previously on we DIY hey everybody I’m
rymingtahn welcome to a Dollar Tree DIY today I’m going to show you how to
create this farmhouse four piece dinner set and then tomorrow I’m going to share
how to make this rustic glam planter pot I started on the top layer using this
Dollar Tree plate and then I use this serving tray to trace out a circle on
top of the plate I use the dry erase marker and I just made sure it wasn’t
even fit using a ruler I want to show you this part in case it happens to you
so I started painting but the paint wouldn’t stick this paint doesn’t work
on plastic so I had to improvise a little bit by spray painting and I’ll
show you that in a few to make this work you can try roughening up the surface
with sandpaper then paint it but if you use spray paint remember you cannot eat
off of the plate it will become solely decorative you can always find more
helpful tips just like this and the materials listed in the description box so moving forward I placed double-sided
foam tape to the tray then I place the plate on top wipe off the marker and make sure the
foam tape is not visible from the sides if it is just move it back a little bit
you want it to lay flat on top of each other then spray-paint the plate for the
second layer I’m using this dollar tree charger place the top layer for fitting
I hit a second one so I used it while the other one was drying Center it then
trace around it using a dry erase marker I added that same double sided tape to
the base of the plate just to keep it in place and now we’re ready to add some pearls so for the pearls this is what I found
at my Dollar Tree they come in two different sizes I prefer the larger
pearls but this part is really up to you start by laying down the pearls with the
openings to the side and we’re gonna glue them down just like this if you
want a quicker and cheaper option I would buy in bulk I purchased this huge
roll of pearls from Amazon and if you craft a lot using pearls I suggest
buying a roll like this but otherwise you know the loose pearls from Dollar
Tree will work just fine go with the roll I can place the string around the
plate just like this and glue them down since it doesn’t fit all the way I cut
out a single pearl and I will glue that down later and if you’re using the dollar tree
loose pearls you can string them and then glue them down or just glue them
down separately next add another layer of pearls this time it fits all the way
around but if yours doesn’t just do what we did for the other one and right here
I’m gluing everything in place I started with an anchor point and then I glued
down the next one after that I did every other one or every three and if you make
a mistake let it fully dry peel it off and start over again I know I mentioned
this in every video in the description box but I use hot glue for every project
text in the life of your DIYs use an industrial-strength glue it should look like this once you’re
done next remove the plate do not use scissors okay you will scratch the plate
I had a moment right here by using the scissors just forget what you saw okay all right so for the bottom layer trace
the charger on a piece of foam or cardboard now you can do this part
before adding the pearls if you don’t have another one so with three inches
all the way around I trace the plate then at the three inch line use
something sharp and make marks to create a much larger circle you can also just
do pin marks or whatever you want and after you do all of that cut out the
larger circle next using Dollar Tree nautical rope
gather the ends of each pack use a binder clip to hold them in place and
tape them down to a surface then start braiding making sure to detangle the
ropes as you go along so that’s right over middle then pull the middle to the
right now left over middle and pull the middle out to the left then detangle
each end I continue this until the braid was 55 inches long and there’s plenty
left over for other projects so I taped off the tail and place the braid on the
board for fitting trim the excess we scorch the ends then I glued it in place
I started by spreading out the end piece and laying it flat then on top of wax
paper I glued down each piece I’m not sure if you can see but I’m slightly
pulling it on the sides as I glue it down and for the end piece is slightly
overlapped it with the starting point I trim the excess and glue down each piece
separately making sure to keep the braid flat across the middle with the inner
part and I took the inner part and glued it over the middle part I place some glue in this little area
right here and tuck the middle piece right inside for the outer part I
trimmed it a little bit and glued it to the side of the braid and to finish off the inside I cut that
left piece at an angle and jointed it with another slanted piece I continued
gluing down the rope in a circular pattern when you get to this point leave the gap
we’ll fill it in later you want to maintain that circle and when you get to
the end cut it at an angle and join it with another angle just like we did
before I used that little scrap piece to fill
in the gap so around this time I painted plate was
dry and this time I carefully removed the tray to reveal the results and as
you can see I wrapped my scraper in something super soft I gently pushed up
on the tray a little bit and release the adhesive I cleaned up the edges with
some nail polish remover and a paint brush I just did this all the way around after that I did a final cleanup using a
wipe to make the last part of this 4-piece dinner set I wrap some burlap
ribbon around this dollar tree napkin ring smooth it out and then trim the
excess and right here I’m just trying to figure out which embellishment I want
for the top I have these burlap flowers from Amazon to choose from but you can
also make these and then I have some gorgeous charms from Joanns I picked
up when there is 70% off I always mentioned these in the description of
every video because you should seriously take advantage of this sale so moving
back to this particular charm the back side isn’t even so I cut out a piece of
burlap folded it and glued it to the back side to create a level surface and then I just glued it on top of the
napkin ring and for decorative purposes I place this dolly inside of the napkin
ring subscribe oh and this is what it looks like together all four pieces I
hope you were inspired by the design and I look forward to seeing you again
tomorrow for part two the rustic glam planter pot you’re going to love it wanna see more subscribe thumbs up this
video share it with a friend and we’ll see you in the next one bye guys you


  1. I really hope you all enjoy this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse 4 piece set!! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for part 2! πŸ™‚

  2. I wish you had stuck with the glam look instead of adding rope. I thought the top pieces were very cute!

  3. Lovely diy's…. the way you singed the string took me back to extention plaiting days.πŸ˜„πŸ˜­

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Hi my little Princess Zari! πŸ˜˜πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸ’•πŸ§Έβ€οΈ

  5. This awesome craft is one of many. You are so awesome, a great mom and cool teacher, thanks for your ideas!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, I love how this turned out and can’t wait to see tomorrow’s diy. Tyfs, hugs πŸ€— Teresa

  7. This turn out nice..but I would use Pearl's all the way threw the dishes..but ur is still beautiful..β™‘

  8. I love how you put a glam spin on rustic decor! This is so me but wasn't sure how to go about using a bit of bling in my rustic! 😍😍

  9. OMG
    All you DIY'S are So Beautiful.
    Love it
    It's an elegant farm 🏠 house DIY.
    Thank you so much for sharing such brilliant. ,wonderful ideas .
    You have so much talent and taste.
    You even display an arrange everything with elegance and discrete.
    Inspiring us .
    Zari is so adorable and sweet.
    I also live yiur Dollar Tree Hauls and Zari helping.
    She is so smart and Beautiful.
    And you are a loving caring mom teaching her .
    She's not going to be at Kinder level she's so intelligent learning so much that she'll have to skip it.
    🎊 CONGRATULATIONS momma 🐻.
    God Bless you and family

  10. Your videos are very creative and beautiful. It is fun and instructional at the same time. I really enjoy them. I do have a question (I am sure you said it but I can’t remember) can you eat off of the marble plate after painting the trim? Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity

  11. Hey family!!! Oh my goodness!!! How lovely this is!!! Wow! I really enjoyed watching you create this place setting!! Its wonderful to look at. Your background music is very soothing!!! As always, Peace and Blessings to you and the family.

  12. Love the whole set,rymintahn your so talented.πŸŒŸπŸ‘β€hi ms. Zari.πŸ’œπŸŒΌπŸŒ»

  13. Girl after all that work we eating on that plate tonightπŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  14. You can use Waverly Chalk Paint on plastic and then the acrylic over the top. The chalk paint gives the plate the "tooth" it needs.

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