter like this one. You will also need eight
tee fittings and eight caps. Before we cut up the pipe, we’re going to have to measure
out how much we will need. You want to measure out
eight two-inch pipes for the center base, four 3.5-inch pipes, and four six-inch pipes. After you mark all your measurements, it’s time to use this fun
tool and cut up the pipes. So the way you do this is
that you just open up the tool by using the screw on the bottom, place the pipe between the
two barrel on the bottom, and then match the blade
up to your marking. Adjust it so that way it can
fit tightly around the pipe, then rotate the cutter around the pipe, and as you’re doing this, every time it feels a little loose, you want to tighten it with
the knob on the bottom. Once you get the hang of this,
it should be really easy, you can rotate it either way, I don’t know why I was
doing it the harder way, I think this was my first time doing it, and I was just trying
to get the hang of it. It’s perfectly safe and once
you do get the hang of it, it should be fun and you’ll
find your own little technique on how to do this. After cutting up the pipe, you should have something like this. The first set of pipes that I cut out, I used the original measurements that were given in the blog post. I realized it was too
small for my plant pot, so I readjusted the size to two inches. You want to lay out your tee fittings with the bottom of the tee
going counterclockwise, just like what I have here. Then you’re going to connect
the pipe to the tee fittings. To secure this in place, I recommend for you to use epoxy glue. At this moment I didn’t have epoxy glue, so I just use E6000, which doesn’t work quite as well as epoxy. Now take out the other two-inch pipes and connect them to the
other end of the fittings. After you’re done with
the base, it’s now time to add four more tee fittings
to each end of the pipe. Now you can connect the rest of the pipe. The six-inch pipe will be your
legs, and the 3.5-inch pipe will be the extension of
the top of the plant stand. You can always adjust the
measurement on the base pipe to make it wider or if you
want to make the stand longer, you can always adjust the
measurement for the legs. To get the stand a finishing
touch, glue on the end caps. Let your glue set overnight and then you can place your
plant on top of the stand. I am so in love with this DIY, it’s such a little accent to the home, yet it makes a huge difference, and it’s going to add so
much style into your space. I always wanted a ladder
to put in my room, so that way I can hang accessory, and since I made the copper
plant stand, I thought this would be a great way to
make a copper ladder stand. I’m starting with two
10-foot copper pipe here. The first thing we’re going to do is lay out our measurements, we’re going to cut the
ladder up into four sections. The first bottom section of
the ladder is going to be 20 inches, and then the
next three are 15 inches. After marking my measurements on one pipe, I’m going to transfer that
on to the second pipe. You will also need three more pieces for the center of your ladder, and you can make it as wide as you like. After making your marking,
cut out your pipe. To connect the pipe together you’re going to need six tee fittings, and four caps to finish
the top and the bottom. When connecting everything together, you can use this construction adhesive, or you can also use this epoxy glue. I like to use a good amount
of glue into the tee fittings, and then I insert the pipe. Once you’re done gluing
all the pieces together, let this set overnight before using it. After the glue is set and dry,
you can take your ladder out and use some nail polish
remover or acetone to wipe off any of the weird prints
that you see on the copper. I’m so in love with my new ladder stand, I like to place everything
that I plan to wear on this ladder stand and it just helps me organize
my day and my outfits. This last DIY is for my
beginner friends out there who are not into using tools, but still want to make something. So I have so many old
little home decor pieces sitting around that’s
outdated, and a good way to bring them back into
life is to paint them over with some copper paint. If you’re looking for copper paint, go to your local craft store,
I got mine from Michael’s, and this paint very nicely. Make sure to clean everything
with some warm water and soap, or with some rubbing alcohol
before spray painting them. I’m adding on my first layer of paint to my basket and my tray. Make sure to let your paint dry completely before painting over a second layer, I would give it a couple
of hours before doing so. I’m so happy with how my $1
tray looks on my bed stand, it looks amazing. I organized my planner, and
also my journal with my pen next to my bed, that way,
whenever something comes up, I have it right next to me. This metal basket used to
look so boring in my home, and now that I repainted
it into this copper tone, it looks amazing near my chair,
it’s gorgeous to look at, and it adds so much style into my space. Thank you all so much for watching, make sure to give this video
a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. You can also request other
DIYs by commenting below, or if you’d like to see
any other type of videos, I’m always reading your
comments for new inspiration. I love you and I will see
you next Sunday, ciao.

14 thoughts on “DIY Copper Plant Stand, Accessory Ladder + Home Decor 🌿 | ANN LE

  1. This is BRILLIANT! Just saw this, went and bought the stuff for the ladder, and made my own. Took about an hour from start to finish. LOVE!!

  2. I loooooved the raised plant stand, and it's so cheap as well, nice job!
    Maybe you'd like to see my copper leaves DIY, since it's incredibly easy and it looks great, check it out on my channel!

  3. Hi Ann Lee, love all your DIYs.
    Can you do a diy for polyp laundry basket. I really wanted to buy it but don't see it selling anywhere.

  4. I love them all I am going to go and do it but I need help where and how much did you pay for the copper pipes and t head things.. need your help please help and the wire basket I love where did you get it from to. Thanks

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