DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Home Decor Plant Stand / Table

what’s up glue dots it’s me Elaine the
midnight crafter and I am so excited I have so many great ideas floating around
in my head I feel like I’m gonna explode I don’t even know which one to show you
guys I want to record them all today but anyway obviously can’t do that so I
think I picked a good one for day 4 day 4 to day it’s a farmhouse decor which
seems to be really popular lately and it’s so adorable and super easy so stay
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you and well let’s get started so first of all you’re gonna open up your package
that has the burner covers in it there are two in there there’s this size and
then there’s a smaller size and we’re not using the smaller size for this
project although you might be able to for another one you’re gonna take your
sharpie which I forgot to mention on the items needed list and trace around your
entire burner cover and then you are gonna cut it out which I cheated and did
it ahead B so you cut that out I’m not going to be able to show you the one
that I made I’m not gonna be able to make the one that I made showing you
with this because I have another one I want to make as well but you cut this
piece out and then you’re going to be using your e6000 glue or your Dollar
Tree fix-all adhesive and put a generous amount all over the top part here and
use something to spread it what I used was a popsicle stick if you want you can
use your finger with a glove on it and spread it all around on pretty evenly
within here but not too thick because when you take your cutout
piece and place it on here you have to be really careful pressing it down
because this does have really small holes in it and the glue can come
through the holes which I made a little bit of that mistake on my first one so
you have to be real careful not apply it too thick
onto your burner cover okay what I want to do is also show you another option
because I forgot to buy another placemat so that I could actually show you this
being made that way but that’s okay because then you’ll also get two options
within one tutorial which is great so another item that I found at Dollar Tree
were these foil backsplash wall stickers anyway these foil Bosch backsplash wall
stickers where that is a tongue twister and I thought about possibly using one
of these as a top or they also have several different styles of the adhesive
vinyl that you can use so I think for this project out of curiosity I’m gonna
try this backsplash but again you can use this you can use the backsplash or
as I did in the pictured little table you can use a placemat that you cut out
so I’ve opened up this backsplash paper and what I’m doing is looking for the
part of the pattern that I like the best to show as the top of my table which I
think I kind of like this section it has a little bit of variation of a few how
much you can see but there’s a little more darkness and a little variation to
it so the same way as we would do as if this was our place mat you’re going to
for this one I’m gonna Center because I’ve got a design on here placemat it
doesn’t really matter but you’re going to put your hmm it’s funny how you
forget the words when you need when you’re trying to do a project and teach
it at the same time you’re gonna put your burner plate down on top and then
trace it around the same way you would do your placemat and follow along up
against the edge of your burner cover and it’s okay if it gets on the burner
cover it doesn’t really matter go all the way around and there we have it
now keep in mind that this circle is going to be it’s gone from the outside
edge of this so it is slightly larger so when you’re cutting this out you’re
going to want to cut on the very inside of your line not on the outside
thickness of your Sharpie line you okay once you have your circle cut out they’re gonna take your burner cover and
this paper is adhesive here it’s a foil backing so when you peel this I guess
that’s what makes it waterproof too as a backsplash so I found that the easiest
way to start out putting something on this adhesive is put part of full part
of it down and carefully place it slowly slowly peel away the backing while
you’re also removing any bubbles from the front side of it press out any bubbles you might have and
there you go the next step is to take our rope and we are going to be gluing
around this edge here we’re gonna do two rows coming coming around so that it
will cover the thickness of this this twine that I’m using here is not one
that I bought from the Dollar Tree I had a lot of trouble finding this this time
at Dollar Tree I went to four different ones and couldn’t find it so the Dollar
Tree one is preferable this one’s a little rough but you can definitely get
a nice one at the Dollar Tree and I don’t know if it’s in the garden section
or if it’s actually in the car section the automotive section so check both okay when you get to the end you’re
gonna want to cut you okay so I finished gluing all of the
edge around and as you can see you really cannot tell when you do the two
rows like that with this rope where it ends so I think honestly I can’t even
tell I think it might have been here but I’m not sure but so I think doing the
two rows and then cutting it and attaching is probably the best call so
anyway we’re going to set this aside right now and we’re gonna work on our
table base so now we have our little piece of garden fencing that we’re going
to use and we are going to be cutting off these spikes here at the bottom I
did learn from watching a tutorial by 50 and beyond that heating this with a blow
dryer makes it a little bit softer and a little easier to cut off I use I’m using
these garden shears that I also got at Dollar Tree and they do a pretty good
job of cutting through this so I’m not going to heat the plastic up but if you
do have trouble with it then you can go ahead and heat up the plastic okay now we’re actually going to attach
this and make it into a circle just like that and I know it’s not really a circle
at this point but we’re gonna work on it bend it you want to bend it carefully
and slowly so that you don’t snap the plastic because it will break if you’re
not care to careful you can see that when you squeeze it it starts to get a
little white which is stressing the plastic a bit but we’re just trying to
get it to shape a bit better which that’s already looking better we’re
going to take our top now and we’re going to add glue around this upper edge
with our hot glue gun and then we’ll be attaching it to the underneath side of
our tabletop make sure you have the shape that you
want before you set this down and that it is centered and there we have it attached so now if you choose to you can leave
that this piece here this color or if you’d like to give it a little more of a
farmhouse look which was what I’m gonna do we’re gonna be using our I’m using
this one’s actually folk art outdoor opaque winter white I’m using an outdoor
one I think this thing would hold up this little table would hold up pretty
well outdoors given the fact that this top part is also foil lined on the
backside and the Rope should be fine the hot glue should be fine everything about
it should be good for outdoors so I’m using this outdoor paint the back side
of the that I peeled off of this backing here is what I’m going to actually use
to put some paint on and I’ll be using kind of a dry brush method so I’m using
that these little they’re inexpensive little brushes you can get them I don’t
know if Dollar Tree has a mine they may if not you can get them at any hardware
store in the paint department so you just want to gently dip the tip of your
brush in and Pat it around outside of the big glob of paint and then we’re
gonna be you don’t have to be super super careful about this which is the
beauty of it kind of blot it on spread it on brush it
on to give it just a rustic kind of a look of a fence that’s been very
weathered now I’m also going to be painting the inside as well just also
the same way kind of tapping it around and just giving it a not thoroughly
solid painted look

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