DIY Decoupage Damask Vase With Rhinestones For My Mom/Decor Ideas (HD)

DIY Decoupage Damask Vase With Rhinestones For My Mom/Decor Ideas (HD)

Welcome back to DIY No Need To cry with Ivelisse DIY Decoupage Damask Vase With Rhinestones
for my mom. What I used, all items are listed in the description
box. Make sure the class is clean and dry before
painting. Using a pouncer brush and white acrylic paint
I painted the whole vase. I gave it two coats letting it dry between
each one. While that dried I cut and seperated the plies
of napkin. I picked certain designs on the napkin and
cut them out. I used more then one napkin for this vase. Once the vase was dry I placed Mod Podge on
the spot where I was going to place the napkin, placed the napkin and then using a crumpled
up piece of plastic wrap, I lightly smoothed it out. I then placed more Mod Podge all over it. Do this with all your pieces, letting it dry
between each one. For this part I used painters tape to try
and get them as even as I could but I did’t apply pressure when sticking it so that it
wouldn’t rip the napkin or lift the paint when taking it off. Using a brush I painted the bottom rim of
the vase with matching paint. I gave it two coats and again, letting it
dry between each one. When that was dry, using a small pouncer brush,
I painted the top rim of the vase. Once the whole vase is dry, I sprayed it with
a clear gloss spray. I’m not a fan of any of the glazes I’ve
been using, that’s why I keep trying different ones. When I find the one I really like I’ll let
everyone know. Finally using Mod Podge, I glued all the rhinestones
in sections, letting dry in between each one. Let the whole vase dry and your done. The colors and sizes I used are in the description
box. Thanks for watching and if this is your first
time watching, I hope you consider subscribing to get updates on future video’s and remember,
do it yourself there’s no need to cry!

60 thoughts on “DIY Decoupage Damask Vase With Rhinestones For My Mom/Decor Ideas (HD)

  1. Absolutely love it!!! You are super talented… I'm still in love with your wine bottle collection! Keep sharing your gift and possibly consider opening a business😉

  2. Beautiful! Love your creations, I'm new to decoupage and get lots of inspiration from your vids. I use Minwax Polycrylic Protection Finish and get awesome results

  3. Hope your mum loved receiving the vase as much as we loved watching you creating it. As always thank you for sharing x

  4. Absolutely Beautiful, I love it thanks for sharing.. I want to try something like that…

  5. Beautiful! Now I know what to do with the designs on some of my napkins. I really had no idea until I saw your work. Can't wait to try myself. You did GREAT work by the way!!!!! Really gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi I just subscribed to your channel, I like your work can u tell me what brand of paint you use to paint your bottles thanks

  7. Oh, consider smoothing with damp paint brush and ModgePodge, to prevent a potential break in paper.
    And/or add plastic wrap and roll bubbles out.

  8. PRAYING ALL is well with you and your entire family. Miss your beautiful tutorial videos and hope to see more soon.

  9. Hi there,
    This is absolutely gorgeous.
    Ok, so i tried this and it came out OK, but it is no where as great as yours. i tried a small vase to get the lay of the land, so now i know what not to do, i will try it again. Love this. Thank you.

  10. I adore you're dorkiness! I just read your background info and find myself in tears. Your artistry is a gift from God and an inspiration to me. What a blessing! Thank you 'friend' .😇

  11. Very nice vase, red is my favorite color so this vase is my style. Where do you get the napkins you use? I know that any kind of napkin will be ok to use, but the patterns that you use are beautiful selected for your creations.


  13. Where do you find your rhinestones in large quantities? Very beautiful. I’m going to try this in purple. 😳😳😳

  14. Just happen to see your video, love love the vase, a question if I use this vase for flowers, how do I keep it from peeling coming apart when it gets wet? Thank you 😎

  15. Its beautiful… I love that you answer us back if we have questions. You're a very down to earth and genuine person, for not looking down on those of us who are just learning…peace and blessings beautiful

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