DIY DECOR: Patriotic Decor Ideas On a Budget, Some Free!

DIY DECOR: Patriotic Decor Ideas On a Budget, Some Free!

Are you looking for really cute inexpensive and maybe even free Fourth-of-July home decor? Well, then you’re going to want to stay tuned to this episode of Designed to the Nines. Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m NataLee Callahan. And if this is the first time we are meeting I’m so glad you could join me today! If you like learning about DIY, interior design and really all things home related, consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the notifications on. Because I bring weekly Tutorials on all these topics and I’ve got a lot of fun things that you’re definitely not going to want to miss I have a really hard time spending a lot of money on holiday decor and the reason that is is because there is always this in that in the other that are always higher on my Priority list I need to put trim in here. I need bedding over there. I need some home decor over there I got this project plan and Because of that that creates a lack of desire to spend money on holiday decor, but having said that I still like to feel festive so if this rings true to you This video today is dedicated to you. So all of my Projects today are either going to be really inexpensive Have a way to be very inexpensive or even free. That’s right. I said free so today there are some free projects that I hope you’re gonna love and I want to get started on the first one so I recently discovered a new website called and they had reached out to me about Possibly doing some sponsorship with me and I just need you to know that I am very particular but when I went to their website I was blown away by their prices that really set up to help you with like Weddings and events and things like that or crafting even and they have a huge Selection of burlap and other items so I’m going to do a couple of projects that uses items from there And the first one is I found these adorable jars They have a little handle on it and they’re wrapped in twine But what I really like about it, is this could these chrome details on it. And there were $6.99 at piece. now if your budget doesn’t allow you to do it you could use a mason jar and wrap some twine in it, but it This one is just so cute. I would definitely buy it because I know I will use these over and over and over again. so my idea was this… I got this ribbon at Walmart and it’s a navy blue with a white polka dot on it If you could find some with a star on it, that would even be cuter and then I also found This red and white striped ribbon as well same size and everything and I thought the two of them together look awfully Patriotic and a lot like a flag So I’m going to tie one navy blue one around this chart and then the red and white stripe will go on these two jars and then it will be Kind of like a flag you’ve seen these before and you may not have realized it… but these were in my centerpiece on my Easter table and I’ve used them in a few other things Got these at the Dollar Tree. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a floral arrangement Mounded on the top of it all white flowers across and this you can use as a centerpiece I’m gonna actually put mine behind me here on my buffet table and There’s a lot of options I also thought it would look really adorable to fill these up halfway with sand and put in a little candle I thought that would be really adorable as well. But I really like this option. Take the ribbon we’ll start with this red and white stripe one and we are going to Tie it around the jar, I’m I cut it a little bit longer because you can always trim it off But you can’t add more ribbon So I always cut it a little bit longer than I think we’ll need. All we’re going to do is a simple knot You could do a bow if you wanted. I just like the simplicity of a knot And then I always cut my edges on a diagonal We are going to just pick one of our bushes and a lot of times I’ll just leave them on the bush and just kind of intertwine them with one another and not clip them apart But in this case, I think we need to clip them off and we’re just going to do a simple mounded arrangement… nothing fancy. We’re going to keep our arrangement kind of low to the vase. So just take some wire cutters You can get really lucky on a dollar tree flower sometimes I found some really cute stuff now if you find that it’s a little bit long then feel free to Take them out and just shorten it a bit And get it to the right size and just kind of move it around till you are happy with it It didn’t take much time at all All it is is just tying some simple knots of ribbon around my jar and then adding some Flowers. I just had this basket that I’m going to just set it on and we will just mash them together like that So simple and so cute. So patriotic So my next project could be absolutely free to you if you have twine on hand, if you don’t then you’ll spend at most $1 so that makes this Amazing. I love free So what I have is we’re going to make a banner and this banner was inspired by a Pottery Barn version It was on burlap and it was really cute and really adorable. And of course Pottery Barn… very pricey! And so I thought about doing a burlap version of it But I thought we might be able to get away with a much easier and a much less expensive Version by just printing it out on some Cardstock now you can use white You can use this craft color of one that I did because I feel like this mimics the burlap color a little bit better Stay tuned with me to the very end I’ll tell you where you can get this free printable as Well as one other that’s going to be coming up here in a few minutes. This is how simple this is We are literally going to print it out Right? So I’ve got it printed out and we’re going to cut out each one of these little banner triangles super simple just cut it right on the edge and Then we’re going to take a hole punch and near the edges we’re gonna just punch a hole on either corner up top and Then we’re going to take some twine, and we’re gonna thread it down on one side and run the bulk of the twine on the backside of the banner and Pull it out the other side and then we’ll just string them along on twine, so I have two printables one that has more stripes and one that has more stars and you can use them both to make Your banner so you don’t waste you can make these or whatever length you want I’m gonna make one a little bit longer one a little bit shorter because I’m going to just kind of make them a little bit Asymmetrical in the way that I hang them. You can see I’ve got one up here in the corner behind me But you could take them outside and you could do the zigzags you could do really long ones. You could do a short one So, however, you want to put this together the lengths and all that… That’s up to you. Here’s one complete This right here is cute Free fourth of July decor I love it and it was super easy It’s simply cutting and punching holes and threading things through the hole punch. This is stuff We learned in kindergarten! You can do this project!!! It’s super easy. So next up also sent me some red Burlap that I was actually going to use for something else and it was like a big piece of red burlap It’s beautiful, but I ended up deciding not to do that project and I wanted to try my hand at these Burlap wreaths and so what I did is I just cut it to 6 Inches, I’m pretty sure they have these ready to go. They have runners of all sizes and colors So just check their website for that. If not, then you could make it out of a regular natural burlap or Do what I’m doing and just cut it out of the fabric if you recognize this?! This is the leftover fabric of the table runner fabric that I I’ve squeezed every little last ounce of fabric out of, so this is just leftover fabric from table runner. I’ll make sure to attach those two links in the description below as well as above So we are going to use the very last of it and I kind of just made it into this long sash I’m going to be tying a bow around it I’m not exactly sure how I’m gonna do it, but I have that available to us Then I have this wire frame that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. So this was a buck And so that’s really really affordable So this shouldn’t cost us very much money at all. even if you had to buy burlap If you check out their website is so cheap that it Really won’t cost you very much to make this and it will be a lot cheaper then had you Bought one already done, you know, I’m gonna confess. I’ve never made a burlap wreath before. So we’re going to do this together. I have mine about 6 inches wide, and I’m going to start out by Folding it in half and then you fold it in half again And then I have a little piece of wire and they say you thread it right through The middle kind of towards the end here and then what we’re going to do is on the inside of the Ring You’re gonna wire it We just twist it and just so it’s nice and snug so we’ve got that attached so the idea is is… is then you You pull it through always, you always, always, always start on the inside ring to make sure it’s Even all the way across use about the width of your hand. So then we do that and then we thread it through Like so and then again you want to make sure that these are all even and all about a palm’s width. squish it down and You should be able to fit Three rows in here. So but before you move on to the next row twist it two or three times you start on the inside And you just keep going all the way around Then we do our last one and it should Be a little snugger cuz I think we’re supposed to be able to fit three in each So that’s looking pretty cute so far. So we’ll just keep going all the way around. It’s actually kind of fun. I If I had known it was so fun I probably would have done it way sooner once you push it down because you’ve got that row done Just remember you twist it probably three times To get it secure and then you start again on that Inside you don’t have to like be completely flawless, but you do want to make sure it’s nice and tight I’m not quite sure how that whole twisting thing keeps it into place, but it seems to work So we’re done and I honestly I don’t know how in the world this worked out this way But it ended up being Exactly enough. So all I need to do now is do the same thing. We started with is take a piece of wire thread it through and pinch it all together fold it you know in those quarters wire it Grab it really good and twist it really nice and tight. There we go. How cute is that? It was pretty easy, honestly. I have a lot of loose threads from the burlap but I think that that kind of just adds to the effect of it a little bit but I’m gonna clean it up a little bit and then we’re gonna take our ribbon here We’re gonna just thread that through I am just gonna tie it to just a bow and see how that looks Okay, how adorable is that? So we could either do it that I kind of like it a little bit off-kilter. This is really lightweight This was easy. Let me know in the comment section below, do like this? This is definitely one that you could use again And again, I love that because then I don’t have to buy something again next year. So that’s good Okay, so I have one last little bonus project for you. This has the potential to be free I’m this at Valentine’s Day and I’ll put the link. It was a really easy project Well now it’s not Valentine’s Day. It is fourth of July season So what I’m going to do is I have another printable that I’m giving away for free All we’re gonna do is cut these in half and then I’m gonna also just kind of shorten it down on top and on bottom Go to my Valentines Day tutorial if you don’t know how to make this but if you’ve already made it then all you need to do is Clip on the new one and that’s it Our affordable very inexpensive and in some cases completely free Fourth-of-july decor is done and it was all super, super easy! You can totally do this!! You can get the free printable on my website I’m gonna put the link in the description let your imagination run wild I hope this gets your wheels spinning and shows you that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel festive If you could let me know in the comment section below. What was your favorite project? I think that they all turned out really cute. They were super simple and most importantly Crazy affordable! Again, thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget that girls can use power tools challenge There’s more details about that on my community page If you’re interested in participating in that it goes live june 24th at 2 p.m You’ve got time to put together a project and participate. I really appreciate you! I hope you had fun! I hope you got some inspiration for your 4th of July holiday Craft decor. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again next week.

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