DIY – Decoupage on Ceramic Plates!!

DIY – Decoupage on Ceramic Plates!!

hey everyone, the last time had glass plates
and tried reverse decoupage and everyone liked them today I am here with some ceramic plates
they are old and they have lost all their their details with use over time and have chipped
at places as you can see so since they aren’t of much use to me so I thought why not repurpose
them so lets begin so to start with I will be painting the plate with chalk paints and
I’m going in for an ombre effect with different shades of green and blue I start with the
lightest shade first since we have taken 3 different shades for this ombre we would be covering
around one third of the plate approx. with each colour once done with the first move
on to the second shade make sure you take a fresh sponge for every new shade don’t worry
about the crisp lines in-between the shades for now once all the sections have been painted
take the darker of the two shades and start dabbing it along the edge of the lighter shade
now take the lighter shade and very lightly dab it over the darker shade and just keep
running the sponge along the edge a few times over and there you have it perfect fuzzy lines
for a perfect ombre do the same to blend the other shades as well as this is a small surface
I have used just 3 shades for the ombre but if have a big surface you’re working on you
could definitely use more colors. so here’s how it turned out with the lighter
shades make sure the first coat has dried completely only then start dabbing over the
paint for the second coat make sure you have all the print and details covered entirely
with paint and that none of them are visible especially the border because what we will
be doing is we would be placing the motif to be decoupaged at the centre of the plate
the lat step just before you let the plate dry is take a fresh dry sponge and dab it
all over the plate to further blend the paint and give it a more fuzzy dreamy effect this
is the decoupage paper we will be using today and we will be cutting out only the rose motifs
from the paper place the cutout onto the place as you wish to place it using some decoupage
glue on a flat brush and working on a small area at a time paste the cutout onto the plate
make sure you press the motif quite gently but firmly and run your fingers a few times
over to remove any air bubbles once it is completely dry take generous amount of decoupage
glue and coat the entire cutout with it so I was thinking of painting the border of the
plate a different colour and since I had a spare plate with me I have tried out different
colours on its border if you don’t have a spare plate you could even try it on paper
I’m thinking of a gold shade so I have tried different gold shades as well as copper and
bronze which has more of an antique effect so I have tried all the different colours
so what you have to do is you hold the plate against the border and see how and which one
would look good the reason why I have done this is because if you paint on a certain
colour and you’re unhappy with it it is very difficult to recreate or patch up an ombre
effect sorry to have used a different plate earlier so that is the colour I have selected
and you also need to take a sponge that isn’t too big what you could also do is you could
snip of the edges too make the circumference smaller so you don’t get the paint all over
the plate dip your sponge into the paint dab it a few times to give it an even coverage
make sure there is no excess paint on the sponge but it has the entire area covered
with paint this is how it should look if you think there’s excess jus dab it and hold it
perpendicular to the plate and start going in and out just very gently dabbing it making
sure you get a consistent border lastly coat the entire plate with a thick coat of water
based wood varnish

21 thoughts on “DIY – Decoupage on Ceramic Plates!!

  1. Lovely ! Being a craftlover I enjoy watching all your videos. Pls keep on posting such excellent videos.

    Btw, we too had plates with same design but purchased back in 1978. Pleasant Surprise to find the design once again here.

  2. Lovely! I have an old melamine/ plastic dinner set I don't use anymore.
    Have you ever tried decoupage on plastic?

  3. could tell me how you hang them on the wall ,tooking desperatly for some hook .your work is so beautiful .

  4. Hi! Can u pls add the links for all the products n tools u use in case u buy ur stuff online so that its easy for us to get the products. Thanks

  5. hello mam .this video is very very nice.but i want to ask u how can we place on table these decoupage plates.i hv no idea

  6. QUESTION….. I decoupaged 2 clear glass plates {I did it on the bottom side of the plate where you can see it through from the top}… However, on ONE of the plates, for some reason I got a few air bubbles. I was wondering if you could tell me how I can get the bubbles out. TIA

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