99 thoughts on “DIY Cute Easy Holiday Stockings {Home Decor} | ANN LE

  1. Thankyou Anne for these DIYs , although I don't make these DIYs you really help me with my anxiety ,just to take my mind off it so thankyou xx

  2. your plushies at the begining r super cute I wish I had one love you Ann and hope u have a good thanksgiving week bye

  3. Love you Anne. You are one of my favorite DIY'ers. I am thinking of trying this but doing mittens instead??? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. These are so adorable!! I'm actually going to make some, but you didn't show how you added the hanging part?? It seems simple to figure out but just wondering how you went about doing it.

  5. I love your tutorials and how creative you are! Can you a DIY on the beanie you're wearing? It's so cute and I cant find one like that anywhere😢😞

  6. Very nice and creative i started new to youtube and i made a DIY video on how to make a DIY christmas tree decoration

  7. I really hope we see a DIY for the owl's, I'm doing a Christmas owl theme so that would be awesome! Lovely DIY Ann 🙂 x

  8. Love this! I love your holiday themed DIY's. My mother and I are going to try and make our own stockings this year. We've all had ours for years, and they're falling apart. This will be great for us! Also, silly question. The owl stuffed animals in the background. Do you have a tutorial on those, too? They're so cute!

  9. Hello you lovely people 🙂 I just uploaded my first youtube video ever. It's not long and you would make me very happy if you could tell me what you think about it 🙂

  10. plz can u do a video of very inexpensive diy gifts the type types of friends (girly one, tomboy one, bookworm, crafty one, etc. thx

  11. Hey Anne👋 I was just wondering, since you made this video I was wondering if I could make a video request for stocking stuffers just considering I am totally stumped on what to put inside of them. And knowing you, I know that you are so creative and could probably come up with a variety of ideas. May I suggest different types of people. E.g. Girly girl ,electronic etc… Or just Christmas gift ideas in general. Thanks. Love you Anne 😘😘

  12. Yay I can finally make my own!! Because in my country it's very very hard to find them in my country!! Thanks for ur ideas Ann I absolutely luv them!!luv u!!

  13. Can you please make a r
    Tutorial on how to do those pillows in the background in the beginning of the video please I'm dying over those

  14. this is super cute ann! but i feel like every year i add another stocking to the bunch.. hoarder problems?!
    also i'd love to check out smaller youtuber channels so comment what your channels about and i'll check it out!

  15. Anne I saw u at the apple store today!!!! I saw u had a hat on and there was a little girl and boy by u and the boy hugged Ur legs! I heard u say Ur name to the apple dude and because I am new to Ur channel, I wasn't sure Ur last name was le so u didn't say hi but I WISH I DID!!! U are awesome and I love Ur videos and I wish I can see u again so I can say hi ( ;

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  17. Hi Ann! I'm a friend of Vincent, did he move or something because I remember him in my school it was called Canyon View. A friend named Jun misses Vincent, he too was wondering where he went. But I just happened to stumble across this channel. It's pretty awesome!

  18. Great ideas with this DIYs. I was thinking on how to decor my room for Christmas and I found your ideas, that will help me. I m so exciting on thinking how will look my room after. Thank you! :*:* 🙂

  19. I this Ann!
    I am definately gonna recreate this and give it to a friend.
    Thank you so much for the DIY! I'm looking forward to the next one!!!

  20. one modification you could do (if you don't want to use hot glue gun) is to sew the fuzzy white fabric to the fleece first before you turn it inside out.

  21. Super cute stockings, I think i'm going to make a pillow out of one with flannel. I think it will turn out super cute! Thanks for the inspiration Ann. Your DIY's are always so cuteee!!! =)

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