DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – Unique $10

DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – Unique $10

This project was inspired by a designer wall light, I found online for hundreds of dollars So I started this project a while back and you will notice a lot of difference in between the video clips without further due, let’s begin. For this DIY I start with two black folders from Dollar Tree and I think this one because I really like the pattern But they have since came out with some other really nice patterns in black as well So the first thing I do is remove the sticker From the front of these this particular folder has some slips made in it So I just rip the slips out and I got as close to the bare folder as a good Then I spray-painted both folders gold Next I’m going to rough cut a piece of foamboard to be bigger than one of the metal kitchen shelves from Dollar Tree Once I have my rough cut piece of foam board I place the shelf on top of that so I could get a better measurement and marks for a custom fit I traced the outline of the legs onto the board with a pencil and then I use a ruler to draw a straight line Connecting the marks. So this ends up being at the same size as the shelf next I use a blade and I’m making x over each of the leg markings and then I use a pencil To kind of open the holes up a little bit. I didn’t really like this next part and I wouldn’t do this unless I absolutely Had to but because the edge of my foam board had previously lifted I decided to go ahead and just pull that paper backing on up and that’s why the raw foam is exposed So the texture is a lot different than yours will be and I just want you to know why After I widen the holes for my legs with a pencil I fit the legs in each of the little holes and I begin to glue them with hot glue I use a pretty good amount of hot glue here I want the glue to completely harden so I know I can trust this later when I have it hanging on my wall So I allow this to sit for a good while before moving it around Next I go outside and I paint everything gold with krylon brilliant gold spray paint This paint is great and it has really really really good coverage After I painting my folder I measured everything and I marked every seven and a half inches from the top which gives me a quarter inch playroom on each side of our frame. I just made a tiny little mark every 7 &1/2 inches – from the top but every so often and then I used a Ruler to connect those dots. I trace that line and then I cut it out now I didn’t do this but you want to be sure to keep your leftover materials for later as It happens. The folders are a perfect fit They fit across the front and the factory fold covers the sides But we also need to create an additional Bend or fold in the folder that will lap over the back So I made a mark with my pencil and I bend the folder creating a crease on each one. I Wanted to take a moment and to show you a closer view of the factory fold It’s not just one crease. It kind of has two creases really close together. The second folder of course fits the exact same way But I cut most of the front off so it wouldn’t be double layered in the front But I’d leave enough material on the front where I could glue the two folders together The factory Bend is on the side just like it is on The first one and I made a bend for the back on the second one as well. I Use a strong clear adhesive glue to bond the two folders together and I let that dry My folders are glued together and I have the extra bins or creases so that it laps over the back. I go back over those bins or creases a couple of more times with a solid object in my hand while applying a lot of pressure Here is when I’m really feeling the regret of tossing the excess materials I have from the folder in the trash I wish I had some at least just a little small strip to cover or fill in that gap in the back Where the two folders don’t quite come together But I don’t. I go ahead and I fold the back ends over the back foam-board and I glue that down with hot glue Next I glue some wooden craft sticks across the back and I also use a small metal bracket a small metal bracket came from one of the picture frames from Dollar Tree So here is the fun part After the crash sticks are glued on I count six of the wire bars over from the front Or I just find the two Center ones and then I just snip one end of the wires with my wire cutters Now I slowly bring the wires down about midway To the other side and I make a slight bend in the wires before piercing the wires through my foam board You wanna keep the wires aligned side by side as best as you can and that’s important to know and later on I’m gonna bring this up again. So be sure to remember that Then I add a good bit of glue to hold the wires in place And I just hold it like a few short minutes while the glue begins to set up Set a few heavy items on the top and I just let that sit for Several hours without moving it in the meantime I took some of the little toy bracelets from Dollar Tree in the kids section and I painted those gold as well But I found out you want to be sure you actually glue your bracelets together first Because I noticed that they do not stick together near as good as they are pre painted So I just cut the bracelets in half with wire cutters like you see here and then I thread an uncut Or a whole bracelet and then a cut bracelet and so on until I have my desired length I ended up making three strands total I thread all three strands on the same Center bracelet, and these look really nice without doing anything else but I decided to use a cut bracelet at the top of each strand and clamp the ones that are on the ends to The center bracelet so it kind of spreads them out a little bit and then I glue the bracelets in place on the front side And on the back side with a generous amount of glue And now let him set a while and let the glue grab before adding a final coat of paint. I decided to cover the inside of the foam board like I mentioned with some glitter and Mod Podge the color I used may not appear To match perfect on camera, but in person these colors match really really well So the glitter that I use the color is called champagne and I also seal the glitter with a top coat of Mod Podge So the glitter doesn’t shed While that’s drying, I get one of the LED push lights from Dollar Tree I thought about it for a minute and I decided to go with two lights one Shining up and one shining down now to mount these lights after I put batteries in the backs I take one of the lights and I feed it through the gold bracelet So the bracelet kind of makes like this oval shape But it’s really nice tight and it’s a secure fit So remember earlier when I said it’s important to keep the wires lined up side by side well Here’s why I take the bracelet and with the puck light in it I go up from the bottom and through the two wires I use a zip tie which also came from Dollar Tree and I secured the bottom light in place with a zip tie. I really love how this little bottom white kind of dangles. I don’t think that’s kind of neat anyway All you have to do is slide the push light out of the bracelet whenever you want to change batteries for the top light It’s essentially the same thing I used a bracelet But I had cut this one and it’s just one that I already had and so I’d already cut it but anyway, I just use a zip tie and I zip tie to the metal wires is well It’s probably best to use a bracelet that Hasn’t been cut because you can like I said really feel how tight and secure the puck light is inside It’s time to clamp our gold rings on the inside of this little fixture. I connect the bracelets with the cut in and you can glue it here if you want I didn’t I didn’t have any glue to the top bracelet, but it might be a good idea Here’s what the final project looks like let me know what you think down in the comments below I use two folders a metal shelf two packs of bracelets a foam board and a couple of lights So this is your first time here and you want to learn how to create awesome crafts and decor on a budget Start now by hitting that subscribe button and turn on post notifications I’ll see you soon in the next video until next time happy crafting my friends

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