DIY Dildos

DIY Dildos

This episode of do it yourself dildos is sponsored by *Whipping noise* *Clearing throat* Dildos are objects shaped like human penises used for sexual pleasure. Throughout history people have been making them from wood, ivory, and silver In Siberia they used reindeer calf muscles And in Greece it was leather While the concept and craft aren’t new I have some new twists Original dil-does, if you will Dildos are often used to rub the clitoris externally so they need to be body friendly If they’re going to penetrate the mouth, vagina, or anus the dildo also needs to have something firm to keep the shape of an erection Shere Hite’s 1970’s report of sexuality found that the most common household item used for penetration was a candle Here’s a list of many other posiblities: You probably also want something smooth that doesn’t have sharp edges rough texture For example, all of these incredibly phallic children’s toys: Bubble maker, H2O blaster, different water device, and plastic bat are perfectly shaped, but they have seams in the plastic that could irritate your body or break the condom Leave the ribs and waves for a unique sensation but get rid of the seams with a nail file Or by wrapping them in padding, here’s a list of many possibilities: Use hair bands, rubber bands, duct tape, packing tape, and/or thread to hold everything together then cover your dildo in a body safe layer or condom I’ll give you some combinations I like most Marker, washcloth, duct tape, cotton balls, band-aid, condom Fold the washcloth in half, then use it to wrap up a marker or pen. Duct tape everything together in place, then add some cotton balls to the tip so it’s not so blunt Hold them on with a band-aid if that helps, then put a condom over it and play If you want it to be wider, use more cloth. If want it to be longer add a second or third marker Wooden spoon, new sponges, rubber bands, cotton balls, condom Fold a sponge or two around a wooden spoon or spatula and fasten them together with rubber bands Pretty tape gives it a finished look and half a plastic egg or ping pong ball make a round glands I made my tip with cotton balls and duct tape. Slip a condom over it and voilà! You have a dildo that doubles as a paddle Lemon juicer, sock, headband, condom Similar premise, the sock goes around the handle of the juicer as padding The headband makes sure it doesn’t fall off, and the condom covers everything so it’s body safe and ribbed Bubble maker, toilet paper, masking tape, inspirational quote, condom This is the bubble maker from before. Rinse out the bubbles, then add a layer of toilet paper and masking tape so it feels more like skin I wrote an inspirational quote on the tape for decoration which can be read through the condom as you’re pleasuring yourself Hairbrush, oven mitt, ribbon, condom Put the hairbrush handle into the thumb of the oven mitt Using sharp scissors cut around the shape of the brush then sew it closed or use ribbon to fashion oven mitt bondage Add a condom and you’re ready for play My favorite: Toothbrush holder, glow stick, bubble wrap, packing tape, condom Crack the glow stick or lots of them so they light up Put them inside the toothbrush holder. Cover it all in bubble wrap, bubbles facing outward if you want a fun texture A few strips of packing tape, at the top and bottom and your toy will be sexy see-through Condom Condom Condom condom Sexy see-through ♪ Condom. Sexy see through ♪ ♪ Condom condom ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Sexy see-through ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Condom condom ♪ There are also ways to make dildos from food. My guidelines are as follows: You wanna make sure it won’t do damage to your body if the condom on it breaks Doables: Carrots, cucumbers (peel on or off), squash, eggplants, corn on the cob (boiled if you want it to be softer and warmer) Dil-don’ts: Popsicles, pickles, corn dogs, fruit, and peppers (some of them burn) And please don’t use anything you want to serve your friends later unless they consent to sex toy stir-fry On another note: Anything used for anal penetration in particular must have a strap or flared base so it doesn’t get stuck in the rectum Like this sweet dildo I’ve invented Flip flop, scissors, duct tape Cut off the sides of the thong strap Fold the sandal in half lengthwise, keep it that way with duct tape Then use a little strip of tape to loop the ends of the cut straps The wide base and handle of this dildo make it ideal for anal It’s sturdy enough to direct into the body while still being flexible around your body’s curves And when you put a condom on it, it’s easy to keep clean and reuse again later I’m proud of all of these. There’s a special kind of pay off for making the thing you pleasure yourself with That said, if you’re not into crafting or you want something made by the pros, please go to They have hundreds of dildos to choose from like these two silicon beauties You can suction them to chairs, or walls, take them in the shower, put them in harness for strap on sex, or use them for safer sex demonstrations This one is realistic with the slight curve, veins, and scrotum This one can be boiled or frozen for temperature play When you use the promo code: DOE, will give you 50% off an eligible item and free shipping if you live in the US or Canada Stay curious! ♪ Cheerful guitar ♪

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  1. rinse out the bubbles ohoww i like bubbles // just thnk i spen 2.5 semesters making dildos in colleage and this is why i cant spell // i dilldowed my brain out // how bout a reallie big rubber glove xxxxlrg middle finger is just what it says a BIG finger // The best is the oven mitt sewn nicely over the plastic batt // whats great is you can grasp it between your feet and forceabily push your self accrossed the floor // its a hot sweatie job butt some bodies gotta do it dont stop it cumms so real its better than a penis its filling and soft use three condoms or big glov.

  2. Why do you need all this mess meanwhile you can just get bf and do this the proper way instead of sticking some tools in your holes … cant get bf? Find pervert hahah cant find one ? Ask any male for free sex you wont be rejected unless you are over 60 or asking wrong dude “ gay etc “ ?Else u can find 60s male too so why tools haha .. unless you both female gay and you dont gave dick shaped structure that should fit into your holes and here is the problem .. female female is another topic or you know what rent male do threesome and everyone happy .. waaa laaa 🙂

  3. 1. salvage a refrigerator compressor
    2. make a model
    3. make a mould
    4. build a vacuum chamber to make bubble free castings in SF silicone
    5. ?????
    6. bad dragon

  4. Never trust someone who eyes is wide open like that. Im pretty sure its from trauma from those homemade dildos breaking inside of her vagina…ladies don't try this unless you want eyes like hers…lmao

  5. "Slip a condom on it and voila! You have a dildo and a paddle!" i actually fucking lost my shit there 😂 i still found quite useful thanks alot!

  6. Ladies,get two fingers middle finger and index finger put them together put it over ur clitoris and rub it in a circle make sure that ur not lifting ur fingers wal doing it make ur clitoris move then get a amazing porn hub video and masterbait it's amazing!! Be warned u might cum hehe

  7. For everyone doing the Flip Flop one, make sure to tightly push the flip flop together and if you want a wider size use a thicker bottom flip flop and if you wants a small size, use a thin bottomed one.

  8. Or, hear me out on this, if youre desperate enough to get fucked by something so crudely made, go find a real human with a penis…

  9. 1) is it just me or does she look perpetually surprised?
    2) wouldn't it just be easier to get one online at this point? Or just go to an adult shop. Or Spencer's.
    3) got to this video via it's autoplay path to hell (felt like I should state this, usually in I'm in the"flamewar" part of it…)

  10. I use my hair brush handle, don’t worry I wash before and after use 👍🏻
    I keep my brush under my pillow and most of the time it’s hiding season, cuz my siblings like stealing my hair brushes.

  11. shit, I’m 14 and my dad litteraly bought myself a dildo bc I asked for it 🤣🤣 ”theyre cool with those kind of things, so its all good also im too horny for this world help

  12. dildo scare me ever since i was gang raped on the school bus comming home from a trac meet a feman dosent need a dildo its not going to work it takes a man to be not a pc of crap like this ive dropped more cumm on the floor then these weakass ever had mak

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