DIY: Deco Mesh Craft Ideas | Hobby Lobby®

DIY: Deco Mesh Craft Ideas | Hobby Lobby®

Welcome to the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio!
I’m Kaley and today we are going BIG with deco mesh ribbon! Now, I’m sure you’ve seen deco mesh
décor like this before, but did you know how easy it is to make? Let me show you the
basics! First things first: What is deco mesh? Well,
it’s actually a poly mesh ribbon that’s designed to hold its shape well while also being durable
and waterproof. So it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor crafts, like this lantern topper.
We made it by securing big loops and curls of deco mesh together with chenille stems,
forming a bow-like poof, and then added a cute witch hat to complete this pop of Halloween
fun. At Hobby Lobby you’ll find deco mesh in three
widths: five and a half inches, 10 inches, and 21 inches. As for colors and patterns,
well, there are too many to count! The two main types, though, are Basic and Premium. Basic deco mesh typically has a hint of glittery
thread woven into it, while premium deco mesh is all about that bold metallic statement.
For a more natural look, there’s also burlap-style mesh like this!
For cutting your deco mesh, all you need is a pair of regular scissors. There isn’t any
wire in this ribbon, yet much like wire-edged ribbon, deco mesh holds its shape really well,
so you get the best of both worlds! See how this bow has stayed big and fluffy on our
bride’s chair here? It steals the show and stays looking great even during outdoor weddings.
Wreaths are one of the most popular crafts made from deco mesh, so I’m going to show
you how to make one! First, you’ll need a wreath form from our floral department.
If you choose a metal one like this, you’ll also need chenille stems or other ties to
attach the mesh ribbon with. Or you can get a wreath form with the chenille stems already
on it, which is what I’ll be using for this wreath.
After I’ve attached the end of this 21-inch deco mesh to the wreath form, I can just loop
the ribbon to the next tie like this. I’m using the inside ring of the wreath form first,
and on the second time around I’ll use the outer ring. Make sure to pull enough ribbon to make your
loops nice and big like this. That’s what will give the wreath its fullness.
Once you’ve gone around your wreath form two times, you can easily situate and rearrange
the loops however you’d like them. And if you want the wreath to be fuller, just add
another layer of ribbon! You could even add in regular ribbon for even more color and
texture, like we’ve done on ours. The only thing left to do now is hiding the
chenille stems. Just pull them to the back of the wreath so they’re hidden behind all
the ribbon, twist them into place, and your wreath is ready to be hung!
Here’s another style of wreath that’s just as simple to make as the first. Instead of
one long length of deco mesh, though, you’ll need to cut a bunch of pieces that are each
about 16 inches long. For mine, I’m using two types of deco mesh and a roll of ribbon.
Roll three pieces of mesh long-ways like this, then stack them on top of each other—we
added wire-edged ribbon to ours as well. Now wrap a chenille stem around the middle here
and attach it to your wire wreath form. This doubles up the ribbons and keeps them nice
and curly! Just keep going around until your wreath is
as full as you want it. When you’re all done, you can personalize
it with monogram letters like we did for our little girls’ room!
These same techniques can be used to make other fun projects, like lighted garlands.
All you need is a garland from our floral department, which you’ll then wrap with twinkle
lights. Attach deco mesh to it with chenille stems
and you’re done! This patriotic garland came together in no
time using these same simple steps. Don’t you love how perfectly it finishes off the
mantle? One last irresistible place to use deco mesh
is on your Christmas tree! Just weave your ribbon throughout the tree, securing it every
so often to the branches with chenille stems. That’s it! Big impact. Minimal effort. For
more detailed instructions on how to do that, check out our Christmas Basics: Ribbon and
Filler video! And there you have it! An introduction to
deco mesh ribbon. Now you can go get your own and start making easy, one-of-a-kind pieces
for your home! For more ideas and inspiration, be sure to
check out our other videos and I’ll see you next time here at the Hobby Lobby Creative

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  1. I am looking to make an Easter wreath and plan on buying all the supplies from Hobby Lobby however I have some questions? I am planning on using two techniques with three colors. The curly method and the bow method underneath. What size mesh should I purchase? I don't want to go to dollar tree for the mesh cause the quality isn't that great. The only Hobby Lobby near me is an hour and a half drive but it is worth it to me but since it's a long drive, I want to have some idea of what to purchase. I would appreciate any advice or tips? Thank you!

  2. If you can't use you can't find a smaller says the perm hair can I use the the next says or could it Where can I explain this lower mesh I need or can I used in exerts will it make it to pook pook I442 goofy looking

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