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(upbeat music) – [Tresha] Hey guys,
welcome back to the channel, it’s Tresha and I wanted to share a couple of items that I recently made that was inspired by Restoration Hardware, one of my favorite stores, but what? These prices are super expensive, so I’m gonna show you how you can make a couple of items using
only Dollar Tree supplies. So let’s just dive right in. The first item that I made
are these modern bookends, which are perfect if
you love reading books and you have a lot laying
around or on your bookshelf. This really adds a decorative touch to it. I used two silver metallic candle holders and two burgundy ceramic decorative balls. I thought these were perfect since they have some weight to them. I went outside and spray painted my balls a silver metallic spray paint, but you can always paint it
another color of your choice or you can leave it as-is. Once the paint dried, I added E6000 to the top of my candle holders and then placed the ceramic ball on top. To bring out the detail
in the ceramic ball, I decided to use Rub ‘N
Buff in a classic gold. If you decide to do
this, I highly recommend using gloves for this. All you do is put a
little bit on your finger and rub it wherever you want. Let the paint dry and
then you’re finished. The second project that I did are these textured faux stone vases. These type of vases are great if you have that farmhouse or modern
rustic look in your home. Who said you can’t make
a glass into a stone? I haven’t figured that one out yet, but we can definitely
make one look like one. So I grabbed a couple of
vases from the Dollar Tree, grabbed some aluminum
foil, and tore a piece that was a little bit bigger than my vase. The piece of aluminum foil that
I just tore is a little bit too big, I want it to be
the same length as the vase, so I’m going to just take
my scissors and cut it. To get that stone-like
texture, I’m going to wrinkle up the aluminum foil a little bit, then smooth it back out. Next, I took a little bit of Mod Podge and brushed it onto the
end of the aluminum foil. Then I placed my vase on top. Now, I’m going to continue
brushing on the Mod Podge to the remainder of the aluminum foil, then wrap it around my
vase and smooth it out. To get that stone-like color, I’m going to layer on craft paint. First, I’m going to
combine black and white craft paint to get that grayish color. Then I applied the paint to
the vase using a small sponge. Here’s another vase that I
did with a different shape. I added a layer of light
brown, but I didn’t like it so I ended up adding a layer of white, then another layer of
dark gray in some areas. Guys, if you notice when
I added the gray paint, it really enhanced the wrinkles that are in the aluminum
foil, so it kind of gives that illusion of
having cracks in a stone. The beauty of this project
is that you can customize the color any way you
want; if you don’t like how it turns out, then you
can always paint on top of it. Next, I added paint to
the inside of the vase. If you don’t paint on
the inside of the vase, you will see the aluminum
foil that you have on there. If you don’t mind seeing the
aluminum foil on the inside and you have plans on
filling it up with something, you can skip this step. And finally, I added Mod Podge on top of the paint just to seal everything in. And here’s what it looks like up close. And this is a side-by-side comparison of what it looks like before
and after using this technique. The last project that I
wanted to share with you is this moss ball centerpiece. Having a piece like this adds a level of sophistication to your space. This is something you can
add to your entryway table, island, dining table, or coffee table. I took a tray that I
purchased from the Dollar Tree and cleaned it with some alcohol. Then, I took some sandpaper
and lightly sanded the tray just so that the paint could
adhere to the plastic surface. This is something that I’m trying out just to see if it makes a difference. I went outside and spray painted my tray a metallic gold color. While the paint dries, I
took out the floral moss and three small balls that
I found at the Dollar Tree. This is a great alternative if your store does not have the styrofoam balls. Before I started making the moss, I found it easier to
separate the moss out. Next, place a bit of hot glue on the ball, then place moss on top, but be careful not to burn yourself in the process. I repeated the same process
until I covered the entire ball. And this is what it looks like. No! Good thing it’s still intact. Now that you’ve finished, add
it to your tray and that’s it. Simply gorgeous. Thanks, guys, for watching. If you liked this video
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